Wagan Twin USB/DC Socket Traveler’s Adapter – Very sturdy.

The socket extender works as advertised. There are two 12/24 volt dc outlets and two usb ports and a power indicator light. One of the 12/24 volt dc outlets will accept a standard auto plug and the other will accept a cigarette lighter or a standard auto plug. The usb ports provide enough power to charge a full sized ipad tablet. The unit can fold almost 90° in each direction so it doesn’t have to stick out from the dash. The unit has a 15 amp safety fuse which is easily replaced. Unfortunately, the fuse on my unit did blow. I went to the local auto supply shop but couldn’t find the exact size and current rating. The phone was answered almost immediately and the agent offered to mail a replacement to me free of charge.

Little worried as i needed to use this in an old truck – hence via the ashtray where the cigarette lighter socket is recessed. The length of the stem was great and it fit in well and still stands out about a third of an inch above the edges of the tray. I like there is a light to let me know it is on (and reminds me to take it out as the lighter is still on in my vehicle even when turned off). There is a dial to tighten the angle once you have it where you want it that works well, too. Simple, but nice, way to expand an older vehicle’s 12 volt receptacle.

Very well made, the holes for the accessories are completely made of metal allowing for a very smooth use. The plastic housing is sturdy and free of extra little bits and pieces that could lead to an injury. I’ll give it the old jeep run for its money this weekend at the everglades national park when i stay over night and run my pad, camera and fill the air mattress.

This thing is perfect for my truck. Now, i can charge multiple devices without having to decide which device needs it morepros:compact – 4. 5’has 28′ cord (from base of unit to back of male connection), not a lot, but enough to allow for multiple mounting possibilitieshas insulated, spring-port for use with lighter on one side. Cons:male socket is not removable unless you cut the cord for permanent wiring to electrical system (don’t forget a 10a in-line fuse)lighter is not included – nothing in description says ‘lighter not included’, even though pictures show lightermounting screws are junk and only 1/4′ long – not long or large enough diameter to allow for secure mounting. Double-sided tape is junk – buy a roll of 3m double-side foam tape for a more secure mounting optionconnectors do not have covers/plugs for sockets not in use (not an issue for most, but i will buy some to keep foreign objects out)i have an older truck (no power/heated seats to splice into for power), so i ran a heavy-duty extension cable marine,waterproof female connector from the fuse-box, under the door-sill plate, to the back of my bench seat. I then mounted this socket extender to the pocket behind the cup-holders of an aftermarket arm-rest/clutter-catcher. The 28′ cord is plenty to reach under the arm-rest to the connector which is now behind my seat. Now i can plug in my devices without reaching too far, didn’t have to drill holes in my dash, still completely portable, and the empty space between the cup-holders makes a great place to ‘manage cords’ for my devices as they charge. I would give this 5-stars if the mounting hardware wasn’t $0.

The cigar lighter socket in my car (2001 audi tt) is in an awkward place (i have to open up the ash tray which looks bad and gets in the way of things), and to make things worse it’s a very shallow socket that doesn’t do a terribly good job of securely holding most connectors. Basically my car seems to have come with the worst possible cigar lighter socket i could imagine. It’s as if the designer didn’t know you could plug accessories into a cigar socket. Duhso i decided to buy a product like this and hardwire it into the electrical system, then just not use the original cigar socket anymore. Except for the cable length, this thing is pretty much perfect. The box is no bigger than it needs to be, and the cable length is probably fine if you’re just going to plug it into your existing cigar socket. It would probably also be fine if i took the dashboard apart and wired it directly to the bus bar, but i wanted to run a wire from a fuse tap like this one in the fuse box to make installation much easier. So i cut the cigar connector off of the cable and used some bullet plug crimp connectors like these to extend it with some additional wire. This worked nicely and i can now unplug it from the electrical system (if needed) up closer to the unit without even having to open the fuse box. I ran the wire to the fuse box, tapped the cigar lighter’s fuse socket with the tap (which doesn’t disconnect the original cigar lighter), and put in a 10a fuse (same rating as the one in the connector i cut off).

