Veepeak Mini WiFi OBD2 Scanner – Good service, good product.

I really enjoy this unit and it does exactly what it is supposed to very well. I downloaded obd fusion for my iphone and it has been excellent. That said, if you get the wifi version, you can’t connect to the internet because your dedicated connection is to the device for the exchange of data. I really love running it while i drive and seeing the real-time performance, but i can’t stream music, run maps, or anything else i normally do whilst my data stream is tied to the obd ii reader. If it connected via bluetooth, that wouldn’t be the case. Otherwise, it’s really quite perfect.

My daughter’s car check engine light came on. I attempted to read the code with my obd-ii wired code reader that i bought a few years ago from harbor freight and kept getting a link error. I verified that the reader worked with my truck but i couldn’t get it to work in her car. I had a local auto shop check their code reader worked so i decided to purchase a new code reader to replace mine. This one came in a blister pack package in a padded envelope. It included clear instructions as well as recommendations for apps based upon your phone. I used it with a iphone 4s and a couple of different free versions of the apps. I noticed some reviews were negative based on issues with the wifi but my connected without any problem. I believe the apps were obd ii doctor and fusion obd ii. I was able to immediately connect via wifi and read the code with both apps.

0 head unit to a 2006 cadillac, and bought the torque pro program to make up for lost info when i removed the oem radio and info center. I initially bought a low budget bluetooth adapter that lasted about 30 days. I read some reviews, and bought a second bt adapter from veepeak. It for some reason would never connect, so i returned it. Their customer service was good, i had a reply to my issue within a day. After doing some more reading, i decided to try this one since i had a good experience with the company. It installed properly and was recognized immediately. I was concerned about wifi since the car unit is on my home network when in the garage.

I bought this to use with the ios dash commander app in both my iphone 6s and 3rd gen ipad. Installation in both the iphone and ipad was utterly painless (install one device at a time):* locate the car’s obd receptacle and plug the veepeak scanner into it* turn on the car electrical power to acc* turn on the ios device* select iphone general/wireless networks* find the the obd2 network, select it and wait for the phone to connect to it* open dash commander or other scanner reading app* if dash commander doesn’t connect automatically, press ‘connect’on the software splash screen and voila. (dash commander automatically enters the required network information described in the veepeak instructions. )once installed, the main effort was finding and programming the car’s detailed specs into the dash commander software for accuracy and allow some features to function. On the road, the refresh rate was as good as the car’s displaysthe goodpricesmall size – larger scanners may intrude into car cabinwell made, packaged in custom foam box insert for shipmentclear instructions in real englishpainless installationreal time refresh speedthe not so goodnone.

This is the first reader i’ve had, i’m using it with obd fusion on a retired iphone 5. The car is a 2nd generation lexus rx. I used to just hook up rally gauges in my cars but that was getting too old-timey. It’s all about what the computer knows. I got this reader because i was interested in trip mpg (which the stock computer won’t give you) and just monitoring stuff, so fusion works fine. It also means i can throw out my old bulky dedicated obd2 reader, which after 12 years is held together with packing tape. It comes in a very tiny box with even tinier instructions, but they were straightforward. My only problem was that it didn’t seem to work at first. I realized it wasn’t seated firmly in the socket even though it looked ok — part of the dash pad was in the way. I just trimmed a little off the dash and then it fit fine.

I, mechanically challenged, bought this dongle to diagnose which of my wheels was not being detected by the tire monitoring system in my 2010 mini cooper clubman. I discovered the carly for bmw ios app in the meantime and decided to try them as a pair. While they play very nicely together, there are some more advanced functions concerning the engine that require the special carly dongle, but this veepeak dongle does allow for most (not all) coding functions, which is what makes the carly app special. I have yet to discover which of my wheels (or wheel wells) is being the nuisance, but these two combined have revealed after a few taps that my rear brakes need replaced (3% life left,) i need new brake fluid right now (0% life left), two keyfob antennas are dead in the rear of the car, i have a bad coil pack on cylinder 2, and a few other things. I am going to use it further with this car, and with some others, and additionally will try it with a couple of other apps. I will update my review when i do. I tried coding some hidden features on the car and it seemed to be successful. Comfort access is not working in my car, and i was able to see the settings and change them accordingly. Unfortunately my keyfob will not lock or unlock the car, and it seems like only the dealer or someone similar can fix that, but i was able to get the car to start without the key in the ignition one time following my changes. After i shut down, exited, manually locked and unlocked the car, comfort access was again “dead,” only this time the car wouldn’t even tell me the key wasn’t in the ignition if i pressed the start button.

