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6 ton: works on honda odyssey 2007 on the lowest height setting. I don’t need to lift the car any further up. But using this on corolla is a pain and time consuming, my floor jack will not lift enough height to use this jack stand. I had to use extension to floor jack. If i attach extension to the floor jack, it wont go under the corolla. Though i manged by lifting corolla little first without extension and place 4 inch high wood blocks under the tire and the use extension to the floor jack. I should have got lower profile jack stand. My floor jack is good for both cars, just this jack stand giving trouble. Other than extra 5 minutes for corolla, i feel safe using this jack stand i got.

When you’re laying beneath a car / suv / truck you want to lay there knowing that vehicle isn’t gonna fall. I use these with complete trust and confidence. I don’t worry about how much weight i put on them. One of my car’s entire weight is 3000 pounds. One of these could easily support that one entire car. The only ‘con’ is, you probably won’t need to adjust the height from the bottom most point. They’re pretty tall without being extended.

These jack stands are well built and i like the locking pin feature. These stands look very similar in design to my 30 year old craftsman jack stands, so i expect them to be durable. Some folks have complained about poor welds in jack stands on sale now and from what i’ve seen this is a random problem. I’ve seen poor welds in stands that cost 4x what these do, so just hope you get one that was not welded on monday or friday.The welds on my stands are ok. Just one spot that i’d say was not good, but overall they are acceptable.

Hi, i rarely write reviews but found in this situation i probably should share so others would be aware. I research a lot before i purchase items on amazon and other places. I rely on the reviews left by others such as you reading this review. I ended up purchasing 2 sets of these jack stands. I received my order fantastically fast like always with amazon prime. The boxes came nicely packaged. I have a couple of complaints. I am not sure why these use styrofoam that disintegrates with heavy things packaged inside. I had little round pellets of styrofoam everywhere. And they are electrically charged with static so they stick to everything. So that isn’t a product flaw. The product flaw is the quality.

I purchased a pair of torin t42002a 2 ton – double locking jack stands with the liftmaster 2. 5 ton low profile floor jack from amazon. I have to say i am extremely happy with these little jack stands. They are solid little suckers with heavy metal and smooth welds. The second lock actually blew my mind as how simple it was yet how confident you are when the locks are in place. This product works as advertised and i am very pleased. As always when placing these under the vehicle make sure you are not under the vehicle until they are in place and locked. I also make it a practice to release pressure from the jack to ensure the vehicle is firmly positioned on the stands with very little assist from the jack.

I really liked the double locking feature of these jack stands. I would have much rather bough a set that was made in the usa but finding a set that is actually produced here seems to be a fools errand unless you have a ton of money to spend. For the money they seem to be a great quality. Unfortunately i failed to notice that the floor jack i have did not lift the car high enough to get these under the pinch welds under my 05 corolla. But with some ingenuity we were able to get them underneath. They supported the car well, never moved and felt very stable through replacing my back struts and my front brake pads. There were a few times that we really had to torque some of the parts down and still the car didn’t budge. There were some reviews about the welds that made me pause in buying these pads. I tend to spend a long time shopping for things since i want to make sure that my purchases last a long time and that i get the absolute best price i can. But after reading many more reviews giving these good praise i went ahead and purchased them.

Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands: Double Locking, 6 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair

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  • Double locking jack stands that are sold as a pair; Height ranges from 15-3/8″ to 23-13/16″ with a 6 Ton (12,000 lb) capacity each
  • Equipped with a double-lock protection feature, increasing safety by 200%
  • Saddle has a large surface area that provides better contact with the load being supported; Large foot base size of 10-13/16″ by 9-7/16″
  • Single piece, self-locking, multi-position, forged iron ratchet bar provides precise adjustments
  • Meets ASME safety standards and includes a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality i received for the price. The welds are all good, legs are even, moves and locks both smoothly and positively, and the pin for an extra safety lock is another added bonus. I would recommend them for anyone who needs a high lift, heavy rated jack stand. These are 6 ton per for a total of 12 for the set, according to the box and stand labels.

