XBRdepot Torx T8 T8H Security Type Tamper Proof Premium Durable Screwdriver, Screwdriver that screws

With this $4 tool, a phillips screwdriver and 10 minutes you can have your ps4 opened, fan cleaned, heatsink cleaned, power supply cleaned & put back together. Absolutely made my original ps4 quiet again & i’m sure lengthen its life too. *warning* opening tour ps4 voids the warranty if it hasn’t expired already.

Needed this to take apart my xbox 360 controller for cleaning. Did exactly that and is still intact.

Used to open an xbox 360 controller that had a jamming left trigger. I’ll update if it ever fails in any way.

It worked exactly how i needed it too, i am very happy with this little torx driver.

Since it’s such a small tool, i was concerned it would be flimsy and have the tip break off. I’ve only used it on one electric shaver, but its screws took some torque to break loose and i wasn’t certain. It hasn’t broken yet, so the next thing is how long will it be until i lose it. When i do, i’ll likely buy another one, considering its durability and price.

Worked for my fat ps3, the only torx screw. 5 star as it is not as premium quality as i thought, but it worked and come with prime delivery so i gave a 5 star.

. To dismantle and destroy a computer hard drive. It was well priced and easy to use.

Key specs for Torx T8 T8H Security Type Tamper Proof Premium Durable Screwdriver for XBOX 360 Wired and Wireless Controller:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Open ALL XBOX 360 controllers or PS3 Slim
  • Comfortable rubberized grip
  • Time-saving swivel-top
  • Hole pre-drilled in screwdriver bit to bypass security pin
  • Durable construction – Tip resitant to wear

Comments from buyers

“Empowering Tool
, Worked well
, Original PS 4 necessity!

Note that xbox controllers require this t8 to get the back panel off, but you will also need a t6 if you want to pull apart the boards inside.

Bought this to open up my out of warranty ps4. Worked well, although the head did strip a little bit, making me wonder how many more times i’ll be able to use it.

It’s a screwdriver and it works.

Needed this to remove the safety screw on my older model of the square stand.

Found instructions online for replacing a broken thumb stick on my xbox 360 controller. I have several broken ones and when my thumb stick broke i wanted to see if i could salvage one from one of the others. This screwdriver is required to open up 360 controllers (and playstation too i believe). I successfully salvaged a thumb stick and saved myself so much money. This is the answer to broken thumb sticks and sticky buttons. And i can use that saved money on more gamesi’m 60 by the way, and got into video games because i would play for my son who has a rare seizure disorder (lennox-gastaut syndrome) and when he just cannot play due to seizure activity i would play for him, him making all the choices. Over time i found my own games to play for myself. I still play for him when needed, as well as playing with him, and also play for myself.

I bought this very inexpensive torx-8 screwdriver to take apart and clean all our xbox 360 wireless controllers. They were getting a bit old, grungy and not working too well. Thanks to this tool, they all operate much better now. The tool appears to be well made, is magnetic, which makes it easier to put screws back in. Would definitely recommend if you need to open wireless xbox 360 controllers.

Does what it is supposed to do, screw and unscrew. There isn’t much to be said for a screwdriver.

To me it feels a great quality t8 it helped me take apart my ps4.

Perfect for taking apart ps3. If you have electronics that need a t8 star security, you can’t go wrong with this. Not ‘professional’ quality but for something i need for a once a year cleaning it was the perfect price and quality.

This review is going to be simple, i needed it to open up my ps4 to clean its fan and it did that job perfectly and for a great price.

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Torx T8 T8H Security Type Tamper Proof Premium Durable Screwdriver for XBOX 360 Wired and Wireless Controller
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