Vault Cargo Management Two Pack of Premium Lashing Straps by Vault – 8 Ft Long – Rated 250 Lbs – Perfect Tie Down Strap : Five Stars

I bought these in place of the plastic one’s that hold down battery boxes on campers. Plus i cut them down to fit my needs.

The straps so far are holding up very well after being under tension for two weeks. Unlike other buckles i’ve seen these appear to be configured not to slip. I had considerable trouble however trying to slip the strap through the buckle with only one hand while holding up the kayak with the other hand. Next time i’ll have a friend to assist me in hanging the kayak to the ceiling joists in the garage for winter storage. A triangular piece of plastic attached to the end of the strap to form an aglet might be helpful in threading the strap through the buckle.

Great lashing straps for securing our kayaks in the back of our pick-up truck or holding other loads in place. They cinch tightly easily, and they unfasten equally well. Note these are not ‘ratchet’ straps, where you pull a lever to really crank down your straps. Our two 45 lb kayaks sit mostly in the truck bed and these ‘lashing’ straps securely hold them in place, preventing them from moving around or sliding off the back tailgate. I was looking for something easy and simple to use, that’s safer than bungee cords, and these fit the bill perfectly.

Excellent, high-quality tie down straps. The buckles are very secure, and the straps work very well for their purpose. I use them to tie a small folding chair on my stand-up paddle board.

I got these straps to use with our new vault cargo hitch carrier and they work great. They make it super easy to strap down our stuff and i love how sturdy they are. I don’t have to worry about anything coming loose or jostling around. These straps are thick and great quality, i know they’re going to last a long while, even with all the wear and tear we’ll be putting them through. The blue is a nice touch, won’t have trouble finding these in the garage.

I was happy that they worked as well as they did. I had concerns that they would be substandard to the ratchet type of straps, but i was pleasantly surprised. A good purchase of a good product.

These straps were very easy to use. They have an angled end making pushing the tip through the teeth clamp very easy. We had purchased a kayak rack which came with lashing straps and they are difficult to insert the strap end into the teeth clamp and we have to use a needle nose plyer in order to pull the strap through. Inexpensive and great product. My husband has been using lashing straps for over forty years and was happy with these. He always puts several knots in them after pulling through the clamp to ensure that nothing comes loose.

I use them to keep my kayaks clamped down in my truck bed. The ends are fraying a little so 4 stars.

These straps work perfectly for tying down lumber to your roof if you are a noob like me. They are very easy to use, are of high quality, and hold a lot of weight.

The straps themselves are decent straps, however the pair of 10′ straps should not be paired/suggested alongside a sup [paddleboard. 10′ is not long enough, but you can join them together into “one” 20′ strap which is just secure enough to take low-speed roads (45mph and lower). Look at online videos for how to use a single 20′ strap on your roof rack. If you’re going with two straps, then you’ll need 12′ or longer. If you’re going with one strap, then use a 2″ strap that’s 24′ or longer, preferably with a strong clip. Obviously you’ll want to purchase roof rack pads as well — i recommend longer, wider pads with wide velcro (sold here on amazon as well). ]

I was looking for something to hold my mirror and picture boxes together for moving. All arrived at the destination and were a-one compared to what the movers wanted to provide. I would recommend these for anyone needing to lash packaging together.

Very nice for strapping large containers for long distance shipping.

Very nice straps for the money, they hold very tight and are durable.

I bought these for my rv battery boxes and they work great. Specialized straps are crap and over priced. For the price, i just cut off the excess strap and melted the ends.

We used these to box-up a television.

I used these to hold my c’mas tree box closed.

Two Pack of Premium Lashing Straps by Vault – 8 Ft Long – Rated 250 Lbs – Perfect Tie Down Strap for Kayaks Carriers, Moving Canoes, and Roof Racks – Great Accessory to Go with Ratchet Tie-Downs : I used the lashing straps to secure battery boxes to my rv. Although they were longer than i needed, they were sturdier and easier to use than the oem straps.

This was an excellent shopping experience. The item was very reasonably priced, and with information provided in description, seemed ideal for my specific household project. After placing order, seller provided acknowledgements and updates via email – all very helpful to coordinating project scheduling activities. Item was well packaged and arrived on time. Good product and i would strongly recommend this seller.

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Two Pack of Premium Lashing Straps by Vault - 8 Ft Long - Rated 250 Lbs - Perfect Tie Down Strap for Kayaks Carriers, Moving Canoes, and Roof Racks - Great Accessory to Go with Ratchet Tie-Downs
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