Torin Big Rolling Creeper Garage/Shop Seat: Padded Mechanic Stool : There are certainly better mechanics seats out there but for the money

Great value for the price, the creeper is well balanced, well constructed and tool tray is handy. The wheels roll nicely – even on rough concrete. Great for us old guys with bad knees.

I like to work on my motorcycle but just about everything you need to work on is low, not like working on a car. I had a complete brake rebuild coming up and decided that i would give this a try. It worked fantastic and i wasn’t nearly as tired because i didn’t have to constantly get up and down. It arrived in a box and took about 5 minutes to put together. No instructions but you won’t need them. The wheels roll smoothly on smooth concrete and swivel easily. It seems to be built well enough that it shouldn’t break with normal use. I’ve had it about a month and have used it quite a bit already. Don’t know how i got along without it for so long.

For the $10 i paid for it, this is the perfect rolling stool for feeding my woodstove. My butt on the stool, not the stool in the fire, just to clarify. I can grab wood at the box, roll to the stove, feed fire, keep lighters handy in the tray, not pop my kneecaps into the next county while squatting down even further or shatter them by kneeling. All of that said, i bought it for this one purpose, because this is one short little roller-chair. No, you cannot access a reasonably height desk or workspace while sitting on this. It is truly meant for under-car work or woodstove feeding, because even car-door work needs a taller stool imho. Second concern i noticed only during assembly — every ‘similar’ stool has vertical supports. I may add them, but if you’re close to the stated weight capacity, it has some springy bounce to it, which may over time result in some less-springy metal fatigue, less funny snapping, and collapsing into the parts tray where the thing will shoot out from under your butt and drop you on the ground. And probably laugh at you for not adding more vertical support instead of reading this review and doing nothing about it. So, i recommend adding extra bars or a block to fill in the ‘c’ supports.

Review after 3 months of use. I bought this a couple months ago and i absolutely love it. Honestly for less than $30 this seat has solid construction and it gets the job done. I am about to purchase another one of these seats. Originally bought it to help detail my car as the dual action polisher was causing strains on my back while working on the side of the car. I place the equipment under the seat which makes it extremely convenient to switch out pads, detailing bottles, etc. Installation was extremely easy. Simply attach the u-bar to the seat and the roller and you’re done.Took a whole 10 minutes with basic toolswheels are smooth and does not get locked up.

For the price, can’t complain. It comes un-assembled and you’ll need a few wrenches and a decent phillips screwdriver. Putting the seat on did require a bit of finesse and pressure but in the end it seems solid. I don’t know that it will hold up to daily professional use and the wheels are plastic and i’m sure will be the first thing to fail. They do not roll all that well on roughed and aged concrete but on a smooth epoxied floor, no problem. I’m replacing a 20 year old snap-on stool and other than a packed in seat and a ding in the wheel that sometimes hangs up the roll. Seeing this torin, i may keep the old one and repair it. Otherwise, again, for the price i can’t complain too loudly.

This torin creeper seat is saving my back. I do a lot of work in the garage, on my car, on my kayak, on the lawnmower, and i’m always down on the ground or crouching to get my work done. This is the perfect height for me to comfortably scoot around the garage and basement to get all my work projects get done. The tray on the bottom keeps all my tools, nuts and bolts organised and within arms reach. I can’t say enough good things about this torin creeper seat. Excellent quality,soft cushion, smooth rolling wheels, great product at an excellent price. Do your back a favor- and get this torin creeper seat.

Torin Big Red Rolling Creeper Garage/Shop Seat: Padded Mechanic Stool with Tool Tray, Red

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  • 360 degree rotating casters
  • Large tool tray
  • Steel construction
  • Fully padded seat

I used it for 5 hours straight, removing drywall screws from metal studs with an impact driver (commercial building, flood recovery work). It’s perfect for this kind of work except the cushion is not good. So while the seat doesn’t break, the cushion is not much more comfortable than sitting on a bucket; it flattens easily, immediately, even for a slim built person. The frame is sturdy, the wheels roll fine on concrete, the tool tray is helpful but thin; i expect it to crack over time, from dropping tools into it. It’s a minimalist design and adequate for homeowner use, but i would not rate it as ‘commercial quality’.

Cons: the seat cushion traps air in it and behaves like a silent whoopee cushionpros: the height and arrangement of the tray is well thought out. The hardware and frame are high quality, at least relative to the price. Notes: there are 3 things that might give this a solid ‘made in china’ feel to it: the seats, the wheels, and the tray. They could be higher grade plastic and cushion but they are sufficient to do what they need to do for as long as you own this. Higher grade would probably make this cost about 10-20 dollars more. I think it pays for itself after the first use.

Holds my weight well, has good tool storage, and rolls easy. The only problem i had was where one of the casters are attached from the factory was over tightened and cracked the plastic a little. Just cosmetic so didn’t take a star for it.

I am 71 years old and am laying tile on a basement floor. Sitting on the creeper sure beats bending over or working on your knees.

For as little as i paid for this seat, i have to say that i am impressed with it. I’ve used it for two brake jobs and have found it to be a godsend for my back. The bottom tray is incredibly helpful for holding tools/nuts/bolts/etc. There are certainly better mechanics seats out there but for the money, i’d buy the torin again.

My front loading washer and dryer are at just the right height that makes changing loads a literal pain in the back. The bottom holds dryer balls and dryer sheets, and it rolls all around. I feel like a kid and want to roll all over the house with it (but can’t since i forbade my son from doing the same thing lol). It matches the paint on the walls. It’s also nice and small and fits right in the corner without being in the way. Wish i could say the same for everything else in the laundry room.

It is light weight and easy to assemble. It seems sturdy enough and i weigh about 240. Only 3 stars because the wheels are too small. I have nearly wiped out a couple of times trying to roll over expansion joints. If you floor is very smooth this will be fine, but if it is a bit rough or you hit some small debris be prepared for a wheel to lock up.

Came with extra washers and didn’t really say what to do with them. And one of the bars under the seat had the whole for the screw off centered and didn’t fit, had to squeeze the supports together almost a half an inch to get it to fit, so putting the seat on was a bit tricky. So that’s knocking a star off. A must have for every garage.

Didnt know how flimsy it would be because of the cost. But its not flimsy at all im 6,1 200lbs and rolls perfect and stiff. I bought it to work on my road bike mainly since i was getting bad knee pain and crams having to be squatting down a lot. The foam seat is very comfortable. I dont touch the wood that is underneath it. Donot roll over hard wood floor. I assembled it in the living room and rolled around several times to test the casters. I failed to notice it was making serious printed lines on the hardwood floor untill it was very noticible. The casters have a line in the center than run the whole wheel. I guess thats the point where they molded them together.

Torin Big Red Rolling Creeper Garage/Shop Seat: Padded Mechanic Stool with Tool Tray, Red :

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