Vacmaster 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum, VP205 – Strong, super quiet with the attached muffler, great attachments and blower is fantastic.

I’m leaving this vacuum a five star review. I’ve used it on my carpeted stairs as well as outside for leaves. The vacuum did better than expected in both scenarios. I read a ton of amazon reviews on this product and it seems to get some negative feedback in terms of its reliability out of the box. People also complain a lot about the wheels falling off. I’m hoping to clear some of those reviews up. Lets get the easy one out of the way first. The casters slide onto the bottom of the chassis. Vacmaster provides screws to secure the casters on. People who are complaining about them falling off, simply did not use the screws to secure the casters into place.

This is a powerful little machine that my husband and i just love. I ordered it as a gift for him to use in his workshop and ‘man cave,’ but once we found out how great the suction is, i basically took it over. This machine is light-weight and easy to carry. It rolls around quickly and easily. It has a nice long cord that reaches across a big room, plus the cord is automatically retractable. It has all the parts you need for all different kinds of projects, and it just keeps working. I got crud and dirt out of my carpet that you wouldn’t believe right after i’d vacuumed with my dyson. This is absolutely the best sweeper i’ve ever used.

I have bought two of these units about a month or so apart. The overall quality is okay and it has worked okay for the last couple of months. But what i have noticed on both units are they don’t move a lot of air. Being 5 peak hp i would have thought the cfms (cubic feet of air moved) would be similar to my shopvac that they have replaced. I have it set up to vac up router sawdust. Like many wood shops i have a router set up as a small shaper and the fence has a vac attachment. This does not do a very good job compared to my shopvac. As i recall the only difference was my shopvac was 16 gallon instead of this 12 unit. . What i don’t recall was the cfm’s on them. Either way, this one doesn’t collect much of the router sawdust compared to the shopvac brand. Of course it was much cheaper and it does do a good job in other ways, but not good as a router/shaper dust collector. It’s always going to boil down to cfms. Should it crap out quickly i’ll update, but so far.

Update: 14 jan 17: i have been renovating the heck out of my home the last 8 or so months. I purchased this because of the price alone. Figured, if i was going to be abusing it to the level that i have, i wouldn’t be out a massive amount of money if i ruined it. Well, this thing is incredible. It is easy to empty, easy to use, quieter than any shop vac i have ever used, easy to roll around, and the filter blows out easy too. One of the best decisions i have ever made for renovating this house. Let me tell you how badly i have abused this machine. My home is covered in popcorn ceilings. I hate popcorn ceilings, and hate scraping it off and making a massive mess. So, i taped a drywall mud knife to the underside of the floor attachment, sprayed the ceilings with water (pump sprayer) and then proceeded to scrape and suck up all the popcorn with this vacuum.

 this on the vacmaster 6 gallon, vacuum, vq607sfdthis is the best ‘shop vac’ i’ve owned yet, and believe me, with big dogs, a sculpture studio and home projects i’ve gone thru a lot of ‘shop vacs’ and cartridge filters over the yearsthis one is much quieter, much better made and very powerful, to those that claim it doesn’t have as much power as some vac they didn’t name, i have a video, just watch this baby suck up a handful of pennies, washers, screws etc as fast as if it was just sawdust, it has loads of poweri might buy a second one just so i have it’s eventual replacement as i know these days you buy something and 6 months later it’s discontinued and a ‘newer model’ replaces it that may be completely different.

I’m generally too lazy to write reviews, but thing thing is so good i feel obligated to do so. I own canister vacs from fein and festool, as well as a number of more traditional ‘shop’ type vacs. This little guy is relatively small and lightweight, especially considering how well it works. It’s not convenient for me to run this side by side with the fein and festool, by my impression is that it’s noticeably quieter than either. Suction seems to be equivalent. I don’t use this to collect dust from power tools, it’s just for clean up tasks around my home. It’s great for vehicle cleaning as well as any other common vac tasks. Because it’s supposed to be a hepa vac, i used it last weekend to thoroughly clean my sons room as he is suffering badly from allergies. I ran the vac continuously for over an hour, and it showed no signs of getting too hot.

I probably researched for a week and found that this was the best value for the motor power and ability to blow. It’s incredibly easy to use and i love the long cord and easily detachable blower. I had a previous vacuum of a comparable power and this one just is built stronger. The switch is a rocker where my old one was a push switch. The push switch would always get stuck. I love all the places for attachments so things are at hand. The hose itself is rather big and my large hands can hardly hold it but i’m adjusting to the use.

This is about the vacmaster vq607sfd stainless steel wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Originally, i was looking for something a bit stronger and bigger, 8-10gal. While hunting for such an animal, i quickly discovered that about anything bigger than 6gal would have a clearly wider ‘base/footprint’ than what i needed: something that could ‘follow me’ through narrow passages between piles of boxes, machinery, etc. — something no wider than 17′ or so. For years i had used an (excellent) older ‘shop-vac wet/dry’ (6gal 2hp peak) that served me well (including for some rough/tough jobs). Until it reached the point where it did dangerously overheat. Since this vacmaster vq607sfd had practically the exact same dimensions as my old shop-vac and, according to specs, 50% more suction power than my old one, i bought it. >>the good: material of main unit is of decent quality (metal and plastic). Finish and tolerances of molded parts are quite good — good fitting, no sharp edges/burrs, etc. >plastic of hose and accessories (all in the standard 1 1/4 inch diameter) is, well, like that of most other similar brands/models: ‘so-so’ but ok if used with some care. >the length of hose and cord are as indicated in the specs. >this model does have/use a disposable paper bags (for dry debris) — an important ‘detail’ for the longevity of this type of vacuum cleaner.

 purchased this vacuum recently and enjoyed using it. Thought i would create a video so others may find it useful.

