Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket For Men, Nice, but with a few issues.

This has some good reviews and a few bad ones. I am 6′ 1′, 215 lbs with an athletic build and a bit of a beer belly. I purchased the extra large. At first, i was not sure how it was suppose to fit as i wanted some extra room so i ended up purchasing a xx-large and giving them both a whirl while actually sitting on the bike (2018 indian scout 10′ ape handlebars) and then determining which was best. To me the important thing was to have the sleeves long enough to not pull back when i lifted them to grasp the bars. The xx large did not do much more in this area but it gave more girth around the chest which was not needed. Plenty of pockets which is not really a big deal for me as i try to be a minimalist when it comes to carrying crap in my pockets. Then this has enough to keep you happy. Just keep in mind that the jacket is designed to conform to you so stuff in the pockets can be felt on your body. I road with this the first time yesterday (27-jan-19) in haverhill, ma. The temp was in the low to mid 40’s and i can honestly say. This was the most surprising part of the jacket.

I purchased this jacket to wear as i ride my motorcycle to work. I live in utah and have had a chance to wear it during 40 degree mornings and 95 degree afternoons. It has performed well in both situations. It is a bit more uncomfortable on hot days when you are not moving, the heat tends to build up quick. But once you start moving it gets better. There are vents on the front and back, but in my experience the back vents get covered by the backpack i wear. This is unfortunate, but i understand it is more a function of how i use it personally. There are many pockets in just the right locations and it’s comforting to know the armor is there in case you ever go down. (knock on wood)the jacket fits as expected with a small exception of the bottom of the jacket. I wish it would come down a bit more.

Cant say enough good things about this jacket. Shipping was fast and i am very impressed with the quality and functionality and looks. Iam 6 foot and 200 lbs and the large size fits perfect. Sleeves are long enough and cinch down so as not to be too short and flapping in the wind. Its short enough at the waist to not be bunched up while crouched over in a riding position yet not too short to look bad when walking around. Lots of pockets and a removable full sleeved inner lining are awesome. Armored elbows, shoulders and spine protection really give peace of mind that you will be safer in the event of a crash. I will say that i work out and find the arms a bit tight, but that is the nature of such a jacket.

I really wanted to like this jacket. It has some nice features and seems rather sturdy. I do have a few issues with it though. Pros: looks nice tough fabric means probably good abrasion protection zip out inner liner inexpensivecons: the fit is odd for me. (explanation below) main zipper is cheaply made and is hard to start really hot, definitely a winter jacket in my area (central nc)now, the fit issue. This is the second viking jacket i bought. The first was of a different style and i ordered a medium because that’s my normal size. But i had to send it back because the mid section was huge. So i went to order a small and they were out of stock. So i ordered the ironborn instead in small to see how the fit was.

I just got passed my msf course and got my m1 license. As i am a new motorcyclist, i am gearing up before getting my bike and this is a great entry level option for a jacket. I am a ~5’11’ female with wide shoulders and weigh 185lbs. I got the men’s medium size and it fits like a charm. This is an excellent jacket with the perfect amount of protection, visibility, and pockets. I was worried about the stomach area being too large based on other reviews, but everything is cinchable. There are velcro straps in the abdomen area, along with zipper and velcro cinches by the wrists for easy space adjustments with gloves. Also, there is a button adjustment cinch by the upper forearm, which i tightened up. Armor-wise, i will probably replace the back armor with ce2 rated armor for increased safety. However, the elbow, upper forearm, and shoulder armor all seem very safe and i don’t feel the need to replace them.

This morning a deer hit me while i was going 50 mph, he came in from my right and hit the bike behind the front wheel. I wound up rolling and sliding down the pavement with this jacket. I cant recommend this jacket high enough. It is a little more street bike looking than cruiser style but without it i would be very severely hurt. The sized is right but snug. The best design i have ever seen in a motorcycle jacket. Do your self a favor and be protected by viking.

 i bought the matching pants for this jacket to create a fully waterproof armored suit. Jacket has plenty of nice pockets on the inside for everything including a concealed pistol carry pocket. Jacket/pants both have removable armor and liners and a lot of adjustments around the waist and more. The vents on both are nice and big for the hot days and the inner liner with the removable liner out is mesh and keeps you cool on hot days. This setup is really and an great all weather gear solution. I wear it daily to work and back. Keeps me warm in the morning and cool in the afternoon. For a fully armored waterproof setup you can beat this price.

