Valvoline Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant – Most economical HOAT meeting Euro specs. No 2-EHA!

I did not have time to go searching at the dealer and parts stores (surprisingly not easy to find) for mopar coolant and on a whim i checked amazon. This stuff is the exact oem hoat type coolant that my 07 chrysler t&c van takes. I was tempted to go with the store brands that said that their stuff works in a ll types of engines but the price of a head gasket, water pump, radiator – told me it was worth a little time and $.

Great product for my 2003 dodge ram 2500 diesel truck. It was cheaper than any of my local stores.

This stuff is great if your replacing or flushing your coolant for a tj wrangler or kj liberty. Put it in both my jeeps and haven’t had any issues. Worth it when you can find it here for cheaper than the brick and mortar stores.

I put it in a soda bottle with half water and keep it in my car in case it runs low. It used to leak a little, but for some reason after pouring this in, it doesn’t leak at all pretty much.I have a jeep grand cherokee limited 1999 and this definitely helps in keeping it run smoothly.

Same yellow color as the coolant in my mb ml500. I was looking to top of the coolant reservoir. Was looking online and could only find the blue colored coolant. Initially looking at the side of the bottle and it looked reddish. As a general rule, you should never mix different color of coolant despite what the bottle says. States approved for mb vehicles. Was concerned until i poured it in the reservoir and it was yellow.

Recommended for chrysler and for sub zero temps. Great for winter trip texas to alaska up the al-can highway.

The concentrate on amazon is the same price as the 50/50 blend here at o’reilys. After mixing it myself to 50/50 with distilled water it tested to -20 degrees.

For use in my 2008 dodge pick up with a 6.

Ticks all the boxes – safe for aluminium engines, hoat, low-silicate, low-ph and phosphate-free. Cheaper than all similar oem coolants. Been using it for years with no issues. Buy the zxgo51 not the pre-mixed zxg05ru1 – it’s better value for money and you can mix it yourself in the best proportions for your weather.

I am using it in 1983 mercedes turbo diesel 300cdin original manual it says i have to use this type of coolant and apparently it should be better than green / blue one when it comes to rust and lasting.

I flushedthe system, cut the consentrate.

This is a great anti-freeze at a great price, in comparison to the factory recommended antifreeze that i need to use on my bmw. Instead of paying $200 for anti-freeze at the dealership, i much prefer getting a few jugs of this and doing it myself for a mere fraction of the cost. Everything arrived in great condition sealed and ready to go, made my transmit mission fluid change a breeze. I am actually going to order more just to have on hand for some top offs.

Probably the most economical of the coolants meeting the needs of vw and other european cars. I don’t know if it carries the vw specification which requires testing and certification, but it’s essentially the same as pentafrost. I don’t remember if my research showed that it was equivalent to g12, g12+/++, or g13 but it was one of those. Basically if you have a european car including diesels from the 1990s through 2015 or so, this is excellent stuff to use. Does not contain 2eha (2-ethylhexanoic acid) which is what’s in dex-cool and dex-cool compatible hoat and oat coolants that eats gaskets and causes issues. Here are the specifications for the Valvoline Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The formulation is designed for both gasoline and diesel engines
  • Its lower-silicate, reduced pH, phosphate free European technology protects all cooling system metals, including aluminum, from corrosion
  • ZEREX G-05 is a nitrite containing coolant designed to protect diesel engine cylinder liners from cavitation. It contains deposit control additives for protection from hard water deposits and scale
  • ZEREX G-05 contains a high quality defoamer system and will not harm hoses, plastics or original vehicle finishes
  • For any product use or product technical questions call 1-800-TEAM-VAL

I had to replace a water pump and i flushed the line. The only zerex g05 i could find was a 50/50 mix for $17. I wanted the concentrate and got it for $20/gal. Distilled water is cheap to add.

Works just fine in our ford f350 diesel engine truck. At the time of my purchase, this amazon price was lower than any local vendor.

Antifreeze held up well under my driving conditions and with no topping off. Wagon loaded full for holiday travel and avg 12hrs per day. Mixed 50/50 with distilled water.

This is the only type of coolant that you should use in your second gen dodge. I spent a long time researching it and found that this is the stuff, don’t waste your money on the diluted type. Mine took two gallons of the concentrated i believe.

Works well for my 2007 chrysler crossfire. This coolant is clear, which is kind of interesting. I believe someone already did a coolant flush on my car, as it had the blue mercedes coolant which i don’t believe was in use in 2007. Oh well, doesn’t hurt to flush the coolant anyway.

Cheaper than mopar, does the same job.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Most economical HOAT meeting Euro specs. No 2-EHA!
  • don’t waste your money on the diluted type
  • Works for Mercedes W123 (1983 300CD Turbo Diesel)

Needed for a bmw priced well ship to the house.

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