It works with my iphone 6s plus. Easy to use with apps recommended in instruction manual provided. Used easily on 2010 honda cr-v. For my 02 subaru wrx, it was difficult to remove the first time because the unit is short and the space for the plug is deep. I put some tape on it to make it longer to remove. No need to buy an extension. Update 11/16/17the product no longer worksupdate 12/21/17i contacted veepeak and they sent me a replacement.

— begin edit –company contacted me directly and tried very hard to make good on their product. I received another unit and they refunded me the difference of the cost. So far this unit is holding up, and may raise to 5 stars if it lasts. Customer service is fantastic and very eager to satisfy it’s customers. — end edit –failed after two uses and wouldn’t work again. Tried multiple cars and multiple phones. Returned it and was going to try to buy another but they raised the price on me.

Was able to read/clear permanent code on my 2012 chevy volt and 2005 mini cooper jcw. Apps suggested by product were garbage, so i bought ‘obd fusion’ for $9. 99 and was able to clear codes. ‘auto doctor’ app performs similarly, and was able to tell me ‘battery (pack) health’ on my volt which i have not been able to find in any submenu or diagnostic anywhere else. Crucial info when buying an ev. I used with an iphone 6 and latest ios. It uses wifi, so the connection never drops, and reconnects when you exit/enter car. Nice to have an obdii which is somewhat future-proof and not limited to one manufactures’ software. The success of this reader depends on what app you download. My favorite is obd fusion, which clears codes, but also monitors many sensors (maf, intake temp, coolant temp, oil temp, etc. ) speed, hp, torque, battery voltage, rpm, fuel rate, boost, etc. So much great info in real time. Combine with this app, its worked flawlessly with all of my vehicles over the last year. 2012 hyundai veracruz2005 mini cooper s jcw2012 chevy volt.

In the before time, in the long-long ago, i was using an obdii cable reader attached to a laptop, which was cumbersome and tricky to use. Now with this veepeak wifi obdii scanner and my phone it’s a piece of cake. I just slap the obii scanner into the port on my truck, fire up my wifi on the phone, load a free obdii app (there are many) and i’m reading codes and values in real time. (three things to mention though: 1. If you don’t break one of the pins off (see photos), it will cause a false positive error and flag your abs light, 2. Once it’s in the port it’s always on, and will slowly drain power continuously which could lead to a dead battery situation. However the drain is slow so unless you leave it plugged in for a long time, this isn’t a real issue. Being wifi, the value read rate is not as fast as a cable, about 1-2 seconds for value change. ) other than those issues, for the cost, it works great.

I had obd2 code p0141 faulty heated oxygen sensor (h2os) bank 1 sensor 2 on my wife’s car. So i looked up cost for a new o2 sensor and realized there was a fuse for it. So i went back to the car looked at the fuse box and the fuse was missing and so were the spares. I asked my wife who gave me that look and said she did not even know where the fuse box was. We have owned the car since it was new but she had just had the oil changed at a popular oil change place. Needless to say she won’t be going back there again. So with this lil tool cleared the code replaced the fuse (and spares) and code is gone. It’s a must for car owners to help and protect themselves from costly repairs.