Key specs for Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket For Men:

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  • Waterproof treated Rock Tex 600 Outer Shell Biker Jacket for Men.
  • 6 point Sure Fit custom adjustment system.
  • Removable C.E. approved armor in shoulders & elbows.
  • Removable & insulated full-sleeve liner.
  • Removable Spine Armor w/ Pocket for Optional C.E. Spine Protector.

Comments from buyers

“This jacket saved me from terrible injuries, Very impressed by this jacket., Amazing jacket. Great features! I bought the matching pants to make the full suit”

Pros:-great price: for how well made this jacket is, i cannot believe i bought it for 80 dollars, when most competitors’ jackets of similar quality go for at least 2-3 times as much. -beautiful, very stylish jacket-removable inner liner for riding in warmer/colder weather-comfortable-vents for air flow on arms and back-padding on elbows, shoulders, back (most other brand jackets do not come with a back protector included). -tons of pockets for phones, wallets, knives; can even fit an ipad mini in one of themcons (sort of):-only sort of con i can think of is sizing, and that’s more my fault than the manufacturer. I did a half-a**ed job measuring myself, and since i normally wear medium sized fitting clothes, i assumed this jacket in medium would fit me well too. I’m 5’8′ and weigh about 150 lbs, and the medium size jacket was pretty large for me (long on the arms, and very loose fitting). Luckily, this was right around my dad’s birthday (he’s 6’2′ and weighs 180 lbs). So the medium size jacket became his birthday present which he loves and wears to work every day. I ended up getting the small size jacket (see pictures) for myself. The small fits me perfectly and i absolutely love it. Overall:-it is a great jacket at a price that cannot be beaten-just make sure to take your time, get all your measurements right, to make sure you get your right size.

Pros:- nice looking, can wear it like regular jacket- very warm for cooler weather even without the liner inside- tons of pockets. Can replace your backpack if you wanted to. And are easily accessiblecons:- not waterproof, i rode in a pouring rain and was soaked. Takes a very long time to dry also. (1 star off)- too hot for 65 and up degree weather (bleh)- the middle is a luttle short on the torso so to be safe u gotta zip it with your pants (if it fits) (1 star off)conclusion:i layed down my bike while wearing these and they do protect you from all kinds of rashes and verywell padded. Only thing it didnt protect is the side of my belly since the torso length is kind of short (mainly for style i think, they do look good). Its made for riding in a cooler to colder weather and not in the rain either. The vented zips help a tiny bit when you’re going fast but other than that its a mild sauna haha. Probably not since i live in seattle and it rains more than anything.

The padding is perfect: flexible and shock-absorbing enough, well placed. I didn’t have a chance to try it in the rain yet so i can’t talk about its waterproofing. There a re tons of pockets in well-thought through places – just be aware that the ‘tablet’ pocket is not accessible when the lining is attached. The reflecting parts of the jacket (shoulders, ‘viking’ in the back) do reflect very well. Mine came with one of the zipper’s tabs almost detached, it came out the first time i pulled on it, someone probably forgot to put the glue before inserting the cordon – no worry at all: i glued it in and it just works perfectly. One more detail: the jacket features an 8′ zipper in the back to attach it to the matching pants i procured. All well and good except the zippers won’t work together and i (still have) to replace the jacket’s zipper with the one from the trousers. (the jacket’s is as good but is much easier to replace than the trouser’s – it also came with both sides of the zipper.

