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I just sucked rusted out pieces of a floor grate out a basement floor drain. It was able to get metal and water out of the drain with ease. I used it for about 20 small projects throughout the summer and i probably had about 6 gallons of stuff in there. I cleaned out the gutters on a couple of houses in the northwoods of wisconsin using this beast. I also was able to blow about 50 pounds of pea gravel off of a parking lot into a playground with it. So it is a very powerful blower. The various attachments help channel air in various ways. I prefer this blower over an exclusively designed electric blower from a lawn-mower company. The handle is great for carrying it.

I had a 5 gallon shopvac that was probably 10 years old. I replaced that with the vacmaster and have been pleased. First, the hose is larger in diameter and that means fewer clogs from scraps of wood. Second the suction is much more powerful. Third, all the pieces can be stored on the unit. By my favorite feature is that it is much more quiet. I’m not sure how they pulled this off but i can still hear my radio with this on. I’m looking forward to setting up a two-stage dust collection system with this and expect it will do well.

I’m leaving this vacuum a five star review. I’ve used it on my carpeted stairs as well as outside for leaves. The vacuum did better than expected in both scenarios. I read a ton of amazon reviews on this product and it seems to get some negative feedback in terms of its reliability out of the box. People also complain a lot about the wheels falling off. I’m hoping to clear some of those reviews up. Lets get the easy one out of the way first. The casters slide onto the bottom of the chassis. Vacmaster provides screws to secure the casters on. People who are complaining about them falling off, simply did not use the screws to secure the casters into place.

Update: 14 jan 17: i have been renovating the heck out of my home the last 8 or so months. I purchased this because of the price alone. Figured, if i was going to be abusing it to the level that i have, i wouldn’t be out a massive amount of money if i ruined it. Well, this thing is incredible. It is easy to empty, easy to use, quieter than any shop vac i have ever used, easy to roll around, and the filter blows out easy too. One of the best decisions i have ever made for renovating this house. Let me tell you how badly i have abused this machine. My home is covered in popcorn ceilings. I hate popcorn ceilings, and hate scraping it off and making a massive mess. So, i taped a drywall mud knife to the underside of the floor attachment, sprayed the ceilings with water (pump sprayer) and then proceeded to scrape and suck up all the popcorn with this vacuum.

I have bought two of these units about a month or so apart. The overall quality is okay and it has worked okay for the last couple of months. But what i have noticed on both units are they don’t move a lot of air. Being 5 peak hp i would have thought the cfms (cubic feet of air moved) would be similar to my shopvac that they have replaced. I have it set up to vac up router sawdust. Like many wood shops i have a router set up as a small shaper and the fence has a vac attachment. This does not do a very good job compared to my shopvac. As i recall the only difference was my shopvac was 16 gallon instead of this 12 unit. . What i don’t recall was the cfm’s on them. Either way, this one doesn’t collect much of the router sawdust compared to the shopvac brand. Of course it was much cheaper and it does do a good job in other ways, but not good as a router/shaper dust collector. It’s always going to boil down to cfms. Should it crap out quickly i’ll update, but so far.

And sadly, this is how i spent my precious saturday afternoon. Unpacked the attachments and was easy to assemble. Instruction booklet could be printed a little bigger but, hey, the internet came in handy to confirm all pieces were accounted for and the unit was put together properly. Outwardly, looks smartly designed. Blower assembly came already attached to the lid (but this unit was unusually difficult to latch/unlatch. After several attempts realigning the blower unit, i finally put some weight into it, a good hardy shove, and it was in back in it’s place again. It’s apparent that it just doesn’t fit very well into it’s designed space. The plastic flexes considerably while forcing it back into it’s nesting spot. Don’t think it was designed to be that snug).

  • Clearing Up Some 1 Star Reviews
  • Strong, super quiet with the attached muffler, great attachments and blower is fantastic.
  • It’s not a ShopVac. but it’s not priced like one either!

The shark just could not handle this and the regular household dirt. Works like a champ, my wife loves it, and so do i when she lets me take it out to the garage. 2′ hose never clogs and there’s a variety of attachments that come with it.

I’m very pleased with this shop vac. I have used it so much to vacuum up everything both inside and outside the house. The added benefit of the leaf blower is nice too but i have only used that feature two times. It’s easy to convert back and fourth and it comes with multiple attachments when you are using it as a shop vac. If i had anything negative to say it would be the cord is really short i wish it was 5ft maybe even 10ft longer. It’s a minor complaint because you can just attach an extension cord to it and go anywhere you need to but i wish it was a little longer. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who needs a good shop vac.

