XCSOURCE 10PCS Warm 1156 BA15S / 1141/1073 / 1095 Base 18 SMD 5050 LED Replacement Bulb – These lights are actually better than I expected

These work great to save battery life on our popup rv. They’re a yellowish warm light which i think is good for an rv. Initially i had a problem when none of the bulbs worked, tried 2 sockets & even the incandescent worked fine when i switched it back. I assumed they were wired reversed & being diodes only opearate at negative polarity (not interchangible like incandescent. ) so i pulled my light socket apart, attempted touching to the reverse polarity. Just a small arc & no light, so i put it back together & now all bulbs work fine. It had to be the socket or the fixture so it was not the bulbs. Maybe the dirty solder on the bulbs(looks oxidized) or my socket was dirty but they’re working great now.

These lights are actually better than i expected. I replaced the most used lights in our camper (bathroom, kitchen sink and reading lights in bedrooms). They are a little bit dimmer but entirely acceptable. The light is warmer than many leds, not the sterile white or bluish white i’ve come to expect, more like regular incandescent bulbs. Previously our converter fan would turn on with more than 5 lights on after 3 or 4 minutes. I had all 10 lights running for over 30 minutes and the fan never cycled so no extra heat, much less energy consumption. To make sure the converter was still working i turned on 5 lights i had not switched to the leds and the converter fan came on as usual.

The base in the light fixtures i am servicing in my rv are numbered ‘1003’ and this lamp’s specifications do not include a1003 base. As for how this light works, it puts out a nice warm white glow. Take a light out of the fixture you are servicing and verify the number on the light base. Although i would like to return these 10 led’s i’m going to keep them because it would cost me over $6.

I replaced 10 of the 1141s in my ‘clubhouse’. They are not quite a bright as the 1141s. They do just fine in our camper. There was plenty of light to do all of the things we normally do. I am sure there are brighter ones out there. For our needs, i would rather have a little less light and conserve power when running on battery. I plan on running some power utilization tests to see what the draw of the old 1141s is and compare that to these leds. I am sure they will end up using 1/8th the power. That means i can have 8 of these going and use the same power as just one of the 1141s. Plus they do not generate as much heat.

I’m giving these 4-stars, even though they aren’t very bright. At least the manufacturer didn’t lie about the lumens, as many do. They were also honest about the power consumption. The estimated light output is 170 lumens. This is extremely low power use.That gives an efficiency of 106 lumens/watt. The current industry best is 124-165 lumens/watt. Just keep in mind that these are on the low side of the brightness-scale.

Earlier purchased some leds that werent bright enough and a cold blue color. These xcsource leds have a nice warm color and are nearly as bright as the tungsten bulbs in our rv they replace. In addition they dont generate much heat which is important in the summer. Tungsten bulbs can drive you out of your rv on a summer night unless you crank th ac up on high.

We got these to replace the standard bulbs for my camper. The ‘tone’ of the light is nice. My old bulbs would make the fixture hot, these bulbs don’t seem to get hot at all. They were easy to replace, i did it myself even though the hubby is an electrician. He approved of the quality and he can be a bit particular when it comes to his bulbs. These also are nice cuz we rarely camp where there is power hookups and they don’t drain the battery like the old ones.

Bought two packs just in case any of them were doa but, to my surprise, every single one works with no color variation. I replaced all the bulbs inside our 1997 hi-lo 24d. Our battery run time has greatly increased, the amount of light thrown has greatly increased, and the heat output has dropped significantly. A couple weeks ago i accidentally left most of the interior lights on, running battery (single optima blue-top, unknown age) only, for four days straight. They were still going strong where incandescents would have surely run the battery out. They have performed exactly as i expected and i couldn’t be more pleased.

Nice to finally have bulbs that won’t burn out my light covers. Been wanting to convert to led lights for awhile but was waiting for the price to come down, now they are affordable. I installed these, 18 of them, in my camper. I turned them all on at once and my battery meter didn’t hardly register any load, not like the incandescent lights which would drop from 12 to 11 volts in the same situation. They don’t seem to be quite as bright as the incandescents and they have a slightly bluish tint to them, but i’ll gladly take that as a trade-off for the benefits.

Not as warm as incandescent but no visible draw on the battery. I have one that does not work (looks like a loose wire in the housing) and contacted the seller (just now so no reply yet). Regardless i’ll get 10 more, these are a good bargain and the lighting isn’t as dramatic as it looks in the photos. They are not as bright as the incandescent, i could probably put some foil behind the led to get more output.

Great product at a great price. With my original lamps, turning on 1 or 2 would cause the inverter fan to come on. I can turn on 8 of these without triggering the fan. And naturally, your battery will last a lot longer if you use these when not connected to ac. These are almost the same color temperature (tint) as the warm tungsten bulbs – these do not have that horrible sterile bluish-white glow of most led lamps. This was the first thing i bought for my new rv and the most bang-for-the-buck of any upgrade i can think of. Just make sure your rv has this old-style automotive socket and not the newer, flat insert connectors.

We have a 1997 superduty shuttle bus, i replaced all 10 of the incandescent bulbs with these led. The color is very similar to the bulbs they replaced. A warm white light maybe slightly whiter but not much. I think they may be have slightly less light output which is not a bad thing for my purposes. They fit with no issues, in the photo below the left side has the led’s and the right the incandescent.

I’ve replaced the incandescent bulbs with leds in several rvs that i’ve owned and the problem is to find bulbs that don’t put out that cold blue light. These are nearly an exact match to the normal warm white light that comes from an incandescent bulb. I’m not sure if they’re quite as bright but close and at this price they are a bargain. Here are the specifications for the XCSOURCE 10PCS Warm 1156 BA15S / 1141/1073 / 1095 Base 18 SMD 5050 LED Replacement Bulb:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • INPUTER POWER: 0.17A @ 12V (About 2W),VOLTAGE: DC-12V~14V
  • 1156 BA15S S25 Base, Popularly known as 1156 or 1141 Base(TWO PINS 180 degrees opposite, at the same level, at the top on the base have only one contact point)
  • 1156 BA15S Sockel (P21W):1073 1095 1141 1156 1156A 1156NA 1195 12088 1295 1295NA 199 2396 3497 631 7506 93 97 97A 97NA
  • Point to point welding, the light body structure and firm, not easy to damage. Must have a good contact.TWO PINS 180 degrees opposite, at the same level, at the top on the base have only one contact point.
  • Notice: Single power contact port (see the 3rd and the 4th image). Please check your vehicle lamp socket and DO install with the right one (the lamp is 1156 type).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I have one that does not work (looks like a loose wire in the housing) and contacted the
  • A great replacement for RVs with older tungsten bulbs.
  • These lights are actually better than I expected

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