Vacmaster 6 Gallon – Not as powerful as the specs suggest . . .

Best little shop vac i have every owned. I have a big expensive shop vac in my garage, and bought this for our laundry room to clean up the hair and foot traffic dirt where our dogs sleep. Wow, was i pleasantly surprised. I am not kidding, but it’s the best shop vac i now own, even much better than my big fancy one.It is light weight, but heavy enough that it does not tip over. The attachments are very functional and fit every need i have. The only negative would be the short cord, but for this price, it’s great. I now use it around the house as we have hardwood just about everywhere except for our living room throw rug, where we still use our kemore canister vacuum. The kemore is great, and it is rated really high, but i use this little shop vac most of the time in the house. I have since bought two more, one more for the garage and the cars, and one for our cabin where we also have hardwood floors.

Overall good value for the price, and the suction power is adequate for what i need (basic clean-up around the house and garage, not using it for construction/building use). My two major complaints of this vacuum are 1) how cheap some of the plastic components are, and 2) how thin the metal canister is. The quality of the plastic components for this vacuum range from not-so-good to pretty bad. The worst offender is the floor attachment. The wheels don’t roll well at all when on hard surfaces such as concrete. The way it attaches to the extension wands (and also how the extension wands attach to themselves and the hose handle) isn’t very secure. There is a lot of flex and twisting that happens when i have the floor attachment connected. Additionally, although the metal canister looks durable in photos, it is actually super thin. I saw reviews from others indicating different types of issues with the metal itself (corrosion and dents), which i could see happening to others down the road. I’ve only had my vacuum for a week now and didn’t have any issues with how it came out of the box, but we’ll see how it performs down the road.

I’ve waited to write this review as i wanted to give this a full workout before i reported back. Overall, it’s a pretty good little machine and the stainless steel body looks way better than your ‘garden-type’ wet-dry vacuum. The vacmaster also has a longer power cord that can be wrapped on the body (a plus) and little places to store your tools. Mine arrived slightly dented, but at roughly $50 instead of the usual price of almost $75, i decided to live with the dents. It’s got plenty of suction and that’s great, but i can tell you i absolutely hate the way the hose handle doesn’t really fit the hose extensions, so as you vacuum, the handle flexes and often separates at the most critical times. I don’t see how to rectify this, no matter how hard you to try to force them together, they don’t hold. I’m hoping they come up with a solution to this problem, as it’s truly annoying and why i can’t give it a better rating. Also, the sliding button that releases suction is right where your thumb rests on the handle, so you have to keep closing it for the most suction power.

I had an industrial shop vac before this, i liked it for vacuuming my house & car, but it sadly died & was large anyways for my small house. I decided to buy this vacuum for the price & size. Pretty compared to my old yellow shop vac. I like the length of the hose when all the attachments are on. Reasons why i’m unsure if i really like it that much:i’m not sure i like the curve of the handle. My shoulder starts to feel sore. Not sure if i like the large roller head attachment. It seems to suck up just ok compared to my large shop vac. As in it gets the job done, but it isn’t as powerful, but i was sort of anticipating that.

I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, and 3 birds. Hair and feathers gather in every corner of my house so most of my vacuums were ruined, even when i would only use the hose. This is exactly what i needed in order to get the last of the hair and feathers out of the corners after i quickly sweep up the bulk. It’s also perfect for cobwebs and seed that my birds bump on the ground during they’re play shenanigans. My last shop vac was too big and bulky and i really never filled up the canister anyways.

When i say that this thing really sucks, please don’t misunderstand: it really, really, really sucks and boy are my basement ceiling and floor clean. No matter how you pull the vacuum around and no matter how taut you extend the hose, it absolutely will not tip over (a problem my old shop-vac vacuum had). Plus, the vacmaster doesn’t blow a torrent of filth and dust out the exhaust port (also something my shop-vac did). Basically, it doesn’t do anything it shouldn’t and does do everything it should. My only problem, and the only reason this has three-stars instead of the five that the product deserves, is that it didn’t include both extension wands that it’s supposed to have (see photo). Hopefully, the manufacturer will either respond to me here or to the email i sent to them directly (outside of amazon). And i will happily change this to a five-star review if and when they send the missing part to me. Update: vacmaster got in touch with me (via the direct email) and are sending the missing tube.

  • Best “Shop Vac” type vac I’ve ever owned!
  • I know Its been two years since I received the
  • Not as powerful as the specs suggest . . .

Used for outdoor patio cleaning of leaves and rabbit debris and spilled litter. Had it a few months now and use it regularly, every 4 days or so to clean up after the cats and rabbits. I do sweep also to get the hay up and bigger pieces, but i use this to get up all remaining litter , food, bedding from cages, fur, leaves and sand and it does the job well. I use the filter bag inside also and i have not noticed any dust or small particles coming out, the bag seems to keep it all in pretty well. I’m impressed for the price. The only negatives i have found: 1. The cord could be longer, i have to use an extension cord. The main plastic long tubes that attach to the floor piece are a little bit lacking in the connectivity department.