This vac does exactly what it is supposed to do. I used to detail cars and have used various brands and this has held up very well in compatison to other more expensive vacs. I’ve had mine for almost two years with no issues until a week ago when the motor started to smell like it was burning up. I made a warranty claim and they are going to send me a new one. Very nice and responsive customer service. I will definitely buy from them again. I do recommend the fine dust filter though. What most likely killed mine was using the standard filter for fin saw dust and drywall sanding.

I’ve been using this for about a month and it has performed better than expected. The quick detach blower is a nice touch but don’t expect to blow giant poles of wet leaves, but quickly blowing sawdust and dirt out the garage is nice. Included baffled makes it very quiet for using in small indoor spaces. Plenty of suction didn’t realize i had a nylon tie down under the seat of the truck until it got sucked up and in. Easily outperformed my shop vac and ridgid vacs. Time will tell the full story i suspect but i am very pleased with this.

I bought this a few weeks ago and it works incredibly well. One thing i will note is that the vacuum has a diffuser or noise reducer that goes on the output vent. This makes a huge difference in reducing the amount of noise the vacuum makes, however, it also, incredibly decreases the suction. I would suggest not using the noise reducer attachment on the blower end of the vacuum when using it as a vacuum. Outside of this one thing, the power on this vacuum in mind blowing.

Features of Vacmaster 12 Gallon, 5 Peak HP, Wet/Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower, VBV1210

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  • 12 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
  • 5 Peak HP Motor
  • Quick Release Detachable Blower
  • 240 MPH Blowing Speed
  • 12 Ft. Cord with Cord Wrap.Locking Hose

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blower vac, shop vac, vacmaster, wet dry vac, wet dry, vacuum, leaf blower, shop vacuum, shopvac

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I know this may sound crazy but i have gone through so many vacuums in the last 5 years of owning saint bernards and everyone of them stated they can handle heavy volumes of pet hair. When my husband told me his wet/dry vac broke (small one on sale 5 black friday’s ago) it got me thinking. . Why don’t i invest in a more powerful wet/dry vac and we can use it inside the house. Not just for the cars and garage. 00 on a small unit for the garage, i went looking for a larger size and larger hose that i know will not have any problems sucking up dog hair. When looking at the selection on amazon, i found myself gravitating towards this machine. It seemed to have all the things we needed but it was not a beast.The things that were important to me were the sound, the large canister and the hp.

 this is a very powerful machine. Specifically the blower and wet vaccume. I took 1 star because after a couple of months it seems that it lost the power of dry vacuum. Maybe because of the filter. But overall this is a great machine with reasonable price.

Okay, so i bought this after doing some research on vacs for a while. Well, obviously i saw the billions of reviews this thing had, but also i talked with some people who i know use them a lot, cleaning up water spills and such, i basically concluded from those conversations that i need to pay more attention to cfm than horsepower. I also was advised that many times the ones with the blower function tend to have a higher cfm rating. I’m not sure if that’s universally true, but it seems to be the case with this unit, as it supposedly has a respectable 133 cfm, which, after comparing the rating on a few popular brands, and trust me, they don’t make that easy to do, puts it firmly towards the top of the pack, especially for it’s price. Size wise, it’s not too big, not too small, not too tall most importantly. I didn’t want one of those big 16g+ ones as they just seem so top-heavy to me, unless you get one that sits on a cart and all that, which is way too much for what i was looking for. This thing is basically like the perfect size for me. Time will tell how long it holds up. For now though, i really like it.

I probably researched for a week and found that this was the best value for the motor power and ability to blow. It’s incredibly easy to use and i love the long cord and easily detachable blower. I had a previous vacuum of a comparable power and this one just is built stronger. The switch is a rocker where my old one was a push switch. The push switch would always get stuck. I love all the places for attachments so things are at hand. The hose itself is rather big and my large hands can hardly hold it but i’m adjusting to the use.

Usually when i leave a review, it’s a bad review. I’ve used this shopvac for the last 3 days to suck up a ton of lava rocks. I fully expected to break it. I was not kind in the size of lava rocks nor how often i changed the filter, one filter was caked with mud and dirt. I’m happy its still working after i abused it as a tool to help me get lava rocks out my yard, looking forward to vacuuming out the cars with this beast of a machine.

12 Gallon Polypropylene Tank

5 Peak HP Motor

Quick Release Detachable Blower

240 MPH Blowing Speed

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