I know its been two years since i received the vacmaster but i would have thought that the stainless steel bucket would not have rusted through, with two holes that you can put a finger through. I emptied the tank after every use, which has only been a half a dozen times when the concrete floor gets wet. I will go with the plastic bucket next time.

Not quite what i was hoping for. But fortunately i’m not completely disappointed. After reading the reviews, i was expecting something with far more vacuum power. But after using this vacuum a few times, i’m rather underwhelmed with its power. It still works for the most part and i love the fact its rather portable. But at times i’m left wanting to use our regular household vacuum. Below i sum up my thoughts on this vacuum:pros:-cheap-very light-good choice of attachments-easy to usecons:-doesn’t quite deliver the vacuum power i was hoping for. Another reviewer stated it was so powerful it would literally pick up nails. I honestly don’t get that impression at all.

I’ve used this for 9 months now, primarily for household messes like spilled cat litter and cereal. It replaced a small shop vac brand of similar size and hp. This has less suction, so it takes me longer to clean all those corners. It’s not bad, but there is one main design flaw. That’s your air exhaust vent. The vent points down and towards the hose, towards the front of the unit. So, if you have the unit turned forward, which i think is how most people would use it, the air actually blows towards the dust/mess you are trying to clean up, spreading it around the room. After a few mishaps, i have learned i have to turn the unit backwards and hold it there when i’m using it, if i don’t want to leaf-blow the mess around the room (turning the unit backwards effectively shortens the hose, too. So, i will use this until it wears out, but i would not buy another of this design. That air exhaust vent is very badly placed.

We used to have a shopvac qsp which we used as a household vac, before it was used to suck up water with the wrong bag (motor got wet) and replaced it with the vacmaster. The vacmaster is well thought out and well designed. Much quieter, built in cord reel, large buttons, and follows behind (tows) easily while vacuuming. We have hardwood, tile, granite, and some carpet throughout our house so this vacuum works perfectly for our needs. One plus is the diameter of the hose fits all our (small diameter) shop vac attachments, so they are interchangeable. Here are the specifications for the Vacmaster 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP, Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum, VP205:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Includes: 4 ft. Hose, 8ft. Cord with Cord Wrap, 2-in1 Utility Nozzle, and a crevice tool, reusable cloth filter, and a reusable foam sleeve
  • On board accessory storage
  • Easy Conversion to blower
  • Auto Shut Off prevents overflow
  • 2 Year Warranty

Ok, first of all, amazon shipped this using a hyper-jet (faster then fast) got the vacmaster within 56 hours after ordering it. When it was opened, everything was there. Well packed both inside the box. The directions (and yes i’m a guy who reads instruction books), were really good. Follow them and you will not go wrong. Don’t follow them and you may screw something up. That said let’s get to the review. This vac is extremely lightweight (even full) easy to carry and it turns on a dime.

I purchased this to replace an 8 gallon shop vac that i used in my basement for cleaning up after light metal and wood working. Because it is indoors, i really wanted a hepa filter to prevent spreading dust in the house so i found this one and i been pleasantly suprised. This vac is powerful but light and easy to use. It came with all the accessories i needed, and they interchange with my old shop vac. The onboard tool caddy is not for me–i just keep the parts in a 5 gallon bucket tucked away where i don’t have to see it. The long, retractable cord the prevents me from needing a separate extension and keeps me from damaging the cord each time i wind it up. The wheels actually work well and let it follow me along when i vacuum the floor. My cat appreciates that it is low to the ground so it does not tip over and make the sound of a boiling witch. The small size makes it great for inside the house or car, but don’t expect it to be a contractor vacuum. This vac has made a very picky customer very pleased.

The shark just could not handle this and the regular household dirt. Works like a champ, my wife loves it, and so do i when she lets me take it out to the garage. 2′ hose never clogs and there’s a variety of attachments that come with it.

I’m in my 70’s and it is a perfect size for me to lift, wheels roll really well, easy to maneuver, very sturdy. I love the hose attachment for it screws onto the base which makes it secure, unlike some that just push in (and come out when pulling the machine around). Was able to clean my screened in porch, which was filled with pollen and dirt from the winter, without a problem. Sucked up the pollen and dirt first using the vac bag included then removed the bag and sucked up the water i used to wash the porch down. Hard work for an old lady, but this made it easier. But to make you aware, although it is a 4 gallon it only holds less than 2 gallons of liquid before shutting down. But that was ok with me because it was easier to empty the water out.

I am new to the vacmaster brand but am happy to report that this is a very high quality shop vac system. Everything you need in a shop vac kit is here with this particular model intending to be mounted to the wall. I mounted in my garage which makes car and floor cleanups very easy and convenient. Both hoses connected will give you easy coverage for 20-feet in all directions, by my estimate. The vacuum works well and is a huge improvement over my older 14-gal rigid, which i came to realize was way too big for my needs. 5 gallon seems just about perfect. Setup is easy and the device seems to be well engineered. Everything from the thoughtful power cord wrap in the rear to the clamps that hold the motor to the bucket. The only thing missing from the directions specifically is what to do about the 2 hoses. The images on the box itself shows both hoses connected so this is clearly a supported way to operate. I tried it both ways and think the best method is with the standard hose connected directly to the vac base and the flex hose put on the end nearest to you. When the suction is active, the flex hose will constrict quite a bit, this constriction is worse when it’s connected directly to the base. I’d say it would almost be better with 2 lengths of standard hose, honestly.

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  • Clearing Up Some 1 Star Reviews
  • Best “Shop Vac” type vac I’ve ever owned!
  • Strong, super quiet with the attached muffler, great attachments and blower is fantastic.

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