What a great looking vacuum. I haven’t tested it out fully, but i thoroughly inspected everything upon assembly and dry vac testing, and everything is perfect (no dents, or missing parts, or anything). I bought this because i needed a vacuum for my apartment, and also because the basement gets water coming up during heavy rainstorms, and i thought a wet vac could help a ton. I haven’t yet tested the wet vac, that i have to wait for rain before i can. But i have absolutely no complaints. My little r2d2 has great suction power, all the accessories i need, it’s just perfect and i don’t regret not buying a slightly more powerful one that doesn’t look as handsome as this one. And i just had to add a bit to my review because i got to test this baby out in a wet vac situation. And holy cow, did it perform admirably. For the wet vac use alone, this product met and exceeded all expectations.

 this on the vacmaster 6 gallon, vacuum, vq607sfdthis is the best ‘shop vac’ i’ve owned yet, and believe me, with big dogs, a sculpture studio and home projects i’ve gone thru a lot of ‘shop vacs’ and cartridge filters over the yearsthis one is much quieter, much better made and very powerful, to those that claim it doesn’t have as much power as some vac they didn’t name, i have a video, just watch this baby suck up a handful of pennies, washers, screws etc as fast as if it was just sawdust, it has loads of poweri might buy a second one just so i have it’s eventual replacement as i know these days you buy something and 6 months later it’s discontinued and a ‘newer model’ replaces it that may be completely different.

Ok, first of all, amazon shipped this using a hyper-jet (faster then fast) got the vacmaster within 56 hours after ordering it. When it was opened, everything was there. Well packed both inside the box. The directions (and yes i’m a guy who reads instruction books), were really good. Follow them and you will not go wrong. Don’t follow them and you may screw something up. That said let’s get to the review. This vac is extremely lightweight (even full) easy to carry and it turns on a dime.

This is about the vacmaster vq607sfd stainless steel wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Originally, i was looking for something a bit stronger and bigger, 8-10gal. While hunting for such an animal, i quickly discovered that about anything bigger than 6gal would have a clearly wider ‘base/footprint’ than what i needed: something that could ‘follow me’ through narrow passages between piles of boxes, machinery, etc. — something no wider than 17′ or so. For years i had used an (excellent) older ‘shop-vac wet/dry’ (6gal 2hp peak) that served me well (including for some rough/tough jobs). Until it reached the point where it did dangerously overheat. Since this vacmaster vq607sfd had practically the exact same dimensions as my old shop-vac and, according to specs, 50% more suction power than my old one, i bought it. >>the good: material of main unit is of decent quality (metal and plastic). Finish and tolerances of molded parts are quite good — good fitting, no sharp edges/burrs, etc. >plastic of hose and accessories (all in the standard 1 1/4 inch diameter) is, well, like that of most other similar brands/models: ‘so-so’ but ok if used with some care. >the length of hose and cord are as indicated in the specs. >this model does have/use a disposable paper bags (for dry debris) — an important ‘detail’ for the longevity of this type of vacuum cleaner.

Features of Vacmaster 6 Gallon, 3 Peak HP, Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vacuum, VQ607SFD

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  • Includes: 7 ft. hose, 12 ft. Cord with Cord Wrap, Air Control Nozzle, 2 Extension Wands, Multi Surface Floor Nozzle, 2-in1 Utility Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Round Dust Brush, standard cartridge filter, dust bag and reusable foam sleeve
  • On Board Accessory Storage, including on the rear base
  • Dust sealed switch and Balanced top handle design
  • Weather resistant design
  • 2 Year Warranty

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steel vacuum, wet dry vac, shop vac, vacmaster, wet dry, vacuum, metal vacuum, floor vac, steel tank

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I know its been two years since i received the vacmaster but i would have thought that the stainless steel bucket would not have rusted through, with two holes that you can put a finger through. I emptied the tank after every use, which has only been a half a dozen times when the concrete floor gets wet. I will go with the plastic bucket next time.

Now i’ve got the best looking shop vacuum in the neighborhood, and i have a degree of flexibility which i never had before. One of the nice features of this shop vacuum is the variety of filters available. I bought (and reviewed) the hepa filter for some indoor tile sawing which i needed to do, and i purchased a sawdust filter for working in my garage. My old shop vacuum would spew out great clouds of dust whenever i had to vacuum up something fine, like ashes. Not this one; slap in the hepa filter and all is well. It can also be equipped with bags, something which i haven’t tried out yet. My last shop vacuum sounded like a 747 at takeoff. The vacmaster, while not exactly soothing, is a lot less likely to wake the dead. Suction is fine as well, once again trouncing my old unit. Some reviewers had issues with the cord length.

We needed a new vac and it was a hard decision because so many seem in the same price range and reviews were a mixed bag on most of them. This one i picked partly based on the reviews and also based on how it looked. Been using it for a few days now and the suction is great. Picks up everything from dust to sand to cheerios, and it’s not loud like other shop type vacs we have had. No issue with moving it around and all the attachments fit snugly and are easy to use. It arrived quickly and no damages or issues. I am so pleased i chose this vac. He said he would recommend this to anyone over the ones most people know. It’s really a good vac and i can see this lasting a number of years. I was worried the 3 hp motor wouldn’t be as good as the 6 hp one in our old vac but i don’t even notice a difference. The hose is very well made also, which is a pet peeve i have with vac hoses. Lots are made so flimsy you just know you will get a ding or hole in it and need some duct tape before you even had it a couple months. I don’t feel this hose will have that issue under normal use.

I cant speak to longevity but this thing works great for my initial intended purpose. Descided to buy a small & strong shop vac for the residual water left in a hot tub whhwn we drain it every few months to clean and refill. Got tired to using a manual or drill lump to get the last 15 to 20 gallons out of a large hot tub oncev the tub drain was done. This thing worked incredible and was my first time ever using a shop vac for wet. Added plus is it not only withdrew water fast, well under a minute maybe 45 seconds to fill the 6 gallon container then had to stop and expell for the next round. Assuming this unit lasts it was well money spent. It will only get used every few months but when it gets used it makes all the difference. Also will pickup and remove small specs in the water left affter cleaning and draining.

Includes: 7 ft. hose, 12 ft.

On Board Accessory Storage, including on the rear base

Dust sealed switch and Balanced top handle design

Weather resistant design

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