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I’m actually happy with this tire pressure gauge now, but i wasn’t happy with it when i first got it. These gauges are being assembled in a dirty shop somewhere and mine didn’t work properly at first. Right out of the box, the gauge would lose pressure very quickly. The reading would drop by several pounds for each second it took to remove it from the valve stem and get it into a position that i could read it. I disassembled the gauge and found that there were pieces of wood stuck to the o-ring. I removed all the wood and re-assembled the gauge. It would still lose pressure, but not as quickly. I disassembled it again, and found that the o-ring was deformed from the wood pieces that were stuck in the gauge for so long. I greased the o-ring with an o-ring lubricant i use for scuba tank seals. That did the trick, i can now read the gauge before it starts losing pressure.

Nice ‘heavy duty’ pressure gauge. Well built and attractive piece at the right price. I just tested it on my four tires and like the ease of use and the fact that the current reading stays on until released by user. Second day update: tested it again and the readings were right. Third update: i have tested it a few more times and it is indeed a reliable tire pressure gauge. I have to check the new gy tires often since the pressure varies according to the temperature. Never had that problem before.

We had a cheaper gauge but my husband couldn’t hear the talking from it and it didn’t work so well. This one is an old time version that works great.

First thing you notice is the heft. It feels well built and gives the impression it will last. As for accuracy, all i can say is it differs from my 2019 jeeps on board tpms reading by about 4psi; i cannot speak to which one is more accurate. I can report the readings from this gauge are consistent and works well enough for my intended purpose. I mainly use it when i air down to go off roading and as long as i get relatively close to the intended pressure on all four tires, its good enough.

An upgrade from the stick type gauge. I like the size of the dial, the swivel of the plug lets the gauge be put in positions that makes it easy to read. The gauge seems well made and not cheap feeling. Good gauge for the price as it should last for a long while.

I bought two of these gauges, one for each car, so this gave me a chance to compare them. First of all, they arrived promptly and in good condition. On unboxing, the gauges appeared nicely made with large easy to read dials. They were easy to use, although there were instructions included and the company reached out with an email which included complete contact info, another copy of the instructions and assurances that if anything was wrong, it would be promptly corrected. I can’t evaluate that statement, since nothing was wrong. I first measured the pressure in a tire , alternating between gauges. I measured 5 times with one gauge and 4 times with the other ( so any systematic variance due to variation in tire pressure could be corrected) and averaged them. 9 difference in pressure readings with a std. Of zero: the readings with each gauge were reproducible. I then aired up the tire (25 psi was initial pressure) to 35 psi and repeated the test with the same results. Thus, at 35 psi, the difference between gauges was about 2. The gauge on my air hose was somewhere between the gauges, so the deviation from the “real pressure “ was probably less than 2.

I just purchased two – one for my wife and one for my daughter. I’ve always purchased stick gauges before and am glad i went with this one. The dial is big and easy to read. I was worried the angle might not be right for the recessed valves on my wife’s car, but the head of the gauge swivels to whatever angle you need, so it wasn’t a problem. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the dial stays at the pressure reading after removing it from the valve. A slight push on the button release on the side returns it to zero. It appears solid and well manufactured.

The product worked out great. It does hold pressure until you depress it. So, it will do hard to reach places where you can’t see. I ranked it a 5 star (which is rare) because the vendor put a 12 month warranty and emailed some car tips. They didn’t just leave you hanging.

I really like the pressure release button that lets you see the pressure after taking the gauge off the valve – avoids issues of having to contort into odd positions if the valve stem is not ideally located. Same for the the rotating connector chuck. It makes it very easy to get a quick and easy seal on the valve stem no matter its position. I also like the ‘tire’ around the gauge, especially since i have dropped it a couple of times and it acted as a good cushion. While i kind of wish i got their other model that goes to 100 psi and works on high pressure road bike tires, that is a minor concern since i check my car tires much more often.

I’ve had this for about 6 months now (purchased october 23rd, 2018, reviewed april 7th, 2019). It is very accurate, repeatable, and easy to use compared to the stick gauges we’re all used to. Vondior contacted me shortly after my order to ensure that i received the item and it was working correctly. With the first unit i received, i noticed that when taking the gauge off of the tire valve, the pressure would settle about 1-2 psi lower than when it was on the valve. I responded to vondior’s email simply asking which reading would be the most accurate. Vondior promptly responded that this was not correct and that they’d ship me out a new one no questions asked, free of charge, and without having to send the old one back in. I’ve never had a manufacturer initiate a replacement without at least a light demand, let alone of their own volition. The second unit arrived without the above issue in less than a week. This purchase involved the best customer service i’ve experienced on amazon.

