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Just what i needed to get my jeep off the ground, i use jack stands for extra stability. That is an extension on the jack is can come off if you need to work on a car. It is a quality peice of equipment for a fraction of what you would pay in an auto parts store. I needed to change the cv axel and couldn’t get enough lift with my other jacks. I had enough room to get my stands under and even a little room to play.

I bought this due to its lifting height. I have an old jeep that i need to jack up in the winter to out on vehicle dollies. There are some comments that you need to pump it a lot to raise the vehicle, and those are true. However, the trade-off is that it is very easy to pump. Some comments also mention issues with air in the hydraulic oil when the unit is received. The directions give a couple of very simple steps to take care of this.

I been using this floor jack for 2005 chevy silverado 2500hd, for 3 yrs, now, and still works like a champ. I wish the handle was a little longer, but that ain’t nothing but me being picky. This is a good, high quality, strong jack.

Today’s modern vehicles are bigger, heavier, higher off the ground, with more suspension travel. Do not be surprised when a jack reaches full extension, the suspension travel has not reached it’s limit, and your tire is still on the ground. You simply cannot use those unsafe scissor jacks that manufacturers put in the truck of the car. Because they are mechanical, the jack depends on your application of brute force. You need to spin that little handle, with no leverage, to raise 6,000 pounds. Then expect that weight to stay up and balanced on that little base?you have to have a floor jack, a bottle jack, jack stands, and a powerbuilt 640912 all-in-one 3-ton bottle jack with jack stand . For unibody cars, be sure that you have a jack pad for the pinch weld. Only lift by the frame rail, or manufacturer indicated jack point. Chock tires with torin big red steel safety wheel chock: foldable tire stop, 1 pair . Support vehicle with torin big red steel jack stands: 12 ton capacity, 1 pair . Always wear the proper safety equipment. This product is a must have tool.

Like another reviewer, i had to buy hydraulic jack fluid from the auto store (maybe $5?) and fill it up. It was nearly bone dry when i received it. The hydraulic fluid reservoir is underneath a black rubber nipple which was painted over red. I ended up using a multitool to pry it up and out. It’s not a big hassle, but make sure you check it. I used the jack multiple times already for maintenance to my jeep. Don’t forget to use jack stands to keep your vehicle in the air. Don’t rely on the jack alone (like you see in tons of youtube videos)and of course, you certainly can’t beat the price.

I have a simular jack that is a little smaller, it had a part go bad that makes it a hassle to use, but even when it worked great it took alot of effort to get one wheel on the front end off the ground. I got this jack in the mail via usps, they did not leave at the door and i got a notice that i could pick up the ‘heavy’ package at the post office, but got them to deliver to the house again. So when i opened it is was suprised at its size. Quite a bit larger than the smaller one i already had and heavy it is. I inspected it and it had no broken parts like a previous reviewer ended up with. I noticed you have to bleed the air. The instructions were a bit difficult to follow because the illustrations were so dang small and grainy. I found the plug on the top just under the black plate, it was read like the rest of the jack and i thought it was metal, it is actually a rubber piece/plug, just get something like a screw driver and kind of pushit over so it opens up a gap so the air can escape while you pump the handle rapidly for several seconds then let it close back up. I tried jacking it all the way up to see if the fluid was low like others stated but mine was fine.

Well- it is good jack- used it about 10 times so far to lift nissan xterra- does the job well. Works good and saves a lot of time. It leaks a little bit when use- but i had the same behaviour with craftsman jack from sears- i guess it is ok. People complained it comes without oil in it- did not happen in my case but the box had a little oil spots. As i said it is leaking a little bit- not really too much, and i can leave with it. I better will add oil than pay extra 100 bucks for another one.

Seems a tad weak jacking up, but it lifted my yukon xl denali and it held it up well. It is a tad heavy, but not too bad. What i don’t like is that it doesn’t have a place to stow the handle bar. But if that’s the only flaw, it’s easy to live with.

  • Heavy, No carry or pull handle but lifts my SUV with ease.
  • A Must Have
  • Good jack. Works well for my Jeep.

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack: SUV / Extended Height, 3 Ton Capacity

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  • Great floor jack for trucks and SUV’s
  • Extra long neck saves time and makes it easier to lift higher vehicles.
  • Lifting range 5-7/8 inches to 17-1/4 inches
  • 3 ton capacity. Heavy-duty floor jack with an extra-long neck
  • 360-degree swivel casters for easy mobility.

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Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack: SUV / Extended Height, 3 Ton Capacity
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