WEISIJI LED Work Pods : WOW truly the best bang for your buck.

Very nicely confined beam, even at long distance. Great white color, not blue. Works much better than the oe headlight on my dirt bike. I can aim this wherever i want and get daylight wherever i want it ahead of me on the trail. Rugged metal housing unless you plan on actually smashing it with a hammer or a rock. Do open it up and add silicone sealer around the seam in the housing. I can see daylight through there; definitely not waterproof from the factory.

These are exceptional lights these but be warned they are not sheilded so if you have a radio you want to listen to these lights are not for you. Major interferance of radio signals. On the plus side these are nice and bright, a bit on the blueish side, and throw a nice beam. One only lasted 6 months before condensation appeared on the inside of the lens and it stopped working. I hope this seller really cares about our shopping experience so i can recommend checking out their other products.

As reported by others, is rectangular; sharp cutoff on the left and right, fairly sharp at the top. It took a bit of fiddling to get the adjustment right. I probably should have bought the ‘white lens’ version. That said, the light output is very white and bright. The lamps are also better looking than expected. I have nothing negative to say about them; they would have received 5 stars if the light pattern had been more conventional, but that’s on me for making the choice i made. You’ll certainly want to run a small bead of silicone around the lenses to prevent condensation.

These are very bright and they are focused well. We will see how long they last and if they are waterproof. Will get back after a month or so. Also for questions about wiring, i have already put led bulbs in my headlights so all i did to wire them was splice them into my bright output on the headlight wire harness. I have 9003 or h4 headlights, so i just found the ground and the positive bright wire on my headlights and hooked them right to my brights. Now when i turn my brights on these come on and really light far down the road.

Let me say that i didn’t give these a 5 star simply because i haven’t put these on a machine yet and have history, also because the light output doesn’t compare to hid or high end led lights – but of course :)this review is for the white colored, non 4d lights. I plan to use these for additional longer range lighting on my snowmobile. I have mounted them on a 2×4 and stood out on a dark road, powered from my cigarette lighter. These provide nice affordable distance lighting and will serve very nicely as supplemental lighting, especially at medium++ range. If you want awesome lights you need to spend more $$ but these have good bang / $$. They are brighter and longer range than other budget led lights i have seen in use. The pair i received have a round light profile, not the square led footprint beam as indicated in other reviews. I made a voltage / current measurement with these – full pair – @ 13.

These lights suited my purpose, i’m a little concerned with the amount of water they hold on the housing but so far so goo. See the photo, but they mounted up well. I decided to just use the side mounts so i had to purchase in my case some m6x 1. 0 x 16mm bolts to replace the stock ones as they weren’t long enough. I also purchased some rubber bushings to place between my mounts and the light housing to fill in the space.

Work well, for $20 i’m not sure you could ask for more. I did take the time to apply a bead of sealant around the existing gasket. The morning following installation we had heavy rains and after a short drive there was no sign of water behind the lenses. The led themselves look similar to those in your average flashlight, output is impressive. Update** fun fact – if you order these clear plastic screen protectors for a garmin fennix 5x watch you can fit one over each of the elements covering almost all of the housing and adding a layer of protection from chips. Com/gp/product/b01n0xwdw8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s01?ie=utf8&psc=1.

I installed on my 1998 honda cbr900rr.

  • Awesome long distance spot.
  • Very good product.

WEISIJI LED Work Pods,4D Lens LED Work Light 20W Headlight Spot Beam LED Work Light Bar for Motorcycle Truck Boat Offroad ATV UTV (2PCS / Pack)

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  • Project light to extreme distance & keep bright surround lighting in close range,pending aperture system blocks unused light for a clean beam
  • Newest 5D Reflector LED Lens and special lamp cups for reducing the loss of light in working. Angle adjustable Slidable bracket easy to fit
  • High quality Aluminum die cast Housing for extra durability while doubling heat sink
  • IP67 Tested Waterproof Dust-proof Quake proof Anti explosion,Rugged and durable cast aluminum housing resist in the rain or harsh environments
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The work light can be applied to almost all Jeeps, 4×4, Trucks, Motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, Cars, Boats, etc. Many indoor and outdoor uses: Garden Lighting, Backyard Lighting, Back-up Light, Off Road Lighting, Construction Lighting and so on.

I have a set on my truck and atv. Just wow, nice long distance. These could replace car headlights. And it defiantly needs to be siliconed. There is a rubber gasket to protect the electronics behind the magnifying lens. Although there is a another lens in front of that that is not silicone, allowing for moisture to get between the lenses.

