Viking Car Care 912600 8-Way Spray Nozzle : I like it! I know it’s crazy but I’m particular

. Things like this are hard to buy unseen, untouched, but i lucked out on this one. Very smooth streams of operation and very sturdy.

I know it’s crazy but i’m particular about my hose nozzles. The various nozzles made out of zink last a year or two and begin to corrode. Often making them impossible to get off the hose. Brass ones are great, but are expensive. This nozzle looks to be made of pretty thick rigid nylon. I liked it enough that i got a second one for my backyard. There is only one issue, when the valve lever is down it closes the water, so if i drag it by the hose on the ground, it opens and starts spraying. If the valve was closed when up, this nozzle would get 5 stars from me, as it is, it one of my favorite nozzles.

The valve action works great, but it is simply not ergonomic for guys with bigger hands. Or adults with medium sized hands. Actually, i think this may have had the ergonomics of a middle-schooler’s hand in mind. Anyway, if you wear more than a size 6 glove (about a small in nitrile sizes) and are going to use this for more than 5 or 10 minutes, get something larger.

This is ok, it did start leaking after a few months of use, but in its defense we always had that hose faucet turned on, so there was always pressure in the handle. It doesn’t leak crazy bad, but your hand and feet will get wet from water coming out from there the trigger is. Compared to other products just like this i didn’t love all the spray options, a lot of the settings looked messily similar. It’s hard to shoot water far with this device. Also the spinning shield at the water outlet didn’t seem to “click” into place for the settings, so it was frequent that the water came out in a messy blast instead of an organized spray pattern.

Solid construction with a sturdy brass nozzle. It’s rubber in all the right places so it won’t become blistering hot in the sun. Also with good tactile slits cut into the sides for easy gripping. Easy to adjust for various sprays, from a solid stream to a wide misting.

Okay i just got it so i can’t speak for longevity but so far i love it. I had my doubts for the price but i have spent so much more with such frustrating results, i was tired of wasting my money. That very odd on/off switch that you use with your thumb, works great and with slight thumb pressure you can adjust the amount of water. It has all the positions i need (and really like) including a fine, powerful stream for cleaning. It changes positions easily and smoothly. And it was a quick delivery.

Viking Car Care 912600 8-Way Spray Nozzle

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Low profile knob, so it won’t get caught on things as this drags across the lawn. Rubber grip and around the nozzle, so helps with impact to the device. If you’re running water and rotate to change spray pattern, you get a kick-back of water at a 45 degree angle left and right, so watch out for that. The on/off lever is made of plastic, that will be the first thing to go. I missed that when purchasing. No true jet setting; there is one like it, and is 88% like a jet stream, but it’s a bit slower / wider than a true jet setting. Buy if you want a really good sprayer for a great price and way less than the big box stores.

Quality exceeded expectations. I’m an odd person when it comes to hose nozzles, i don’t like to cheapen out. I hate ones that leak or feel crummy. But i was in a bind and needed one asap and didn’t have the funds to splurge, so i gambled and was pleasantly surprised. A quick examination on opening it, it has brass components where it counts and a nice rubber grip. The detents for switching patterns are nice, consistent and firm. It even comes with an extra gasket. For the price, i don’t think you can beat it.

I’m in nyc and have a balcony. I put my plants on it spring thru autumn. I very much enjoyed using this item for the plants, especially the mist setting. Over the winter, i shut off the water supply, but left the nozzle attached to the hose. The day after i re-attached it, i noticed my balcony had a large stream of water on it. I examined the nozzle, and noticed a tiny slit in the rubber part. The water was leaking from it. For the money, i’ve decided to buy another one, but keep it inside during the winter.

I have been ordering online for years and this is my first review. Small and compact, but has powerful range. Had a similar type, but water could only project less than two feet – even with water turned to full force. This one goes ten feet, plus – even without full force. I can hit the entire lawn (albeit on the small side) from all sides without even setting foot on the grass. I mainly use the shower setting, but other settings work well, too. And, the settings are easy to read – words, not pictures.

I absolutely love these nozzles. I ordered two and then another when i realized how much i like them. I have arthritis in my fingers and this just makes watering my many potted plants and herbs a breeze.

Works fine for the money but the o-ring inside of the nozzle wears out pretty fast which causes leaking and a loss of pressure. The rubber o-ring can be easily replaced. The closest replacement i have found at my local hardware store is a #6 o-ring (1/4 x 7/16 x 3/32)($0.

Inexpensive but not worse than anything sold at any mass retailer. I usually get a couple of years use out of these type spray nozzles. It came with a gasket and attached to my hose easily. It has an 8-way nozzle adjustment which i love. My favorite is the ‘shower’ position. The handle fits firmly in my hand, not too big and bulky nor too small and hard. It seems to be easy to squeeze. Just right for my female hands. It seems to be sturdy for what i need it for which is watering flower pots, trees and bushes within 100′ of my house. I have it attached to a coil type hose.

This is a nice spray nozzle the spray pattern and thumb control are accurate and easy to use. When i first connected it to my hose it leaked a lot from the handle, i was going to return it. Instead i replaced the smaller black washers with the larger red washers and that solved the leaking. It depends on the hose you are connecting to the nozzle. I would recommend this nozzle but be prepared to use better washers.

I liked the price, i guess it works ok. Little light on the pressure compared to other nozzles that are maybe $3 more. Seems durable, and just like the picture, so that was great. Easy to use, easy to attach. Arrived late, which wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but who knows what happened with that. Bottom line, if you just want to pay that price, fine, if you use your hose often and are serious about whatever you are using it for, go spend a little bit more.

Viking Car Care 912600 8-Way Spray Nozzle :

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