YITAMOTOR 20x 12V Car Motorcycle 30CM 15SMD LED Waterproof Flexible Light Strip – Easy to use and easy to install

The led strips are very good, but it is a little too ‘cool’ to my liking (probably closer to 8000k). There’s no heat dissipation, so the leds can get hot and deteriorate when driven for long period.

Had to add heavy duty double sided tape to adhere due to extreme temps in az. No problems with the strips attached vertically.

I used these to add some motion sensor lights to my greenhouse so i could collect salad at night without having to carry a flashlight. They work perfect and were easy to wire together. I also used 2 to make a light for my koi fish tank. One of the strips in the tank turned much more red after it dropped into the tank for a couple hours after coming unglued. I actually like the change in color for the tank though so i consider it a positive.

These are some bright 12 volt leds. I have them under my desk top shelve to help add some light to the table. I already have 12 volts readily available so this was a easy install.

These strips are excellent for adding lights to cosplay projects. The adhesive backing is good quality and the wires coming off are robust. The tips did come soldered together, i assume from when they were dipped in a solder bath as a pair and the manufacturer did not separate them. That said, they were easily separated and performed very well. You can easily cut them into groups of three leds and one resistor to make multiple smaller clusters that each run on 12v.

I purchased these lights to go in my storage boxes on my boat. Unfortunately i quickly realized this will have to be a winter project as i have to pull my fuel tank in order to route the wires. I did hook them up and test them. They are bright and will work great. There is heat shrink on the wired ends that do not fit that great, in fact some slid off. There is also bare copper on the opposite end that will need to be silicones for complete waterproofing. For the price you can’t beat them. They don’t draw hardly any amperes and you can put them just about anywhere.

I use these in my 3d printer cabinet. Initially these are great and are quite bright. But after about 10 hours of use (added time, not continuous) they start to turn yellow and then to brown and get dim. Initially i thought it was due to my printer cabinet overheating. Now i think it may be a product defect as i installed cooling fans in the cabinet and it doesn’t get more than 95-100 degrees f any more, and they still brown after some use. I bought a second batch to see if it may be a bad lot. At less than 10 dollars its worth a try. They may be good for cool to room temperature applications, but not exposed to anything above 100 degrees f.

No problems at all with the product shipping was on time if not early 🙂 only give a4 star rating because the adhesive behind the lights does not work very well. Definitely need some reinforcements double-sided something for them to stay on long-term.

These lights are very flexible and the adhesive on the back sticks reasonably well. I used them as interior lights inside a custom vehicle and they worked great. Easy to wire up and hide up under the dash.

They sadly did not work for the application i wanted them for but that’s no fault of the strips. I do have to knock one star off a near perfect product just because of the poor adhesive backing. Half of the strips fell off after only a few hours and left part of the padding stuck where i had the strips.

The only issue i have is that the adhesive tape on the back is worthless unless you are installing them on a cardboard box. I always put heavyweight 3m tape onto the back of all my light strips. I use them for ground lighting on my vehicles and decorative lighting on my cycle. It’s great that they can be cut to size if needed.

These are pre-wired so all you have to do is hook up 12v power source. Very dim compared to other led light strips i’ve used.

Some lights stop working last 2 months or i would give 5 stars.

They are not as bright as my other led strips (everything looks exactly the same between them both). There was one in the package that had gotten twisted or something, the tape had come off and it stuck to another strip (no sense in causing grief over something that petty i planned on using thin layers of silicone to hold them on anyway.

Easy to use and easy to install. Makes my motorcycle really stand out at night and far less expensive than the ‘motorcycle led sets”.

Bought these primarily to install as footwell lights in my wife’s suv. Since i only used 2 for the footwells, i also used 4 of them as underhood lights in my car and 2 of them to add light in my truck. The lights are not overly bright, they give off just the right amount of light for footwells. As for the underhood lighting, there’s enough light there in case you need to jump start the car or add oil (but not enough for a full tune-up). And as for the trunk, the added light strips now provide a decent amount of light in the rear of the trunk, much better than stock. For the price, these can’t be beat for the options they give you.

I bought these led lights to light up the running board on my ram 1500. The lights worked great and put out the perfect amount of light. I was happy with the size and length of the light strips, but i did run into one issue. The adhesive on the back of the lights would not stick well to my truck. I was careful to clean the application area with rubbing alcohol prior to sticking the lights in place but they all started peeling away within the first day. I was able to add some automotive emblem adhesive to the back of the lights and the added adhesive fixed the problem. I am now completely satisfied with the results and i only rated this product with 4 stars due to my experience with the weak adhesive.

Hey for less than a dollar each, these are a fantastic deal. They are already wired with the proper resistors for car led’s, and the wires are pre soldered with is really nice. They are very bright, so i hooked an led dimmer up to them and they work.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great lights for a variety of automotive applications!
  • They are bright and will work great. There is heat shrink on the wired ends
  • Very bright illumination lights work right

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