YITAMOTOR 2x 1000LM Bright 60W 9005 HB3 Projection Fog Light LED Bulb Xenon 6000k Non-Polarity : Very bright and very white.

Nice color, as bright as advertised, all the chips lit up, put out a nice pattern on the wall. They are just a little bit brighter than stock, not so much that you would offend on coming drivers.

Bulbs were a perfect fit and didn’t set any error codes however not as bright as i thought, i took before and after photos and the difference is clear however at night when doing a lighting test they shine about the same amount of light.

Substantially brighter and whiter than the oem bulb, which isn’t a bad thing. They matched my aftermarket 6000k xenon bulbs perfectly. Forunately they appear to be low enough to not blind oncoming drivers. The difference is like comparing drl’s to headlights.

Lights were a direct replacement (2016 ford focus fog light), no modification to the housing required. They are brighter than original equipment, but i’m not sure they are equivalent to “60w. ” i will update as they’ve only been installed for 2 days.

These work and look good but definitely do not put out 60w of power. If it put out actually 60w, you wouldn’t need a resistor/load. Luckily, i was able to modify my 2017 audi a3 coding so that it was expecting an led bulb instead of a halogen bulb. As soon as i did that, the ‘bad bulb’ error went away. So, it may be putting out and equivalent of 60w, it really is not a 60w bulb.

These are the same basic led bulbs you’ll find all over the internet. They’re really meant to be cheap and cosmetic, not functional. I only wanted these for a 2018 nissan armada to replace the annoyingly yellow fog lights. These are a bit cooler color temp (more blue) than advertised, but they are a pretty close match for the factory led low-beam headlights. With that said, they hardly put out any light at all. Although looking at them directly, they appear nice and bright. Fortunately, i don’t need fog lights for anything other than appearance. So they suite my needs and expectations for the price/style. They just need to update their advertising and description accordingly.

Easy install, good product not as bright as i thought they would be but still a solid product. I switched to leds on my headlights so the light from these blends in with the new headlight leds so maybe they are brighter than my old ones and i just cant tell. Either way easy install, seems like a good solid build, not gunna gripe a ton on brightness.

  • Nice color, as bright as advertised
  • Great Bulbs/Great Price
  • So far the light looks good.

YITAMOTOR 2x 1000LM Bright 60W 9005 HB3 Projection Fog Light LED Bulb Xenon White 6000k Non-Polarity

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    by entering your model number.
  • 2Pcs 9005 HB3 60W LED bulbs to upgrade your foglights .(not suited for use with headlights and does not have duel Hi-Low beam functions).
  • Each led bulb contains constant-current driving IC and aluminum circuit board,high temperature resistance, heat dissipation.
  • Compatible for 9005 HB3.( please make sure the bulb size before order, If they not fit your vehicle, pls contact us, we will unconditionally refund to you).
  • Chip’s Power: 5w/chip Total 60W, LED Color: HID White 6000K, Working voltage under DC 12v-24v & non-polarity design & max Lumen 1000LM.
  • Note:cars equipped with CANBUS system may need to A Load Resistors to remove the error code on dashboard.

They work great as a fog light. I did attempt to use them as high beam bulbs but they aren’t bright or focused enough for that. They seems to be well assembled as they clicked right into place and the plugs worked with no modification.

Install for my 2005 chevy monte carlo brights, easy install and great price.

Very bright but the lense fell off the bulb after a few months. This didn’t seem to effect the performance but is unsightly. Update, yitamotor offered a free replacement of the fog lights. Yitamotor has excellent customer service, i highly recommend their products.

The lights are fairly simple and not as complicated as led headlight bulb conversions. Sylvania makes led lightbulbs for rear lights, but no manufacturers ever produce headlight bulbs. Thus, i turned to a cheaper alternative. Upon opening the package, one of the pins inside of the bulb assembly was a tiny bit bent, but didn’t affect the fitment into the wiring clip. Light bulbs went into headlamp housing just fine. I am using these as high beam bulbs for my 2015 honda accord. They are much brighter than standard halogen high beam bulbs, but light focusing isn’t so great due to the uncontrolled, scattered lighting. Also heard of people burning these out, but that’s why i’m using them primarily as high beams. Led bulbs give me assurance about power usage in the car.