So i have a 12v inside my center console and needed to mount this in there so i could power my footwell lights, phone charger, and radar detector without using the front 12v (i hate visible wires). Super effective at doing this. I didnt want to drill holes into the inside of my center console so i bought some double sided permanent adhesive gorilla tape to mount it against the consoles inner wall and its been perfect for what i need from it. Have no idea if the cigarette lighter port works for lighting cigarettes because. I dont smoke, but its effective at being a 12v port. I don’t know anything about how these kinds of things work so i don’t really understand how it turns one 12v port into 4. But it does it because my fast charge phone adapter works (galaxy s8) and fast charges properly, so i can’t complain at all. Recommend to anyone who needs more ports.

  • Needs better fasteners included; missing/inaccurate specs listed
  • The best product on the market, Go for 5 stars.
  • Great Product

Mine shipped with a fast acting 10a fuse installed. If there is a defect in the outlet section, or too high of a current draw from the devices plugged into the extender, the ‘faster’ acting fuse will blow first (the one in your car for the outlet vs the one in the 4-way-extender’s plug). If the outlet fuse rating on the car is lower than 10a, it will blow first. With devices such as this, you should make sure the fuse you want to blow first is selected to do so. If you blow a fuse using it, check for a short between +12v and ground at the plug. I just disassembled and looked over the 4-way-extender; only the positive power plug wire is held by a clamp on the insulation, while the ground wire is retained only by the conductor. If that crimp fails, the conductor lead could move over to contact +12v. There is an led to observe voltage in the extender. The negative lead is longer than necessary and is not shielded. If it should break loose, such as from a manufacturing or led lead defect, or from an impact (drop), the broken lead may move in the unit and cause a short.

As a volunteer firefighter i had a multiple lights throughout my car, and not enough plugs to plug them into. I bought this with low hopes that it would last more than a few months, but to my surprise it lasted a year, that is until my new vehicle burnt down melting it :(but in the time i was able to use it, it worked perfectly and allowed my to use the lights in the rear windshield again without having to cut and rewire them. It fights pretty much anywhere so hiding it out of the way is an easy task. I would recommend this item to anyone looking for a socket extender.

This unit has been great for the past few months, but i have only been using the dc outlets. I tried to use the usb ports, but they were only giving me 500ma to charge my phone with which wasn’t what i was looking for (or enough to actually charge the phone with everything i am doing). I was however able to make a power only usb cable from a monoprice micro usb cable to start pulling more juice than i needed to actually start charging my verizon galaxy nexus. This enabled me to run dailyvoayager as well as carhome ultra and stream music all at the same time and i was able to charge the phone still. You can either buy a power only micro usb cable or follow this guide. It really isn’t hard to make as there are only 4 wires in a usb cable: [. my only other issue is the lack of being able to lock the swivel into position no matter how tightly you try to screw it down. It isn’t meant to lock into a position but i would of figured that this would be built into the device. So if wagan made a unit that didn’t check for a data line on the usb ports to denote using the slower 500ma charge rate and they made a unit that you could lock the swivel into place, i think this would be the best unit out there period (unless you needed 3 amps of power over usb). Once i get more of a chance to test the usb ports, i will try to update this review with charge information. ]

I installed this item in march 2008 its now december 2010 and is still working with no problems 2 years 9 mos and counting. I have not had any issues or failures with it. The battery status indicator while nice i never use it since the product hides away nicely. Thankfully the indicator lights are dim so they won’t glow disturbingly out from where you tuck it away. Read on if your interested in my application of this device. In my 2002 saturn sl2 it tucked away neatly and easily behind the steering column. I had a whislter 1733 radar detector and garmin c330 connected to it. It never ran loose and disconnected power it keeps a very good grip on the cords. In the third socket i routed a cheap dc extension cord back to my console so i could still use a third accessory (i. My laptop power inverter, or phone charger) without losing power to the radar and gps; you’re welcome ;). It has handled a good load of power at times without blowing its fuse or otherwise failing. Now it is in my 2007 accord ex i4 plugged into the dc outlet in armrest storage box and resting under the power seat, its just slim enough as to not get crushed. Its still being used with the whistler 1733 radar, and now with the garmin 765wt. The best part about this setup is my console dc outlet is free and when i start the car the radar and gps power up automatically.

