Vouke 7441 7443 7444 Turn Signal /Yellow Switchback LED Light Bulbs 22 SMD – Give your older car a modern look

I have an 05 ford focus and i have hated the ugly orange bulbs in the front. These not only make my car look better and newer cosmetically, but they also let me pull into my neighborhood without my blinding headlights. These are very bright by themselves and i’d recommend them to anyone. Also they’re aluminum and have a solid build. Video note:left is the old led signal /running light that was only orange and of course on the right is the new switchback led bulb.

After doing research and convincing myself to do the install, the final product is definitely worth it. The wiring was the most difficult part but there are plenty of videos on how do the resistors, and depending on the vehicle it could be a lot of work to access the bulb and do all the wiring like it was on mine (had to put the car in the air to take the wheel/wheel well out so i could access the bulb). But this review is for the bulbs and they are great :).

I have only had these in for a couple of weeks and so far so good. If you are switching over to led’s, consider changing out all of the bulbs in the vehicle from incandescent to led. Along with changing to led, also replace the turn signal relay, which is a simple plug and play, is usually within easy reach, and cost less than $15. A lot easier to replace the relay than to wire in a bunch of load resistors which just get hot and use a lot of battery life. I can forget to turn off my lights and not worry about running down the battery. The led lights generally hyper flash with older style relays and as i found out, the led bulbs may not even work as desired until all other lights are changed to led. Once i did that, the led switchbacks work great. Led’s will still flash a little faster than regular bulbs because they are instant on/off unlike regular bulbs which fade off and therefore have a slower flash rate.

Ok you need to know that these are very bright. I just replaced my parking/headlights on my 04 f 150 haritage pickup with the all clear ones, and do to the fact that one of my all clear parking light was damaged i still have the stock all amber one on one side so i could test these lights in both. Absoultly unbealiveably bright in the all amber light. Making for a very nociable bright parking and turn signal. A++now in the new clear parking light it looks like i have day time running light now with the projector lens a+++, and they have so much light to the side it helps light of the road like the side corning lights on some high end cars too. The amber is so bright i cant wate to get my replacement lens. A+++i now have a 04 f 150 pickup with drl. I have not installed the new led flasher and they do blink much faster but that will olny be for a few days. Aqnd if i had known how hard it is to do the flasher i would of gone for the resistors in stead.

First let me say that i am a seasoned automotive technician. Used these on my 07’ toyota sienna minivan. Unfortunately bulb has given me major fitment issues. These bulbs are long and heavy. They do not hold in the socket well. Actually fell out inside headlight. Would be fine for on road use but not bumpy back roads. Resistors are a must in this application. After 6 months of heavy use, had one bulb start overheating and cutting out on white side then completely cut out.

Wow are these awesome bulbs. Want to add a touch of class without changing your front end?. Use these switch back bulbs for the front turn signals. Not only are they bright but they respond well. I will be posting a video soon. Please note i do not have hyper flash because i changed out my relay for the turn signals.

My 2002 chrysler town and country was sold before daytime running lights were in popular use. These lamps are able to do the job pretty well. If you run like i do with the marker lights on in the day time, these are bright enough to be visible in bright sunlight. Although the led elements are radially assembled, there is a magnifier type glass at the top end that projects light forward of the vehicle. Also i love the function that turns off the white marker light when the turn signal is selected so you get only the yellow-off sequence. Makes the indicator much more visible. The only drawback, and it’s minor is that the blinker is more rapid. I know i could use a resistor, but then what is the purpose of using less electricity?. I purchased a low current flasher unit. I’ll post back with details when it is installed to let you know how this thing works.

I am so glad i purchased these lights. I searched on amazon for two months before i made my decision. The white is super bright and the amber is a bright yellow color. These are the brightest bulbs i’ve ever bought.

I uploaded some pictures and video so you can see how they look. I installed them on a 2011 ford ranger. They are bright white when not flashing. They instantly turn amber when used as a turn signal. I didn’t use the included resistors since i replaced my flasher relay with an led flasher relay. They eliminate the need for load resistors and turn signals will flash at normal rate with or without led bulbs. The one i used was called ‘ep27l led bulb electronic flasher 5 pin black ford flasher’ from superbrightleds. You will have to research the correct flasher relay for your particular application if you want to avoid installing the load resistors (which can get very hot) to avoid the annoying ‘hyper flashing’ symptoms when using the turn signals.

I tested these on the bench in open air. In the white mode they draw about 4. 5 watts, and in amber mode they draw about 3 watts. After about 15 min (in white or yellow) mode, they get too hot to touch. I somehow doubt they will last long as running lights (white). As turn signals (amber), they should be just fine because they will only be used intermittently. I will bench-test them (almost contagiously) for about a week before i install them. That way i can isolate failures early, and not have to swap them out. Test result: the lamp temperature exceeded 50 degrees c. The standard incandescent lamp (stock) heats up to 80 degrees c.

These switchback led lights are a great upgrade for your older car. They are pretty self-explanatory but i’ll add a few observations. These add quite a bit of sophistication. The leds are *very* bright – almost bright enough to drive with them alone if the headlight housings were designed to cast light in the required direction and pattern. The projector lenses cast a lot of light forward so they make for a great daytime running lights solution for cars that don’t already have this safety feature. I plan to modify my car to have permanent drl. The lights come with load resistors to solve the ‘hyperflash’ issue. However, i didn’t want to deal with the resistors so i set them aside and went to the local auto parts store and bought a led-compatible flasher relay. The sidechain has a neat effect with a brief 1-second delay when switching from flasher to drl mode (i. When turning your turn signal off). It gives the feel of a modern luxury vehicle with the switchback delay. Combined with your low beam headlights, these led lights will noticeably increase the amount of light cast onto the road.

I have read online instructions and reviews saying the white isn’t working just the amber and i had that happen myself. Also the method online for finding which wire on a 3 wire harness is the turn indicator is rubbish. Here is how i installed the product and fixed these issues. You will need wire strippers, an xacto knife, quality electrical tape, a multimeter and a paper clip (unless you have a set of hook tools). You can pick up a cheap multimeter from harbor freight for $5. 00 or free with a coupon at times. First off the blue taps that come with the load resisters are useless, throw them on the work bench for something else. In my galant the bulb holder can be removed from the harness. I disconnected the hold from the harness which exposed 3 connectors. Generally solid black wire indicates the ground so with the multimeter set to dc (see picture) and the headlights or parking lights on put the black probe touching the metal contact connected to the black wire.

I’m giving this 5 star because they are a quality built lamp and very bright, so bright that i will be ordering some others without the projector feature. Seen alot of people in here complaining about only one color showing or to tall won’t fit well you must do research on your vehicle first. These are switchback bulbs meaning they are 2 bulbs in one so if your vehicle has seperate bulbs this does not replace them. As for to tall once again do your research. You can add a vehicle in amazon garage and amazon will tell you if it’s compatable or not so just don’t buy things assuming everything will fit your vehicle. Here are the specifications for the Vouke 7441 7443 7444 Turn Signal /Yellow Switchback LED Light Bulbs 22 SMD:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Few vehicles may have hyper flashing because LED draws much less power and lasts longer than stock incandescent lighting. Although the reduced draw of LED has advantages, replacement of turn signal bulbs with LED may cause hyperflashing. This happens because your new LED bulbs draw such little power that your turn signal relay sees the bulbs as being out.if your car has flashing, pls add 50W 6-Ohm load resistors or flasher relay.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bright! They Look Great! See pictures and video.
  • The best way to install involves a paper clip and an xacto
  • They are working so far so good!

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