Warn 90695 66″ Side X Straight Blade, 2017 Can Am Outlander L and it works very good for moving snow mostly I use it in my

The warn 78950 is a nice plow. I use it for plowing snow in my driveway ( in md) and my neighbor’s driveway. Using a plow is much faster than shoveling by hand.I use this plow on my atv (bf 750) and it does exactly what i want it to do. I had to also buy the mounting plate and push tubes to make it all work on my atv.

Some assembly required but its a piece of cake to do. Just in time for snow and used it several times for my long driveway and couple neighbors to. Even got cookies from the neighbors for plowing their driveways.Now all i need is a decent winch, the ones harbor freight sells are crap.

I needed this blade to retro fit up to an old plow frame. The blade it’s self seems to be a good thickness of steel but not over the top. The cutting edge was easy to install. And for the price you won’t find a better quality.

Using it on a yamaha 450 grizzly with a set of chains. You really do need a good winch though as you will be raising and lowering it a lot when you have to change directions- get a warn for that too. The whole system (underframe mount, push tube and plow) exceeded my expectations in a snowy new england winter.

I needed a plow for my honda 2003 350 rancher. Decided on the warn after many hours of research. It’s a 3 part system all purchased seperately:50′ blade -part# 78950i also purchased:1) mounting plate -part# 632902) push bar/plow base -part# 78100i am very satisfied with this purchase. It’s easy to use, works great in the snow and various yard work tasks. This is a quality made plow system, but i also haven’t tried any other type. Warn is know for quality products and figured go with my past experiences. Easy to install with the push tube and took less than 2 hours and mounted with my 350 rancher. The plow blade packaging contained the installation instructions for the push tube. Install the wear bar for the bottom of the blade first, like the instructions say. It was last thing i did and took more work than when the blade is unattached.

I want to kick the guy who wrote the instructions in the man parts but the unit itself performs well. The instructions may as well be done from terrain photos of the last place i went riding. Would have given them more credit if it were available online in pdf and color. Since you buy this plow in three different orders they have things like ‘the most important thing to attach this comes with another kit, hope you figured that out’ took about 3 hours by myself to assemble. 2 hours researching videos online so total 5 hour install.

Ordered the three provantage components from warn for an arctic cat 650 h1. Plow setup is pretty simple to assemble. The main mounting bracket for the 4 wheeler can be somewhat troublesome but once it’s on you will most likely never have to take it back off again. It’s noticeable on the front of the machine but doesn’t take away from ground clearance or any functions. Love the ease of attaching the plow blade to the 4 wheeler. Literally 2 minutes and it’s ready. As simple as sliding the pivot arms into their slots on the mounting bracket and then putting the pins in (or nuts and bolts as i’ll explain in a bit). Then hook the cable on the plow bracket and routing it through an anchor point. Plow comes with adjustable slides and can pivot from side to side. The only down side to the setup that i have come across is that the brackets that the pivot arms slide into and pivot from when the plow goes up and down, gets spread. The simple fix is to go buy some stainless nuts and bolts (3/8” x 1&1/2” if i remember correctly) and attach plow by nut and bolts instead of the pins. The bolts keep the slots from spreading. Good quality setup and would buy again.

Key specs for WARN 90695 Black 66″ Side X Straight Blade (ProVantage):

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  • Made from thick 12-gauge steel
  • Heavy duty ribbing
  • Center cross member for added rigidity
  • Boxed design adds extra support
  • Special low-friction powder coated finish helps keep material from sticking to the blade

Comments from buyers

“If you’re looking for a ProVantage plow system, READ THIS FIRST, Mounted on 2013 Can-Am Outlander 500 XT, Good quality setup”

I attached it to my yamaha kodiak 700 with the center mount and long push tubes. A few cotter pins and its on or off, very easy once you get it all setup. I use this on a gravel driveway and through paths in my woods. The wear bar doesn’t show any signs of use even after using it to move snow, gravel, mud and scraping prickers and stuff away. Very pleased with the quality.