This socket extender work so great on my car, so easy install ( see the pic att. ) i used both screws and double tap when i installed make sure the adapter will stay one place forever. This is an awesome product, price reasonably well. From now, all my children sit on the back car will have their own powers for their toys ( ipad, iphones. ) i am very happy for this product. Highly recommend to everyone looking for the best 4-way 12v socket extender.

Features of Wagan Twin USB/DC Socket Traveler’s Adapter

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  • Two 5v 2.1 Amp USB+ power ports are compatible with iPad & other tablets plus kindle & other e-readers
  • Two 12V DC outlets
  • Built-in LED indicator
  • Adjustable adapter head can swing 180º
  • Use to charge iPad, Kindle, laptops, smartphones, digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS, radar detector, etc.

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I drive 25-30k miles a year, so i spend lots of time in the car. I have a wireless charger for my droid, a mount for my ipad, front and rear-facing dash cams, a cb radio, mp3 player and extra cords for passenger apple, standard and sub-mini charging cables. I had a 3-way splitter, which fed another splitter that was almost maxed out. It also was giving me intermittent problems. I ordered this 4-way splitter and found a nifty way to mount it using double-edge tape and a nylon tie. The mounting tape that came with the splitter was a little iffy, so i went with industrial-strength tape from the hardware store. Connections are solid, and it has stayed mounted with no wiggles for a week.

I wanted something with high enough amp rating, so that i could plug in at the same time my seat heating pad (2. 2a), gps (1a) and a cell phone (2a). Went on several trips, the thing performs flawlessly.Ordered a second one, ‘for spares’the only thing i wish it had, is 2 built in usb ports, but all alternatives with usb ports had low or unspecified amp rating. So for me this was a choice one of one, really. Solid build, mounting tabs are very useful.

I purchased this to replace a cheap 3 plug one i got a couple of years ago. This is the third of its kind that i’ve had to buy for my honda civic, i only have one outlet yet need at least three on a daily basis (phone charger, hands free speaker and gps). This little guy solved my problems and then some. I have the utmost confidence that this plug will outlast the others, it’s very well made for the price i paid for it. Once i mounted it (with the tape, the thought of drilling holes into my car is not an option for me) i tested out each connection and they all worked. Currently have the above devices plugged into it without any issues. The fourth plug will def come in handy over the summer when my family takes our roadtrip.

I bought this so that i could charge more than 1 device in my car at a time, i was sick of fighing with my son over who gets to charge thier phone everytime got in the car with me. This is nice because it has 2 of the cigarette lighter spots and 2 usb spots. It has a nice, small, blue power indicator light that isn’t too bright so it dosen’t affect driving at night. It seems fairly well made and not cheap looking. It is nice and light which is a good thing because it does stick out pretty far and i wouldn’t want it to be heavy and pull on and damage the inlet. It also can adjust the angle at which it points.

I’ve owned various dc outlet splitters of different types over the years. Mostly cheap ones from walmart. They’ve generally held up for a year or 2 until either the wires get frayed at the connection points or i burn the fuse out accidently by plugging in too high of an amp product or trying to recharge my car battery through a backup power source routed through the splitter and forgetting to unplug it as i tried to crank the engine (kids, don’t try this at home). The key is, for these socket extender/splitters, is to get a nice, heavy duty cord and high amp fuse. Other plugs i’ve got would multiply the outlet from 1 to 2 or from 1 to 3. I really wanted one to plug in all my gadgets and this unit exceeded my requirements with 1 to 4 sockets. It’s solid, well built, sturdy and feels and look like it won’t break or overheat and can handle 10 amps total for all 4 plugs (which is plenty for me). Just don’t plug in higher amp products like a coleman cooler (which i have) and an heated defroster fan or after-market seat heaters at the same time.

Dynamite extender, has not blown a fuse yet, my car came with two 12 volt inputs, only one would heat the lighter. They are on different fuses and the secondary one went out, so i bought this. I can run my lighter off the bottom one, my mp3 transmitter off the next, and my phone charger/usb input off of the third with and extra one that i can run my power inverter off of if i want (includes usb jacks, a 12 volt, and a 3 prong house jack) without blowing a fuse.

Two 5v 2.1 Amp USB+ power ports are compatible with iPad & other tablets plus kindle & other e-readers

Two 12V DC outlets

Built-in LED indicator

Adjustable adapter head can swing 180º

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