Items are fit my 2008 camry and the light is led.

Looks great pure white using it on my fogshave not tested dem out on the road yet to see how it relects on the ground these are just perfect.

If you have a honda pilot 2011 exl and you are buying it to replace the drl, you need to buy the resistor as well. If not , you will see error code on the dashboard. I order one but didn’t come as yet. I will update this post when i am done. So far the light looks good. Updatebulbs work great with the resistor.

This bulb does not have a bulky ballast like most other brands. I purchased these to fit in the small compartments in the standard meyers plow lamps. The lid presses against the back of the h4 connector so these were the only brand i could find which actually fit.

So they did plug and play, however, caused the dash error on the 2012 odyssey. The bulb numbers matched the oem so in theory i should have had no issues. Giving them 3 stars as they appear well made, did plug in (what a pain to get to, not the sellers problem, honda’s’). If you have a honda you might want to consider another brand.

There’s a saying, if it sounds too good, then it is too good. I received the bulbs and it was a great simple plug and play. They look great in your hands, but that’s not the need, we need bright performance at night or even the daytime if needed and these don’t give a strong illumination.

 look good and bright, even though my fog light reflector cup covers the projector led. Plug and play h8 led on hyundai santa fe.

Really good replacement bulbs. Now i’ll be looking to replace my headlight. Great product prompt shipping and a quick swap out from the stock bulbs.

They look great, are super bright and easy to install.

Can’t beat these for the money. They worked great, and i did not have to add load resisters for turn signal flashers. I did have trouble finding wire connector options because the wire is so small. Biggest issue was i wanted to glue them to motorcycle plastics but you have to get a specific glue for the silicon tube.

Before purchasing leds you must understand how they work and for what purpose you need them. Leds are not designed to project light. They do not work the same way as a gas filled halogen bulbs. Leds work best to light localized areas. This is why they are mainly used on electronics and other devices. They are intended for you to see, not to help you see. So they are super bright but do not project light very far. That is why they are brighter to look at but do not light areas as well as traditional bulbs. As they become more popular you will see them being used more often. In the case of a head light you need a reflective surface (a projector) to throw the light forward.

Excellent upgrade from orm bulbs. These outperform the factory bulbs by a 3 to 1 margin easily.

Perfect color match for a 2017 2nd generation nissan armada’s fog lights. Match led headlights nicely.

Excellent service, lights are exactly what i wanted and needed. Nice clear blue look brighter than my stock bulbs that came with the car. Installation was smooth, they fit perfectly. Don’t know how long they will last. If i get 6 months out of them, then it was worth the price. Cant complain, shipping was absolutely free.

Mostly plug and play for 2006 honda ridgeline fog lights. I did need to stick my finger in the housing to bend the bulb holder just a little bit. And i used needle nosed pliers to bend the tabs on the screw in part, but i’m no mechanic and it was really easy.

Received my new fog lights today, absolutely love them over the factory halogen bulbs. Provide a much brighter and crisp light that illuminates the dark country roads i live on. One thing i have noticed in the past with led/hid bulbs with a 6000k temp is how reflective they are off of metal surfaces, when driving you can see a sign, pole etc light up clear as day and definitely sticks out. I was even happy i didn’t get the lamp out warning when switching to led products from halogens (most dodge products have this issue and need to have an inline resistor to fix it) can not recommend these enough, great quality and a low price, why wouldn’t you want these.

Wasn’t expecting to be so bright for fog lights in 2006 odyssey touring. Not as bright as headlights but so it should be. Nice bright white light emitted. For the price it was just what i needed. Way better than stock halogen. Don’t know about reliability or longevity.

They are significantly brighter than stock and have a blue-ish white tint/color to them. Similar to stock projector/hid head light color. Easy install, no mods needed. Installed on 2013 kia k5 sxl. Would recommend and would buy again. Similar quality and color to the more expensive brands. Save some money and get these.

Easier to install than all the crappy ‘hid conversion kits’ and just as bright. Installed 3 months ago and they haven’t burned out yet. Although they are mic so we’ll see how long they last.

This is not the led you want to have for drls, foglights, and certainly not headlights. I have this as a 2nd pair of highbeams and for show really. (i have a projector retrofit setup with highbeams) looks great but performance is weak.

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