I’m a 6’0’/190lb – and while i’m no arnold i do lift routinely – which may explain why i find the arms tight, especially in the biceps; and around the back, as i extend my arms to the bars (the sleeves/back are not articulated). Initially purchased a l based on size chart but returned and exchanged for an xl; which fits a little better. I own several compacc mesh jackets (live in the south) and a heavy leather jacket for really cold days – this solid textile jacket is nice and lightweight compared to my leather one. The multiple pockets are great, jacket looks pretty cool, yada – you’ve heard all that before. I think if you’re young and haven’t packed a lot of meat on yet this’ll be an excellent jacket – especially for the price point. I’d never give up a mesh jacket for summer riding though – so in my case this is intended for cool-weather riding (40-50 deg f) behind a fairing – in the south. I do like the kind of understated aesthetic of the jacket – because eventually you have to get off the bike and mix with the cage-driving public somewhere. Update: ended up returning even the xl; imo the sleeve dimensions are off – upper arms are just way too tight compared to the rest of the jacket dimensions. Bummed because i really wanted to like this jacket but it was just too uncomfortable for extended cool weather riding. If they enlarged the upper arm dimensions compared to the rest of the jacket it’d be great.

The jacket is surprisingly thin but in a good way it doesn’t feel bulky but it does have some weight to it with the padding in. The sizing is pretty good a little long in the arms (which i’m very okay with). I’m also 5’11’ and 192 lbs so i got a large. The sizing chart is pretty accurate so i didn’t have any issues there. The best feature in my opinion is that i bought this jacket to replace a leather jacket and i feel it does. The wind resistance is pretty good which is very important because i ride year round. I took it out on a drive in 60 degree temperature with just a business casual dress shirt on underneath. The only time i felt wind go through was around while going fairly fast on the highway and that was only through the front zipper. It also looks like a very casual light jacket which is what really drew me to this product in the first place. I ride a v-star cruiser and really didn’t want a ricer jacket no offense to anyone just not my style.

Just when i thought it didn’t get any better than leather viking cycle gear proved me wrong. Their ironborn motorcycle textile jacket is every bit as warm and protective as my leather has ever been. 46 degrees in wisconsin today and this removable liner kept me nice and toasty for the 100 miles i was on the road. The jacket is full of fun surprises in the features department.There are 3 ways to adjust the size of the sleeves for a perfect fit, and the waist pulls tight with velcro straps as well. There is armor in the elbow and back areas of the jacket for added skid plate protection in case you don’t keep the rubber side down. Other safety features include reflective stripes on the arms and shoulders, and it is available in a ‘safety green’ color. This jacket is completely wind and water proof with plenty of vents for the warmer dryer days. Pockets, pockets, and more pockets.Who even needs saddle bags with a coat like this?.

I’ve had this jacket since may (2018) now. It was used throughout the summer, but the real test came when i took a 1000 mile, three day trip around lake michigan. Blocks out the wind and keeps you warm, while the various vents keep the airflow going. The extra layer on the inside is perfect for weather that’s 30f and up. Zipper on front pockets aren’t constructed well, and trying to close one the other day, the zipper clasp itself broke off. Other issues include it not really being true to size. I’m of average height and weight and a medium is very roomy.

This is an excellent jacket for the price. I’m 6’4 and 220, and the xl fit perfectly. So far i’ve worn it in 80 degree weather and 60 degree weather and haven’t used the lining. In hot weather, sitting at a light, yes it gets hot. But once i get going it’s really comfortable. Venting is excellent, with zippered vents on sleeves and back giving good airflow. There are plenty of pockets. I’m just overall impressed and am looking forward to putting in the lining and wearing it in cold weather. The only con i’d have is that the waist cinches are velcro and are not quite long enough so that when i get them real tight there’s too much strap left with no velcro to attach too. Other than that, this is a great buy.

As you can see from my photo, this is a great jacket that looks good and is high-quality. It was well packaged and only took 3 days to get. I’m 5’8′ and weigh 180 and got a size l. This jacket has the following outstanding features:1. Armored in shoulders and elbows, as well as back. Heavy textile material that is really good in cold weather. Zip out lining for warmer weather riding. Many pockets inside and out, including gun/ tablet pockets. Great zippers in jacket and pockets.

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