All in all the install went well. My brother in law helped me and with a small bag of sockets and a little dewalt impact driver the job took two hours. Having just two u bolts holding the universal mounting bracket on makes me a bit nervous. I think being able to hammer those nuts in with the 20v impact driver might help. They they feel rock solid after driving them in. There is a few more holes on the mounting bracket that might be used in conjunction with another set of u bolts that could secure the system a bit better. The blade itself feels rock solid and the spring loaded handle that allows for swinging the blade out left or right is easy to get to and is practically effortless to manage. Because of the push bars not being wider than the frame, the plows maximum height is a bit lower than i would like but i don’t think it’s going to be a big issue come snow fall. I plan to update my review after i use it heavily. For now i would say that it’s worth the money, for now i’ll give it three out of five because of the chinsy u bolt mount and the lack of blade height. If it holds up to a decent amount of pushing snow then i’d ad one more star.

This 60in provantage plow blade is very heavy duty steel and the wear blade is heavy duty it came with the heavy duty springs which i didn’t know because it doesn’t say anything about that so have to return the other ones i ordered. It had the brackets for the maker poles and holes for the rubber flap that goes on top. So no drilling like other plowing blades. This plow blade really surprised me at how great the quality was for the price. ( $228 ) and free shipping and very fast shipping. I have seen other blades that were $600 and wasn’t half as good as this one. I will tell all my friends about this blade.

Blade works great and is fairly easy to install if you are handy around wrenches and can use a little umpf to get the springs tensioned. My only complaint is with the height adjustment on the float guides. They are not even and the spacing seems too far apart for good adjustments. I might be too particular but when i adjusted the right side to allow the blade edge to be the closest to the floor/driveway, the same hole on the left side allowed the blade edge to touch and the guide was 1/4” off the ground. The next hole in each side made the blade edge too high to get a clean removal. I ended up not even using the guides for this reason and at the cost of quicker blade edge wear. Very heavy duty blade as others have commented. Yes i would buy again but i may end up tweaking the guide adjustments myself.

Finding the right parts can be pretty confusing, so allow me to explain the provantage system. The entire plow consists of four parts:1. Vehicle-specific mount kit (one of many part numbers. Check the warn website to find the one for your particular vehicle. Push tube assembly (p/n 92100 or 78100; depending on which type of mounting kit you use)3. A plow blade (p/n 78950, 78954, 78960, 80954, or 80960; two different styles (straight blade and tapered), three different widths (50′, 54′, 60′)4. Lift (usually a winch w/ roller fairlead. Alternatively, warn p/n 84600 is a dedicated lifter)for #1 and #2, there are two basic types: center mount and front mount. Most vehicles have a center-mount kit available, many have a front-mount kit. If you have the front-mount kit available, i would recommend it, as it allows the plow to lift higher. I’ve found that it lifts high enough that i can reach over the front rack and turn the plow without leaving my atv. *** if you select a front mount kit, you need to select the front-mount push tube assembly, p/n 92100*** if you select a center mount kit, you need to select the center-mount push tube assembly, p/n 78100#3 is self explanatory, select from one of 5 blade options. #4, if you’re buying and installing a winch along with the rest of the components, make sure you read the instructions for the front mount. On mine, parts of the front mount kit replace a couple components on the winch mount kit, so right after you finish installing the winch mount, you’ve got to take it apart to install the plow mount.

Installed the warn 89613 center plow mounting kit for atv, warn 78100 provantage plow base/push tube assembly, and warn 78960 provantage 60′ straight plow blade mounted on my 2013 can-am outlander™ 500 xt. Install was straight forward, which was good since the instructions really didn’t show you anything. Used a atv lift to install the center mounting plate, made the install so much easier. One thing that wasn’t clear is when you go to mount the plow base/push tube assembly you have to crawl under the atv, line it up and use the supplied retaining pins to mount the plow to the base. Took a few tries to get it lined up right. Another issue was the hole to connect the hook from the winch to the plow base/push tube assembly was way to small for the winch hook. Had to buy a screw in u-bolt to mount in the hole then connect the winch hook to the u-bolt. Worked but required a run to the hardware store to pick up. I had to adjust my front springs to the highest rating after i installed the plow.

I bought this blade for my 2017 can am outlander l and it works very good for moving snow mostly i use it in my driveway that drifts frequently. Having a smaller 450 quad i decided on using the 54′ blade instead of the larger 60′ blade because of lack of horsepower and it seems to be a perfect match. I would reccomed this to a friend.

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