This obd2 scanner works like it should. I pair it with the free carista app on the iphone via wifi and it works like a charm. I can scan for codes and also clear them out. I haven’t used it to give real time data as i don’t have the need for it but it does the main job or reading codes well. I was too lazy to configure the wifi settings so that i can use data while it is synced to the phone, but i just took a screen shot of my codes and google’d them afterwards. It is made of plastic but looks sturdy. The best thing is the small size, compared to a previous one i had used, i forgot i had it plugged in. You can’t even see it once it’s in the slot and have no fear of bumping it out. I would definitely recommend it for iphone and android users alike. Remember that iphone users need a wifi connection for the obd2 scanners to work.

I purchased this in april of 2017 and have been waiting for an engine light to come on to try it out. Yesterday, the ‘check engine’ light on our 2006 hyundai elantra came on and i used it successfully. I downloaded the app (ios) and followed instructions from there. The wifi connection was a bit sluggish but i got an error code and was given the option to clear it from the ecu which i didn’t do. I’m still going to take the car to a shop to have the error code confirmed and determine what to do from there. But, long story short, on my first attempt, it worked as advertised. Here are the specifications for the Veepeak Mini WiFi OBD2 Scanner:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Find out why the check engine light is on by yourself! Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (both generic and manufacturer specific), view freeze frame data, reset the Check Engine Light and view real-time sensor readings using your phone or tablet and an OBD2 App.
  • Access a whole new world of information about your vehicle directly on your phone, tablet or PC. View car performance, sensor data (Engine coolant & oil temperature, O2 Readings, Mass air flow, Speed, Fuel Trim, etc.), prepare smog test, monitor fuel economy, create your own dashboard, log your trips, and more to discover.
  • Works with cars, SUVs, light trucks and mini vans since year 1996 in the United States (all brands, including hybrid, light-duty diesel trucks, and some electric vehicles). Vehicles in other countries or regions that are OBD II compliant are also supported. Supports the five OBD-II protocols: CAN, KWP2000, ISO9141-2, J1850 VPW and J1850 PWM.
  • A third party App is required to work with the OBD2 adapter. VARIOUS APPS AVAILABLE! Supports OBD Fusion, Car Scanner ELM OBD2, DashCommand, OBD Auto Doctor, etc for iOS and Torque Pro for Android, OBD Auto Doctor, EOBD Facile for Windows as well as other Apps that require a WiFi OBD2 adapter. (Fee may apply for Apps from 0 to $9.99)
  • Supports iOS, Android & Windows devices. Bluetooth version for iOS is also available; search for OBDCheck BLE. Comes with 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month hassle-free replacement warranty and easy to reach, friendly customer support.

This is an absolutely fantastic device. I had three idiot lights blazing on my console, and i knew what it was from (i have a bad o2 sensor, but the car is old and my state doesn’t have an emissions check so this isn’t high on my to-do list), and i didn’t want to get it reset every time with my mechanic. He wouldn’t charge, but it still takes time out of both of our days. So, i scanned the qr code and downloaded the car scanner app, connected the device to the odbii port, connected through wifi, and started fiddling with the app. It took a few minutes, but i finally figured out how to reset those idiot lights. Now i have a nice clean console, except for one blinking idiot light that is due to a recall i haven’t had addressed. Again, not high on the priority list. The app lets you set up different views to look at data you would never otherwise see.

This device has literally saved me in repairs. Instantly diagnosed two major issues with my lexus rx350. The codes told me right where to look for the problem. Mice chewed the wires in two locations and this device helped to find the damage in minutes. A bit of solder and problem solved. Can’t imagine what the dealer would have charged to diagnose and repair the car.

I’m recinding my original review. My first was less than stellar because of inability to maintain the connection. Their customer service contacted me immediately and offered to send a replacement which the did immediately. The replacement works as advertised. At this point personal preference would dictate the app that you use. They recommended obd fusion. Customer service was stellar. It’s unusual these days for customer service to be so good. I appreciate a company that desires to please the customer over bottom line. They are aware service for a good product is essential to success.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • No issues with WiFi and worked for me.
  • Depends what app you DL
  • Great value, nearly plug ‘n’ play OBD2 IOS scanner

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