Wiipro Universal led Harley Davidson Light Strip Tail Brake Stop Turn Signal 32LED 8″ Flexible led light : Very bright LEDs but super fragile wires be careful!

Was told by several friends that my turn signals were not very visible after installing an aftermarket assembly to install saddlebags. Ordered this to add to the bottom of my fender and it works incredibly well. Very bright, highly visible even in day light.

I combined it with this frame: https://www. Com/gp/product/b004m29y5o/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1 and for under $14 i have a great set of additional taillights that are a lot brighter than my stock lights. The leds are easily visible in daylight. The housing is not waterproof (it’s open at the end opposite the plug) and that is easily solved by filling it with clear silicone sealant. The five wire setup was simple to wire into my existing lights. I would hope the color coding on the wires is the same on all units, on mine it was:black: groundred: drivingwhite: brakeyellow: turn (i won’t say left or right because it depends on the direction you mount the light)grey: turn.

*read before buying*alright, time for one of my many honest reviews on here. And i didn’t believe everybody complaining about how small the wires were coming from the light, but they are extremely small. But with a careful set of hands, i managed to wire them into my stock oem atv brake light harness. This light comes with 5 wires. One for the bright brake light. And two for turn signals (left and right). I did not use the turn signals. So i wrapped them up and made them water tight just like i did with everything else including the connections i made to the wiring harness. As far as waterproof goes i’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars. They really didn’t do much to make any seals around both sides of the light.

Hubby bought this to add some additional light to the back-end of his chopper project. Immediately we noticed the wires are super thin and fragile. Rather than take a chance on tape and connectors coming loose, we decided to solder the connections together. The thing is, the wires coming from the light are so short, those connections then had to be fed through, and sit inside the wire channel on the onside of the rear fender. After one (short) ride, he’d already lost the right hand turn signal. :(if the wires were a little heftier this would be a 5-star product all day long. It’s thin, flexible and blends in well with the black fender of the bike. The lights are bright and definitely added to the visiblity of the bike, but he’s back to using hand signals for right-hand turns until he gets the time and motivation to rip the fender back off and see where it lost connection.

Product worked great for about an hour, but vibration loosed the solder for the red and black wire, currently working with the seller for a solution. Update to followupdateso i went from one stars to 3 because the seller was very cooperative in dealing with my initial purchase, after receiving the replacement i installed it and everything was fine for about 3 hours into a ride around town. The strip then began to fall apart. The solders on one of the leds inside the casing broke off and cause the rest of the strip to stop working. 3 stars also because the product looked great while it was working, i’ll be sending mine back in for a refund.

These are very bright and seem to work good. The only few complaints i have is 1) wires are ran out the end of the unit which makes them hard to conceal. 2) they are very thin gauge wire. Also the tape is not 3m by dupont*. One last thing is that they didn’t seem to seal the end caps too good but that made it easier for me to modify the unit and run the wires out the bottom and re seal with permatex adhesive silicone. . Over all pretty darn happy.

These are awesome lights, i wired them only for a brake light- these will get attention. Attached are pics, the strips are really slim but extremely bright. I attached one to the license plate and 2 to my trunk. Extremely happy with quality, performance and price.

Super bright and work really well but if you are replacing your tail lights on a motorcycle or something with conventional bulbs, you need to also purchase a load equalizer or resistor so your light system doesn’t think you have a burnt out bulb since the led’s take so much less power. Other than not having that in there already, which you can’t really expect because the lights are only ten bucks, they are great.

  • Great Light, Great Customer Service, Easy Install.
  • These are awesome lights, I wired them only for a brake
  • Amazing value for the price

Wiipro Universal led Harley Davidson Light Strip Tail Brake Stop Turn Signal 32LED 8″ Flexible led light for motorcycle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Material: Soft rubber strip with 3528 SMD LED; Fitting Position: License Plate Light
  • Led light color: Red for brake and stop, Amber for turn signal
  • Size: 20.5*1.3*0.8 cm / 8*0.5*0.3″; Power Cable Length: Approx 60cm
  • Voltage: DC 12V; Waterproof Rate: IP 65; Easy Installation: Mount with 3M tape, 5 wires connection
  • Perfect turn Signal Brake light and Running tail Light all-in-one for motorcycle, Car, Trailer. Lots of Common uses

I was looking for a simple led light that would fit on my honda xr650 under the rear luggage rack. I came across this one and was a bit hesitant after reading the reviews about the wiring. First impression the wiring is very, very, very thin. Be very careful when stripping the outside covering or you will cut the wire. I only connected the running and brake light to the existing wiring harness. I’d recommend soldering the wiring to your existing wires because these wires are very thin and need a bit more connection. The good part: the running light is extremely bright and the brake light is even brighter. It provides extra safety when riding so cars that are following me will have no problem seeing my bike.