I recently purchased the vondior tire pressure gauge. I was looking for something with numbers i could read, that would glow in the dark, and would lock in the pressure once it was taken. The nozzle swivels for easy access to the tire. The gauge itself is heavy duty, the craftsmanship is superb, and the dial is easy to read. One can also release air from a tire using the gauge if the tire is over inflated. I will definitely be buying these for christmas gifts.

A bit pricey but well worth the price.

I ordered two of the vondior 0-60 psi tire pressure gauges to keep in our vehicles for long road trips. They are solidly built and the gauge is encased in protective rubber ribbing. I really like the swivel head for easy reading. I compared the pressure readings with calibrated, digital tire inflators at several local tire centers: vondior readings were spot on :)the small-business owners and customer-oriented support team members pro-actively reached out to me with preparatory information and product tips so i could get the best performance from vondior tire inflator and pressure gauges. When one of the gauges appeared inaccurate, the support team stepped in right away to make things right. Vondior excels at customer communication and product warranty. Here are the specifications for the Vondior Tire Pressure Gauge –:

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  • HIGH PERFORMANCE LOW MAINTENANCE – She is your pride and joy. Your car is one of your partners in life. Making sure it performs at its best takes tender loving care, which means essentially checking tire pressure regularly. But going to the garage or gas station is a hassle. Highly calibrated accurate to ±1% full scale of 60 PSI range VONDIOR tire pressure gauge will make sure your tires are good to go! Includes a swiveling valve connector, rotating on its’ axis for maximum convenience.
  • SAFETY FIRST – Driving your family, friends or simply carpooling is a big responsibility. Protecting your passengers means keeping your car in top condition. Properly inflated tires are safer and less likely to fail at high speeds. Over-inflated tires make for longer stopping distances and will skid longer on wet surfaces. Don’t trust on gas station pump accuracy, most of the time they are showing extreme wrong pressure. Keep tire on optimal pressure. It’s literally a life saver.
  • SAVE YOUR GAS MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT – A beneficial situation for all mankind. When tires are not properly inflated, they are less “round” and require more energy to begin moving and to maintain speed. In addition, under-inflated tires contribute to pollution and increased fuel costs. So get a VONDIOR gauge in order to save money and Mother Nature.
  • EASY AS I,2,3 – Mechanics advise checking your vehicle’s tire pressure weekly. But it’s quite inconvenient to run to the garage or gas station regularly just for that. The VONDIOR gauge’s large dial with swivel valve hookup makes it easy to measure air pressure at any tire angle. Simply attach it to your tire’s air valve – no need to hold it steady, no need to look at the gauge – and the pressure will show instantaneously.
  • ANALOG ACCURACY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND- Technologically advanced devices have their advantages, but when it comes to a device that can save your life, it must function in real time. This analog tire pressure gauge doesn’t require any batteries and provides quick and precise readings. Having a protective rubber shield, it is built to last. It’s an accessory that your car cannot live without.

I was buying the electronic-type gauges, until last year when it got really cold (like 15 below) and i got a low-pressure warning light, and i tried to use my electronic gauge to check tire pressure, and it just. So i sang to it: ‘you never gauged a tire and you ain’t no friend of mine. ‘ dropped it in trash and ordered one of these. You know, when its fifteen below and the wind is blowing and you really need to know which tire is low. And it’s accurate — or at least it and the tire pump both agree with each other. And it’s easy to use, easy to press on there and get a good reading. So these are what i gave to my wife and daughter, to keep in their cars.

As accurate as my more expensive digital gauge yet even better because: no batteries required. As another review mentioned, mine also has a few annoying paint flecks on the inside of the glass?. But it certainly doesn’t impede the functionality(see pic.

I work at a tire store and checked it against more expensive gauges and had same results. One problem was a little speck of what looks like paint or plastic that was inside the casing. Once in awhile it will affect the needle of the gauge. Would have given it another star if it wasn’t for this. I attached a pic to show this annoying thing. Update: i was contacted by carrie from vondior and was told that after reading my review, they would send me another tire gauge (free of charge) to resolve my minor problem. That is a very thoughtful thing to do. As far as i’m concerned, a company that stands by their product and treats their customers like this, can have my business any day.

I liked that for less than other choices around, this gauge is the same quality of many pro models. Please don’t jack the price up, because i would like to buy more as gifts. It is accurate and easy to read in daylight. I don’t know how the glow in the dark will workout in areas where there is light above, but the car shadows one side (think gas station after dark). I assume it will be better than non lit white face, but it is something to consider. I am real happy air doesn’t spit out when placing and removing from valve like other consumer grade gauges.

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  • Pretty accurate. I work at a tire store and
  • This gauge is wonderful. I just purchased two – one for my
  • Excellent gauge – easy to use.

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