Weego 44 Jump Starter – Fantastic Product Is A Lifesaver When Needed

Tried to start my boat recently only to find out that my batteries were dead. I didn’t need to panic because i had my weego44 which i had purchased only a few weeks ago. I was able to start the motor quickly and was on my way.

Battery crapped out on my harley 75 miles from home. Only thing that got me started and home was this weego starter someone had. Bought one that i carry in the truck and bike all the time.

Christmas gift for my husband. We charged it up and the next day my husband left his lights on and ran the battery down on his truck. The weego jump starter started it right up.

I’ve already used it to start my yukon xl & a friend’s mid-sized sedan.

How could something so small and handy deliver the power it does. Again repeatedly, jumped my 4. 8l v-8 cayenne on the same charge and even allows for recharging via a cigarette lighter adapter as you drive. If you carry jumper cables just in case. This takes a fraction of the space and requires no host vehicle. A must have for every road-trip.

A friend showed me how easy it was to use and how powerful it is. He jump started my car and i was sold. It’s small but two times more powerful than my old lead acid 30 pound jump starter. I’ve only used it to charge our phones during a power outage, but great knowing that it’s in my trunk ready to go.

The quality of the weego is superb especially when compared to the competition (no other company can match weego. ) all needed accessories included. “dummy-proof” instructions right on the battery pack and led indicators advising of any errors (user error if anything. ) it has already helped me out on one occasion. Two procedure items to note:1) be sure to recharge and top off the battery pack every six months especially if it’s not been used at all2) after jumping a battery, the pack may seem “dead” – just plug it into a power source like ac wall outlet or dc outlet in car to “awaken” the pack (both power cords included)great job weego.

The weego jump starter is kind of amazing. First of all, it comes in a cute lunchbox. You charge it fully before it’s first use, then keep it in your car and forget about it, until that inconvenient moment when you need it. I had the chance to use to weego last week, when my jeep’s battery (in tow mode) died. I had just detached the jeep from the rv and hopped in to move it when damn. Gratefully, my husband had tossed my weego in the back, so i pulled it out, a bit worried that it would be challenging. I’ve never had to use jumper cables before, so i wasn’t looking forward to it. The weego has easy to use directions, and within minutes, i had the jeep roaring. It took me longer to unhook the hood of the jeep (first time doing so, and in the dark, to boot).

I wanted to have my own cables just in case i ever needed to jump my car. I came across this and couldn’t believe something this small could do everything i wanted it to do. It can charge my phone very quickly, the flashlight is super bright, and i even used it to help jump my friend’s car.There is 12v power but i haven’t tried it because i don’t have the accessories. I told my friends to go and get themselves one on amazon.

I haven’t actually needed to use this yet to start my car, but the high quality of design, manufacturing and even packaging is obvious, and i have no doubt this kit will come in handy for many years. I am very impressed with this product and would recommend it for starting a car with a dead battery or the occasional need to charge my mobile devices.

I’ve not used item so i cannot review it but it did charge up well and looks good, i’ll let you know after my first battery failure. Recently had reason to use my weego when my battery failed, the weego worked as advertised, got my vehicle started with no problems from the weego.

I’ve used this handy device a few times to jump a mazda miata. It works, so long as you bring patience and persistence to the operation. It only supports a few cranks at a time, and you have to give it a break in between tries. I’ve always needed multiple tries, depending on how dead the battery was and how cold the temperature was. Fortunately, a full charge is enough for more than enough tries, and eventually, the motor has started. Also on the plus side: it’s compact, the flashlight is bright, you can use the usb port to charge small electronics, and the safety features make it fairly goof proof.

Here are the specifications for the Weego 44 Jump Starter:

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  • PORTABLE POWER that fits in the palm of your hand and can jump start engines (7L gas and 3.5L diesel) quickly and easily
  • THE PROFESSIONAL’S CHOICE Only Weego battery pack jump starters are designed and engineered in the USA and proven to provide power when you need it most. Don’t be fooled by other brands who over promise and under deliver with fake claims and reviews
  • OUR WEEGO 44 CAR STARTER OFFERS 2100 PEAK AMPS and 400 TRUE CRANKING AMPS, GUARANTEED. We represent the power output of both measures to allow for an easy comparison across the marketplace. As with all Weego portable power products, our power outputs are internally and independently lab tested to verify results so that our customers can be assured they’re getting what they paid for
  • UP TO 3 YEARS STANDBY POWER on a single charge and 1000 charging cycles. Weego jump starter 44 effortlessly jump starts cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATV/UTVs, & more with its high performance long-lasting 12V lithium-ion battery. It’s ready when you need it!
  • WEEGO JUMP STARTERS ARE SUPER SAFE AND SMART – designed to ensure you cannot make a mistake. Weego’s patented, spark-proof, ergonomic Smarty Clamps quickly walk you through the jump with lights and sounds. With tapered tips to fit into tight spaces and power delivered to both sides, our clamps are designed to ensure the best connection possible
  • A PORTABLE POWER SUPPLY PACKED WITH FEATURES you’ll use every day like built-in ultra bright 500 lumen LED flashlight that can be seen for miles, smart USB charging which automatically provides fastest charge to your phones, tablets & other devices, a 19 volt port for laptop charging, and a 12 volt port for powering 12 volt accessories such as air compressors and fans. Power to go anywhere, on the road or off, while fishing, camping, hunting, boating or hiking
  • WEEGO DELIVERS SUPERIOR QUALITY, backed by our crazy long 18-month warranty. Exceptional Customer Service based in our home turf of Westampton, NJ means you never have to worry about being left in the lurch. If something is wrong, we’ll make it right, we guarantee it!
  • WEEGO IS THE PROFESSIONAL EDITOR’S PICK of the NY Times, LA Times, Popular Mechanics, Real Simple and many more!

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Absolutely Cannot Do Without!
  • Fantastic Product Is A Lifesaver When Needed
  • Handy device, but don’t expect miracles

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WEEGO 44 Jump Starter (2018 MODEL) 2100 Peak 400 Cranking Amps High Performance Lithium Ion Power Pack Quick Charges Phones 500 Lumen LED Flashlight Water Resistant USA Designed and Engineered
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