XtremeVision H4/9003 Single Beam HID Battery Wiring Relay Harness 12V 40 AMP 35W/55W : Fixes flickering and bad start ups

Ordered 9007 and received 9007. Did an h1 hid projector retrofit and this harness made everything an easy plug and play. There were no instructions or wiring diagrams included. If doing a retrofit you will have probably already come across a harness diagram in other tutorials and write ups so although it is pretty straight forward what goes where, a diagram would still have been convenient to have. Only other issue is that the length of the wires could be a little bit longer. They work but were just barely long enough in my xterra to reach from the passenger side battery / headlight to the driver side headlight.

Pros: affordable, easy set upcons: doesn’t turn on hid lights 100% consistentlyjust returned the innnovite hid harness and bought the xtreme vision harness. The setup is simpler with only one ground, one connection to battery and ballast and bulb. The innnovite had 2 grounds, twice as many connections. We’ll see how well this harness performs with due time.

I bought this because after converting my charger from factory halogens to factory hid. No programming was available to get the computer to recognize a hid system installed so had to use these and they work great. My only complaints are both the power and ground cables could stand to be another 6 inches longer. I also suggest you double check your cars electrical system first though with a volt meter. My car the positive and negative were opposite of the relay kit. At that point you can either plug the cables in backwards or if you know how you can pop the pins out of the relay harness connectors and reverse them so the cable locks match up again.

Unfortunately, the “ballast” connectors on the harness i received are the side clipping versions, typical for a direct to bulb connection and not the top clip to ballast, as shown. I make a habit of keeping a drawer full of various connectors. Worked out in this case since i had to pop the pins out and use the connectors from an old harness to properly secure this one. Photo shows ballast connector (left) vs.

Kit worked perfectly and as intended, although the relay was making a strong clicking noise that persisted for about 2-3 minutes after starting the car every time. Vendor sent a replacement relay, no questions asked. No more clicking sound and i’m very pleased with the product. Used on a gmc sierra 1500 and the length is sufficient but an extra foot would be ideal for proper wire tuck.

If you have an hid that needs a constant power supply and/or anti-flicker units don’t work, then this will. I took off those anti-flicker units and wired this to a constant power source at the power distribution center under the hood (or you can wire direct to the battery), hooked up my aftermarket hid kit and no more flicker or cut off. Since the ballasts are now continually charged, there is no power loss. Definitely recommend to anyone hid’s or hid issues.

It seems like the quality is good enough for what it’s for. I wish the directions were a bit more thorough though. Mostly it doesn’t say what type of bulbs to buy and i’m a little confused about that. I’ll figure it out though, but if the directions mentioned what to buy that would have bumped this up to 5 stars.

Eliminates flicker and start up problems. Hard wired to my positive battery terminal and chassis. Connect one end to factory headlight harness and other two ends to hid ballasts (you can remove the ballast wire extensions). One note, while you can easily wedge the two spades on the harness into your factory sockets, you can also use your now unnecessary ballast wiring extensions to splice into this harness to make it plug and play with your factory headlight socket.

  • Fixes flickering and bad start ups
  • Old wiring failed, but HID Warehouse resolved everything smoothly
  • Works great! Power/ground could be a little longer though

XtremeVision H4/9003 Single Beam HID Battery Wiring Relay Harness 12V 40 AMP 35W/55W for HID

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    by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with 35/55W HID Conversion Kits
  • Designed to be Compatible with HID Bulbs, A Solution choice for Flickering Bulbs (Each Vehicle Varies)
  • Reliable Relay Harness that Draws Power Straight from Battery
  • Only 1 Harness Required for Both Driver/Passenger Side Headlights
  • Simple Plug-and-Play for Easy Installation – 2 Year Warranty

Tl;dr version: the wiring kit i received last week was much improved and higher quality. I attached pics for new vs old. Would 100% recommend for a headache free install. Glad to see this company is still around and honoring their 2 year warranty. More details below:i bought and installed this wiring kit on my 2006 mazda 3 hatchback with no issues in january 2018. Only took me ~15 mins to put everything together once the ballasts and bulbs were in place. Everything worked and no troubles at all. Fast forward up until last week, when i went to turn my lights on and nothing happened. Went to check the relay and fuse first and found out the 2 wires for the fuse were touching and shorted. Fuse was melted along with the part of the plastic connector that is supposed to separate the wires.

Well off with the grill and headlights to replace the old harness that lasted about 10months. Installing was normal as usual until it came to running the cord from one light to the next and to the power source. In order for this to work on my f250 i had to cut and add wires even to run it out in front of the radiators. I mean what am i expecting for some cheap harness?.Guess i would have like an extra foot of wires between connections and on the power wire. But it works and i now have headlights again :).

After 2 weeks the relay stopped working.

Works well had to wire it through the frame tho i used it for my 2013 f150 fog lights needed more slack doesn’t seem long enough for a truck application but if you can sneak through areas works well.

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XtremeVision H4/9003 Single Beam HID Battery Wiring Relay Harness 12V 40 AMP 35W/55W for HID
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