Bought these to replace the stock tail signals on my fatboy when i decided to install hard saddle bags. The different functionalities available were a major plus as far as having different choices on how to install them. I bought 4 of these but ended up only using 2 and setting them up as red running lights and blinking high red for turn indication. I gave the other 2 to a friend who wired it to be red running lights and have the amber and red flash for turn indication.

First off these lights are led so expect tiny wires. They are bright enough to be visible in direct sunlight, everything works as advertised. I can’t really say much about the adhesive backing since it didn’t stick (maybe my fault for not cleaning the surface well enough). I pulled it off and replaced it with 3m double sided trim tape. The housing is really flimsy; i’m used to led lights being hard, and epoxy filled. These are in a hollow tube with plastic plugs on each end. Also the leds weren’t installed on the board in a straight line; they go up, and down in uneven waves. Its not a big deal i suppose since you can’t tell when they’re on, but it bugs the heck out of my ocd.

This light was easy to use, very bright and easy to install (very light gauge wires), and cheap (by comparison to similar flexible led lights on the market). It lasted 1 full year (purchased june 23rd 2017) and now 4 leds are toast (see attached picture). All other functions are still working fine, but keep in mind the price may have a longer term replacement cost penalties (depending on how long you want your light project to last, or how difficult it will be to replace this). For me this is very easy to replace.

I’ve been using this light for the majority of the summer on my 78 yamaha tracker project and i haven’t had any issues whatsoever. Installation and placement is on you and this light takes care of the rest. It’s super bright and easily visible from afar. I was worried that the running and brake lights would flood out the turn signals when in use but they stand out exceptionally well. After a little over 4 months and multiple involuntary rain tests it continues to work with no issues. No complaints about the adhesive either; as long as you install it on a clean, oil-free surface it won’t budge. Also, since it doesn’t come with a wiring diagram:black – groundwhite – runningred – brakegreen & yellow – turn signals.

The light is nice and bright. The reason it did not get five stars is because the wires are too fine and fragile. They are so fine that when you try to strip them back you pull what little wire you have out. The other problem is the end caps of the light is not sealed. I see an issue of water getting into the unit. I sealed the end caps with silicon sealer.

Well, it filled my need well enough, i suppose. One of my old 2007 ninja’s tail turn-light fixtures(rubbery plastic) was cracked after a long trip with excessively heavy saddlebags not made for the bike. So, i took ’em off after finding this to replace the turn signals and give me the instant led blaze effect when i brake(so i can ‘click’ the trigger quickly for a faster blinking effect than incandescent bulbs can offer). This thing’s certainly bright enough. We’ll see about longevity in the months/years to come. The brightness of the braking light does make it more difficult (than i’d like it to be) to notice the turn signals during the day. However, the turn signals also blink faster than usual since there’s nothing built into it to fix hyperflash, so perhaps that compensates for the over-brightness a bit; helps them to be more noticeable. It does not come with anything telling you which wires go to which light contacts.

Hello all,i purchased this light because my 2016 hd iron 883 only has the 2 bullet lights and i didn’t feel that safe about people being able to see me day or night. So, i originally bought a taillight that ‘fit’ the harley sportsters underneath the fender and was supposed to be flush. If you’re looking at this review, you’ve probably seen what i’m talking about if you searched the sportster taillights like i did. Do not buy the big light i included belowmotorcycle smoke led stop brake license plate rear tail light stop running light for harley(smoke lens)***but, the one i bought was so thick.It stuck out about an inch from the bottom of the fender. Then, when my girlfriend and i 2 upped on my motorcycle, we hit a speed bump going average speed and the suspension dipped so low that it was literally destroyed by the wheel. Like seriously, why would they make a light that sticks so low that it literally had less than an inch of clearance from the tireso, i stumbled upon this light to replace the the poorly designed one that broke. I wanted something that had a good amount of clearance and/or was completely away from the tire altogether. This light is flexible, bright and easy to wire. The wire diagram included in the product photos is exactly how it is.

Lights were not centered so it looks odd on the bike. Water proofing were the wires come out will not be enough to stop even a little water. And the tiny gauge wire trash.

The light itself is very versatile offers driving light, brake light, and left and right indicators not sure if the stated “3m tape” is 3m but i will add some additional adhesive when i mount the lightthe issue is the wiring, i realise this is not a big power draw but the wires are so thin and fragile that makes them difficult to work with. This would have got 5 stars but the ridiculously small gauge wire was a nightmare.

I see people complain about how thin the wires are but considering the amount of power these require there’s no need to complain. Hard to strip but not impossible. Turn signals aren’t as bright in a sunny day. For the price, not a bad deal.

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