UTVGiant 2014-2019 Polaris RZR XP 1000 XP1000 / Turbo Lower Door Insert Panels, Serve the purpose well made sturdy

Well i will say these lower door inserts fit good and look great but the paint job is horrible and the edge seals are useless. In order for the rubber edge seal to stay on (even temporarily )you need to use silicone. After the silicone dries and you remove the tape ( to hold in place) the paint comes off with the tape. . After a muddy ride normally you can hose off the machine. If you spray water on these lower doors you will remove the remaining paint that the tape didn’t remove . I realize they are less than half the cost of the factory doors, the factory lower doors are plastic and hold up great. If you do purchase these just grab some primer , spray paint , and better edge seals.

One fourth the price of other sellers for the same thing basically. I have reccomended these to a lot of other riders. I would reccoment putting a bit of glue on the rubber seal on the bottom edge of the metal door insert and it will not keep coming off like the competitors.

They cover with detailed instructions and are very easy to install. They do not rattle and provide a snug fit when the door is shut. The trim doesn’t hold too well so i super glued the corners so our wouldn’t slide off and couldn’t be happier. Waited to go on a couple rides before i reviewed it so i could provide accurate feedback.

Reluctantly i ordered these after trying 3 other lower panels, two were the $400. 00 polaris molded plastic panels and one was basically the same $200. 00 amazon copies both fit and looked like crap. I just received these utvgiant lower door insert panels and to my surprise they actually fit quit well and look good too. My only dislike with these however is the panels in two spots are lightly rubbing against the plastic so i will have to run the edges across my belt sander, not a big deal and i am not a fan of the rubber molding. That is why i am only giving 4 stars. Overall not bad for the price.

Bought these for our 2017 rzr s 900 and they fit perfectly. I’ve seen a couple of reviews about the holes being misaligned but i did not have that problem. I’m not sure if those with the alignment issues made sure they had all the bolts started before tightening any of them down or not. I do know if you don’t install all the bolt before tightening they will not align. Anyway great door half and the added plus of the block off plates for behind the door was a really nice surprise. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone wanting to close off the lower part of the door.

These are a little tricky to install and don’t fit perfect but they are made sturdy and look fairly good and serve their purpose well and far cheaper then what polaris is asking for them. The trick to getting the gasket to stay is to put a couple dabs of weatherstripping adhesive on it then install it on the door.

Took it around the block and did not hear any rattles or anything. Only suggestion might be to add a bit of weatherstrip adhesive to the rubber trim.

Key specs for 2014-2019 Polaris RZR XP 1000 XP1000 / Turbo Lower Door Insert Panels:

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  • Made in USA
  • Easy, Quick Installation
  • Includes Inserts on Both Sides Plus Small Rear Triangles Near Bed
  • Fits RZR Turbo 2016-2019
  • Fits RZR XP 1000 2014-2019- Does not fit the RZR S 1000. We have a separate listing for the 900S that fit the 1000S

Comments from buyers

“Good product for the price., Great doors at a great price, Anyway great door half and the added plus of the block “

The doors fit but the insert that covers the whole by the seat belt does not fit. The bolt hole does not line up. I only received two pieces the instructions read that 4 should arrive and discard the 2 that don’t fit.

I installed these on my 2015 rzr 1000 xp. To start, i am not mechanical at all. But these inserts were easy to install. You will need a torx 30 and torx 40 bit to remove the factory bolts and reattach them (and 2 15mm sockets (or wrenches) for the factory roll cage bolts for the small triangle pieces). The fit for me is perfect: nice and tight. The rubber that goes along the edge of the panels makes it even tighter and protects my paint. I love that they are aluminum and not some cheap plastic. The directions are colored and easy to follow. The only question i had was with the 2 triangle panels and how they mount.

I bought these for my 2016 rzr turbo and they look great – very pleased. For me, the ‘fit’ issue was resolved by adjusting the door. I installed the panels exactly as described in the instructions then loosened the adjustment torque bolts at the hinge. ‘moved the door up/down until the panel fit perfectly in the door jam.

For the price, they’re okay. The rubber piece does not stay on, and the ones i got were slightly tweaked and push against the door closing. I spent a couple hours trying to realign the doors and it did get better, but not what i had hoped for. The factory polaris doors are much better quality however 4x more expensive.

Test fitting has to be done prior and during trimming process. After about 2 hrs the doors fit good.

These lower door inserts fit ok. You have to be willing to adjust your doors a bit, not a big deal. I was really picky so i trimmed the aluminum door panel a bit to make it fit even better. 00 for the pair, a steal compared to other mgr’s.

Live my new doors fit was great on 2016 xp turbo. Really cuts down on mud and dust. Only downside is it is harder to see front tires but is worth it. Don’t spend more these are well made i took the risk figuring i would send them back if they were junk.

These lower door inserts work but you will have to do some modifications, mainly just need to trim some off the bottom of the insert, maybe about 3/16 or so and they will fit, that’s the reason for the 3 star, but they are cheaper than the factory inserts.

Fits good when compared to the tubular frame doors, for a fraction of the cost. This does not make an air tight seal, but those type of doors are also at least 4x the price. This is for a rzr, if you want a sealed cab, should’ve gotten a ranger. Easy install, needed no adjustment.

I was hesitant purchasing these door lowers because of some negative reviews. I have to say that i am very pleased with these lowers. I did go out and buy some auto/marine weatherstripping to seal the lower door to the existing door. They turned out great, had to gently bend the front part of the lower to get a snug fit but other than that installation was easy. They keep a great deal of mud and rocks out of the cab. I can’t imagind that there is a better lower door for the money. Extremely satisfied with these, would recommend them.

– look great- easy to install (not sure why some people have complained about the instructions?)- fit is good- good priceonly minor issue i can see is the rubber seal coming off in a few areas. Nothing a small dab of glue can’t take care of. This is such a minor issue that i’m leaving it at 5 stars.

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