XT AUTO 12v 15 Led 30cm Car Flexible Waterproof Underbody Light Strip Pack of 20 – Nice LEDs, but poor sticky tape and thin wires

The adhesive is terrible, the strips are thin and look somewhat delicate, and the leads are only about 4-6 inches. But they’re decent at what they do, are moderately bright, and fairly cheap at this pricepoint. I’m not 100% certain as to the water/dust resistance of the strips, but they do seem *fairly* well sealed.

I purchased these to add tail marker and brake lights to a hitch cargo carrier. These led strips were the correct width to fit on the metal rails of the carrier. I had to attach using hot-melt glue because the double-sided tape didn’t stick well. I wired the lights into a 4-circuit trailer connector. Brightness was good, neither too bright or too dim. We drove through several heavy thunderstorms during a 22 hour trip, and the led strips didn’t have any problems.

 i turn heads with these lights. I have a total of 12 strips inside of my armada.

There are 5 sections of 3 light sections on one strip, and the sections go out very easily because the strips are super flimsy so the connection breaks. Some of the leds aren’t quite the same color (i bought purple, and some are pinkish and some are blueish on the same strip), but since there are 20 in a package, you can find a few that will work. They’re not super bright so you’ll have a hard time seeing the light during the day, but they will work for accent lighting at night. The adhesive isn’t the greatest, i ended up having to use double sided tape to hold them in place, but for the cheap price, it could be worse. They did what i needed them to do. If you’re just adding accent lighting and will keep the strips mostly flat, these will do just fine. I had some curves where i was placing my lighting, so i went though a few strips because sections kept going out.

So far so good this is the second set of these that i’ve ordered now i have a thing for glowy lights guess it’s because i grew up in the fast and the furious days but my first set i put on my quad and my kids quad wired him right up to the 12 volt battery really fun at night to shine up with lights on the quads they said i ordered was for our sand rail just nice little accent lights the bikes in the sand rails get wet every once in awhile and i have yet to have a problem i also have two of them out of the set under the dash in the car no problems at all they’re pretty bright for how small they are and the 3m tape that’s on them is very sticky once their there they’re staying there same as for the quad in the sand rail i wipe down the frame rail where i was putting them and then stuck them directly to the frame rail they seem to stay no problem i’m not worried about them falling off plus for the price the little kit you get a bunch of little lights i think it’s a valuable deal.

Pro: these are pretty cool looking. Can be cut to size( you may to cut a little shorter so you don’t have a few unlit leds)cons: some of the strips don’t work. Some of the tape isn’t any good(it won’t stick). They don’t conform to all bends. Other thoughts: i would probably buy these again and i would recommend them to a friend. Even with the few that were no good there were plenty to do the job i wanted(20 strips).

For the price they are great but the blue is more of an ultraviolet. Definitely not a dark blue that i wanted. Make sure you clean the surface you will be applying these to well before sticking.

Arrived on time packaged very neatly in a little plastic easy to open bag. I am going back to work, but tonight i will test every strip. *update* *update*adding another star because every light worked.It is a light shade of purple. I will add pictures of the lights when the sun goes down. They aren’t the brightest leds every, but for $10 for 20 they are much better than expected. They are perfect for interior lighting. The only bad thing is that they can’t be cut (i think they can be cut but idk how to do it. Will test the extra strips i have)—–the next update will come in 2 months.

They are decent leds but aren’t the brightest. The connections are not all good and the tape on the back side just plain up sucks. If you want them to work good check each connection and check to make sure that they all work before you put them on your car or anywhere else. I purchased 20 red, 20 white and 20 blue and used 4 of each in my trucks grill and you can’t see them until about sunset time.

None have stayed where they were put. I even cleaned the area with alcohol. The brightness is fine for most diy but i have bought others around this price that are much brighter. Colors are a bit off especially the blue and amber. Improve the adhesion and these would be at least a 4 star product.

Haven’t installed any of these yet so can’t comment on the adhesive but i did receive 20 red led strips exactly as ordered, and every one of them worked correctly during testing with no faulty leds. . They are pretty flexible and uniformly covered. I didn’t test their waterproof claim, but they appear to be. The main potential issue is the ‘delicate’ small gauge wiring connections imo.

I bought these white led strips to mount in overhead rv cabinets to illuminate the insides for finding items. These are plenty bright for my application and with 15 leds inside a cabinet the interior was well lit, but my issue is the transfer adhesive is inconsistent from ok to non-existent. The problem is when the transfer adhesive sticks to the plastic tape and not transferring you then have non-adhesive strips. I used weldwood original contact adhesive in the red can. It worked very well, but you do need to wait 20 minutes for the cement to dry before sticking the led strips. Also, have a drop cloth or paper below to catch any adhesive drips. As for the very thin wires, i have the perfect solution to that. Note that i did not want to do any soldering so i used only crimp terminals and quick splice insulation displacing taps. The trick to do this successfully is to first cut off the soldered ends of the wires and remove the insulation with a sharp knife for about 2 inches being careful to only cut the plastic and not the metal strands. If you are using blue crimp terminals, take a very short length of #14 or #16 stranded copper wire and strip about 1/4′ insulation.

These all worked and are a true purple. I put them on my kids car and they love the look. I did use a more suitable adhesive as they are mounted on a power wheels car that’s outside. Here are the specifications for the XT AUTO 12v 15 Led 30cm Car Flexible Waterproof Underbody Light Strip Pack of 20:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Working voltage: DC 12V
  • LED quantity: 15 LED
  • Waterproof, easy to install and clean
  • Low power consumption, long service life up to 20,000 hours
  • Self-adhesive back with double side adhesive tape, free to bend, can be fixed in concave and convex surfaces arbitrarily

Forget about the sticky side, this thing won’t stick to anything, even you you are able to stick somewhere, it will fall right out, best thing is to find some double sided tape or tie it. Also the wire is so thin, it is almost impossible to work with, especially if you have to solder them. These are very flexible, also the light output is great and the color is accurate.

Super cheap led’s at their best, one strip didn’t work right and other colors from them have been inconsistent but if that is an issue buy it by the roll, but not a big deal. (hard to tell the difference between the pink and the purple but it’s there. Would order again if i ever needed a pile of short, purple led strips.

Bright, beautiful & exactly what my wife was wanting. These are perfect for mood lighting & for adding a little custom flare to any vehicle. Always, check the individual strips before installation & especially after making cuts to shorten. The cut points on these were different from those i’ve used in the past & i actually ended up ruining a couple while learning where they could be trimmed. But, i got the install completed for the front of the wife’s car. I also added leds around the inside of the fog light rings, but didn’t get a photo of it yet. Check out my review for ‘xt auto purple 12v 15 led 30cm car flexible waterproof underbody light strip pack of 20’ to see an example done in purple on my car.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Transfer adhesive is inconsistent. Good lighting
  • 2007 Mustang GT Deluxe: Hood Scoop, Upper & Lower Grille Lights

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