Warn 885030 Cordless Portable Winch – This has saved me tons of time and energy!

I do construction heavy machinery maintenance installation etc – i use this thing all the time. If you’re overweight and it’ll stop and when the light goes green again do you start again. I just bought a second one so i could have one at home because once i took this thing to work, and i didn’t want to bring it back. I can’t say enough about this thing, i really really like it i think you will too.

Use it for lifting signs with our ariel ladder truck. Really wish it had a longer wire rope length though. It is 15′ long but you can attach whatever strap, chain, etc. To it for the length if needed. I guess we compensate it using our 60′ ariel ladder we mount it to for lifting and lowering but still if it was like a winch (having the extra length of rope) it would be absolutely perfect. Remember this can hoist and pull, unlike a winch that just pulls and winches are not designed to hoist. The pullzall and it’s braking system can suspend heavy objects in the air.

I bought this because warn is a good name. I am a mechanical contractor and needed a hoist to remove boiler sections up stairs out of a boiler room. Sections were 300-500 lbs each. I strapped them to a dolly and pulled them up the stairs. I realize there is a cool down period required but i didn’t have time for that. So i told my guys to run it as hard as they could. It performed as i hoped it would. However, the unit quit the next week while bringing the new boilers in. So i opened it up and found one of the motor brushes loose. I snapped it back in and permanently repaired it with epoxy and the unit performs nicely.

This is about the handiest thing i own. For someone who doesn’t use employees, this thing is like having a crew of guys stashed for whenever i need them. The variable speed in both directions is real important for metal fabrication, because sometimes i just need to move something 1/8 of an inch more, and this will do that also, the limit switch will stop the motor at 1000 pounds of stress, this is also very important for preventing damages to motor or if a cable binds, it won’t break it. I use it for many things that can be seen at www.

Make a remote kit for this product.Heavier than i anticipated, and the battery placement is not ideal. I was in a tight spot and bumped the latch – oops, there goes the battery – 16 ft clanging down the latter. Not i put a piece of tape to keep the battery from sliding off the unit. I sure wish it has a wireless remote.

I bought an open box model of this and the cable was cross wound and had a flat spot, but have since used it many times with loads at or beyond it’s capacity with no problems. One of the first times it actually overheated/overloaded and the thermal switch shut it down. I’m glad it has this feature otherwise it may have been ruined. It hasn’t happened since as i pay attention to the light that comes on near overload conditions. After this happened, i was careful to follow the recommended practice of running it under load for a few minutes and then letting it cool for 30 minutes. But this of course just isn’t practical and i soon was using it with only maybe 5 or 10 minute breaks to unspool and reset pulley system. I’ve used it by pulling and then unspooling under power and pulling again repeatedly with no problems, though the loads weren’t at full capacity. You can tell when it is really straining and getting very hot. But it has adequate time to cool while you reset the cable in most instances. I used this to skid very large, very long, and very heavy logs up a steep slope, often with knobs plowing through the ground along the way, either directly or with a 5:1 pulley system.

Purchased this to be able to pull my side by side into trailer if i ever needed to, as it is too heavy to push by hand and if it was to break down i would have no way of getting it loaded. This is perfect for that use so i don’t have to round up several buddies to help. I can do it by myself without blowing out my back with using this unit. I have also used it to lift lawn mower to change blades, move a trailer, pull a log so this thing has countless uses so you don’t have to kill your back trying to do it by hand. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to work smarter not harder. Get the battery version so it is portable with an extra battery.

I was surprised to see the pullzall smoking after reeling in about 250 pounds 15 feet. I read the label and found out the duty duty cycle is 500 pounds for 2 minutes and then requires 30 minutes to cool down. I bought the pullzall to haul my dock, which is on wheels, out of the pond. It is much quicker than the come-along that 1 was using but i didn’t wait for the 30 minute cool down since it was 35 degrees. Next fall i’ll switch between the pullzall and come-along so it doesn’t burn it out.

Let’s put this out there first – i’m glad i purchased this, it performed flawlessly, and was well worth cost. I needed to move a 1500 pound shed. Yes, i know that’s over this little guys rating. But the shed would be on ‘rollers’ and on a relatively smooth surface. So my need was 1500 pounds, minus the brute force of me pushing. So more of a nudge or tug in the right direction than fully pulling the entire weight. Cuz i decided to spool out the cable before i started and there were kinks (3) in the cable. As if it was poorly rolled up and the cables were ‘bent.

My only knit is that you cannot free spool the cable out, otherwise it did exactly what i needed, and performed as expected. We used the portable model with the battery to haul the ramp to our dock out for the winter. Worked great and was 10x easier than using the old manual come-along.

Here are the specifications for the Warn 885030 Cordless Portable Winch:

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  • Cordless lifting and pulling tool for moving big game, loading ATVs, pulling fence, and moving heavy loads
  • Powerful rechargeable 24 volt NiMH battery is ideal for use in the field
  • Hand-held electric tool lifts or pulls 1000 pounds
  • Forward, reverse and variable speed control for precise movements
  • Replaces come a longs and chain falls, helping you get the job done faster without the manual labor

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I would have given it five stars.
  • 600 pound sign went up very easily —– www.fencesandwelding.com
  • Tough Utility Winch

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Warn 885030 Red Cordless Portable Winch
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