These are the brightest, most concentrated beam led light i have owned to date. Mounted on my sxs, with spectacular results. We ride mostly at night, and these are by far the best i have used yet. Stupid bright, and throws a wicked beam “way out there”. I will be getting more of these to replace all of my led bars on the truck and cars. Very nice, universal mounting system that is rock solid and highly adjustable.

Very noticeable on the road, visibility for clear and foggy night trips.

Put these lights on my 2004 kawasaki vulcan 2000 yesterday, first off let me say i supplimented this purchase with a dual lead led wiring harness(youll need this too) and universal bar clamps(search for offroad led bar clamps) to mount and wire the lights to my frame. All told for about 50 bucks i had a comolete kit that took about two hours to install correctly. Now let me just say these are by far exceeding my expectations in visibility and light output, with the added bonus of being way more low profile than they seem online, there output dwarfs my low beam witch is a 6000 k hid bulb, these have blown me away in output and seem to be durable in construction, if your looking for any sort of supplement to your vehicle these would more than likely blow away anything even reasonably close in price and value. I ususally dont write reviews but let me say that these are well worth the added expense of a lighting harness ~$9 and clamps ~$16 that for by far the most impressive lighting modification in the long list of aftermarket lights ive used. On a side note let me add based off the previous reviews i strayed away from the projector lenses and got the white reflectors. Will try to update as i log more hours on them.

Bought these last week they came undamaged both worked fine, the build quality was actually surprising these things are made well except for not being water proof so got some clear sealant and waterproofed both – hooked both up to a bench supply for a few hours they use. 9 amps at 12 volts – so both on at the same time will draw under 2 amps – temp stabilized at 140f-so far so good. Installing is simple the mounting bolt is a standard 1/4 x 1 inch, just have to figure out where to drill. The only downside i can see is the mounting hardware – it will get loose with vibration so thread locker is advisable. Overall i would recommend -.

I bought both the 4d and the amber (i have yet to purchase the none 4d regular clear ones) and let me say ive spent many many bucks on amazon on the cheaper leds as ive had many rigs that needed some lights so why not try different?. Admit it we all have been trying to save a buck while getting a deal, and as we all know thats rare these days and usually you pay and get it in the shorts unless youre some rich brand name lover who forks $1200 on single light bar that sure is bright but to me not at all worth the price especially if you have multiple toys. I have to say in all the leds i have bought tried and beat up these are by far the best bang for your buck. There is however one issue, id recommend removing the face and resealing the gasket with silicone or like wise and reassemble to make it actually water roof as the way it comes is i would call a ‘dry location’ light. But before you go omg what a hassle, it should come seal blah blah. Think for a second that its only $20 for 2 lights and if sealing it puts you out then surly installing them on your bumper will be to much for you to handle. While there are other lights out there on amazon with more light output and still under the price of rigid these are wayy better then any pod set up. **this rating was copied and pasted to the amber lights as well because like i said they are awesome lights, and ive done typed enough on this review**.

Great bang for the buck i didn’t expect much for $20, but was surprised at the quality of the housings and light output. Installed as auxiliary lights on my suzuki dl650. Paired with a relay/harness kit from amazon for $8 and you have a pain free install. Only gave it 4 stars out of 5 because of the threads in the housing that the bracket mounts to. Unfortunately they did not mask the holes when they powdercoated the housing so the bolts were binding while trying to screw them in. 0 tap to clean the threads first. Will buy another set for my truck.

The outer sunset neighborhood of san francisco is where karl the fog likes to come and spend most of his mornings and evenings at. Some days the fog is light while others it’s heavy. These fog lights are bright and sharp that they would cut through the fog at the right angle. The lights also helped me stick out from other vehicles on the road while lane splitting. Unfortunate the amber lense has faded over time, making the fog lights appear white instead of amber. However, after having the lights on my bike for over two years, the lights are still going strong, the hard ware is solid, and finish on the housing has not faded. Overall i’m happy with the product, especially since the lights were a small investment.

I bought these for my fj cruiser to use as aux lamps and they haven’t disappointed yet, after 2 months of use. If anything breaks i’ll revisit this and complain.

Got these lights to use as fog lights on my motorcycle. They were very easy to install on my light bar. The lights are very bright and the beams are very narrow. I love these lights and would highly recommend them.

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WEISIJI LED Work Pods,4D Lens LED Work Light 20W Headlight Spot Beam LED Work Light Bar for Motorcycle Truck Boat Offroad ATV UTV (2PCS / Pack)
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