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Awesome stands for the price. Works perfectly for my 07 r1. No issues on clearance on front or back.

I’m still a relatively new rider, but not new at servicing my own vehicles. When it came to these stands, there’s not really a 100% clear way without measuring knowing which top bar goes to each base. The instructions don’t really mention it and the sticker labels didn’t help much either. I made that mistake a few times when assembling, but eventually got it right (its not kapsco’s fault as they’re just a verified reseller. ) what also made it difficult at was having to install these: t-rex racing 2009-2017 yamaha fz6r spool adapters before i could use the rear set. Either way they work like a charm and i was able to verify that my chain slack noise went away after my adjustment by placing bike into gear and letting it idle up the gears on the stands. As far as longetivity, the front fork rubber on stands seems like it might not last forever so we’ll see.

This product is perfect for my 2015 ninja 650. It is made of good quality and has the ability to attach the triple tree stand for the front and also the tri wheel for the back so you can move the bike sideways. I love that you are able to add these on as necessary. This is a must need if you own a motorcycle because you will definitely need it for maintaince of your bike or for storage to save the tires. *note that for the rear stand you have to get the rear spools.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to be the quality of the pit bulls stands. But it does get the job done and hold your bike very stable. And at this price you really can’t beat it.

I haven’t used the front stand yet, and i’m afraid to after seeing it in person because it looks very susceptible to falling off. The rear stand however works great, and mine isn’t wobbly like others have noted but my bike is 400 lbs (181. I also had to go to the hardware store because a nut and a washer was missing from the parts bag. When i contacted them about that they wanted me to take pictures of the items and the package to ‘fast track the resolution process’. That was highly annoying and i let them know i wouldn’t be taking any pics it’s not worth my time. They responded they wanted pics to know which nut and bolt was missing, after i informed them it wasn’t a nut and bolt but a nut and washer (as i already told them previously), and there’s only 1 pair that comes with each stand. So instead of waiting weeks for their support process, i bought the missing parts because i couldn’t wait any longer to work on my bike. Would’ve been nice if they just said ‘whoops, we’re sorry. We’ll send you the 40 cents worth of missing parts’.

Immediately put it together with relative ease. Took me about 15 mins or so to do that. They felt a little wiggly even when tightend, but was very sturdy when on the bike. I went straight to my bike and put them on. It made my chain cleaning a breeze. Was very easy to adjust and lift the bike onto them. The bike felt very sturdy and i trusted the stands completely. I borrowed my friends pit bull stands and yes the construction is very solid compared to these, but they are just to expensive. Two of these for the price of half a pitbull is too good to pass up when they work just as well.

  • great for the price
  • Great deal!

My new sportbike has been sitting on the rear stand for the past month. I’ve even stored it with both tires off the ground at times with the front stand as well. No stability issues, my bike seems rock solidly placed on top of these stands. However, i’d do as the stands say and ‘don’t sit on the bike’i’ve trusted my sportbike to these stands and so far they haven’t let me down. They were easy to put together and they make working on and inspecting my bike a lot easier as well. As soon as i put my bike in the garage, i hook it up to the battery tender, and lift it off the ground with these stands. So far, i’d highly recommend them.

Not a horrible product, but not an awesome product. Pricing is great but the overall quality reflects the price. The pieces were all scratched up inside the shipping box. Were not expected new finish, on piece was pretty heavily marred/scratched (see photo). There was also a significant amount of metal dust particles within the box too. Assembly was a breeze and straightforward. As far as stability, they do tend to flex a bit when used. I purchased these for changing my tires, i don’t think i would use them often. Quality control is a huge factor.

First of all the instructions were almost shredded in the package. The box itself was in great shape, but somehow the instructions were too far gone. Secondly, there were supposed to be right side marking stickers, as per the instructions that i could read. There were no stickers at all. Lastly, although the rear spool slider lift works perfectly and fits my 2018 mt-09, the front doesn’t fit at all. With the attachments installed all the way out, they are still too narrow to lift the front wheel. Should have just went to harbor freight like my buddies told me.

I purchased these to use on my 99 kawasaki zx7r. I read the reviews (of which most were terrible), and decided to give them a shot, anyway. My bike is stripped down, so i wasn’t too worried about dropping it. I’m doing repairs for a fall already. First things first: this thing is nowhere near perfect. If there was a jig for welding these, it’s never been set correctly. A few things are a millimeter or two off, which upsets things later on. Same deal with the fork mounts. (side note: there was a level packaged with mine.

The stands are great they work on my 2013 kawasaki ninja ex650. They went together real easy but of course it’s not rocket science to put them together. The only problem i have had is that i received used parts. Both the front and back stands were pretty badly scratched up. I understand that they are gonna get scraped up when i use them but i paid for new parts. I emailed the dealer and that was two weeks ago and haven’t received anything back from them yet. I would recommend these stands but don’t expect any customer service from these douche bags.

Features of Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front & Rear Combo Wheel Lift Stands Fork & Swingarm Stands Paddock Stands Fits Yamaha Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati BMW

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  • Venom Sport Bike Dual Rear Spool & Front Fork Wheel Lift Stand
  • Completely Lift Your Whole Bike – Perfect For Home Or Shop Repairs
  • Professionally Designed And Full Adjustable To Fit Most Sport Bikes
  • Brand: Venom | Material: High Grade Steel
  • Color: Black (Front + Rear Stand Set)

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Not a bad product for the price does the job with some flaws though. Front fork stands aren’t of the best on side of mine bent so when i took the tire off the axle holes weren’t lined up made for a pain to put it back on. Haven’t even used them much so to have it bend already isn’t a good thing to say the least. Rear stand is sturdier i feel like i can trust it more but i’m pretty sure th metal warped a bit from sitting in my garage so the arms don’t line up with my jack stand knobs. But like i said still worth it for the price they still do their job.

But the front stand is terrible. It was missing a piece out of the box. So i went to a hardware store to buy a cotter pin. Next the grips we’re not wide enough to accommodate my forks, which it said i was compatible with. So i bought washers to set the mount wider. After all that, the grips don’t hold secure.

Been using these on my sv650 for 6 months. Since i don’t have a center stand this makes chain cleaning and oil changes super easy. Haven’t had issues but these aren’t the most sturdy out there. However, i’ve sat on the bike while it’s been on the stands and they’ve held up. For the price i’d recommend as long as they don’t fall apart. However, if they do i’ll be posting an update.

I used them one winter and my bike is fine. Almost died when bike came crashing down. Fortunately i lift it with the kick stand still down, so still, no dropping of the bike. I always do, same thing you would do when getting under a car. It is a very sturdy and decent quality item set though. Take your time and install it properly and you will not be disappointed.

Venom Sport Bike Dual Rear Spool & Front Fork Wheel Lift Stand

Completely Lift Your Whole Bike –

Professionally Designed And Full Adjustable To Fit Most Sport Bikes

Brand: Venom | Material: High Grade Steel

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