Let’s start of saying, i did not get to use these because of two points of design defects. Firstly, the idea of double locking feature is great but there is the design flaw. Given that the locking key is suppose to sit perfectly under the tooth, there is a 1/4′ gap on the back side of the post. This is something they might of overlooked when putting this together. Secondly, there is some play and wobbly motion when set on to flat ground. It seems to me that the 4 legs, or 2 of a half sides, to this jack stand design might cause uneven footing. On the side note, i am giving this 3-stars because of certain negative points other reviewers have posted here. The set i received have good welds and a equally sized pair of locking keys. Other than the mentioned defects above, i would have kept this pair of jack stands rather ordering a different brand of similar design.

Worked like a charm to hold up each axle of my bmw e46 3-series while i was changing the brakes. For the most part, safety wasn’t a concern because to change the brakes you don’t need to get under the car at all. But for the right-rear brake wear sensor you have to stick your head under where the right passenger door is. The sensor has a long cable that routes through the suspension with lots of clips holding it in place. It’s a bit scary sticking your head under a heavy metal object, but with the jack stands holding it up, i had almost no fear. One bit of advice: remember that in order to use these jack stands on many cars, you can’t lift your car with the jack that came with the car because on many cars there are only two points on either side of the car from which you can lift. And if you’re using a jack to lift the car, you have no place to rest the car down onto the jack stands. In order to lift the car onto jack stands you need something like a trolley jack to lift the whole rear end or whole front end of the car. On my car there are frame brackets right near the front and rear differentials (my car is awd). Place the trolley jack under each of those, lift it up, and drop onto the jack stands.

These are very heavy duty jack stands that i have trusted my life with many times. I have used them on my 3/4 ton dodge ram several times and i have never even had a thought that they might break. The welds look really good and they used really heavy duty metal to put these together with. The double locking feature is an added bonus to give me piece of mind.Keep in mind these are for trucks and suv’s and will most likely not fit under most cars unless you jack them up way more than what is needed or even safe for basic maintenance work on a vehicle.

Pretty decent set of jack-stands for the price. The lowest setting is about 15 inches, so you need a jack that can raise your car up at least that much in order to use them. These will work well for light usage. They worked on the front end of our honda odyssey, but they don’t have the clearance for our truck.

I like these because they are double locking and you can get rubber blocks that fit them. I used: ‘2-pack jack stand pad universal for y shape jack stand car truck suv ‘ by tmbthese are your basic jack stands with an extra layer of support in the form of a lock pin to act as back up in case the ratchet mechanism fails. You want that since ratchet mechanisms do occasionally fail, and a new head will cost more than the car that will crush yours. Some cons on these are:- the security pin is non-locking and can be easily knocked out of place. – it has no feet, so you need to put a piece of wood under it if you don’t want it to tear into your driveway.

These are pretty good for a starter set. They get the job done, and they aren’t built badly either; i just wish they were ‘ made in the u. ‘ which is a very big deal to me, but is impossible to find now-at-days unless you get it off an ol’ timer friend. Now if you’re looking to use these for an suv, or full-size pickup you can get the job done, but you will need to rely a lot on your jack doing tire rotations, and such. ( honestly i had the same amount of room under my truck to work in without these in place. They just give a little extra room. Maybe a couple inches, and that there can be the difference between the twist of a wrench buddy. I do recommend also getting 2-sets of keychain rings from a walmart, hardware store, or order offline, cause the rings that hold the chain to the pin, and mount are absolute trash.

I have a vintage 24-foot class c rv, and on occasion it needs to be jacked up for maintenance –plumbing, tires, this and that. I hated climbing under there with just a bottle jack between me and eternity. I put off repairs rather than do it again. Last week, i jacked it up, stuck one of these under the frame, and worked all day with only the most passing thought about mortality (you never want to be completely oblivious about working under that much steel). They’re stashed with the rest of the tools now, just part of the kit.

Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands: Double Locking, 6 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair :

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