YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar 4PCS 18W 4Inch Led Spot Work Light Led Light Pod Off Road Lights Led Fog Light Truck Lights Driving Lights Waterproof 4WD SUV ATV Truck Boat 12V 24V : Works fantastic as a back up light

Lights came with four flood light pods, and mounting hardware. Easy to install on the back of truck. It was a replacement for another flood light by different manufacturer that burned out from wire corrosion. Hopefully it lasts longer than the other brand.

After being installed for a year and used sparingly, 2 out of the 4 lights no longer work. They have also discolored to yellow very badly, the lense must have no uv resistance. The 2 lights that still work are very bright, i hope they stay that way. Should have spent more money on a quality light. Update: the seller has offered to replace the 2 defective lights. I will try them and hopefully they hold up.

I ordered a set of 4 (four) and i ended up using them as additional backup lights (2 on a jeep and one for every other 2 cars in the family). We live at the end of a cul-de-sac at a top of a hill and there are no street lights in our circle; i needed to see what is behind the car when backing up from the driveway after dark (as most of the vehicles built in the last 20 years have useless backup lights; they are more to let others know that you are going to move backwards, than to illuminate the area and help you see what is behind you). In the same time, i needed some lamps that were going to be narrow and flat and to illuminate in a matter that is similar with some fog lights (to illuminate the street in a relatively narrow but wide band) so that i can see through the side mirrors what is behind the vehicle. I have them installed for over 6 months now and i am pretty satisfied with them. The lamps provide a combination between a spot and a flood light; mount them too low and you may not have enough downwards adjustment available to get the proper illuminated area. If you aim them a little bit upwards, they are too bright and blinding for the other people on the street (either being on foot or in a car) and without giving you much usefulness. I installed them under the rear bumper of our cars, by drilling a hole in the rear sidewall of the spare tire well (which is a little bit offset to the left, but that gives more rear illumination on the driver side). I chose that location for two reasons: to have the lamp protected by the spare wheel well (that is located under the trunk) from being hit by road debris or bumps and to cut off the upward glare by shielding the upper side of the light beam with the lower side of the rear bumper. On the jeep i installed 2 of them under the tow hitch, by drilling and threading holes in the lower side of the cross square tubing. They are each aimed slightly sideways, thus extending the side view illumination through the outside mirrors, as the rear glass is tinted and it does not provide any view of the area behind the vehicle within 25-30 feet distance.

I have previously purchased lights like these and they are wonderful. A heavy aluminum case and a heavy lens. They are bright and are long lasting. Highly recommended and here at a very excellent price. The mounting hardware is heavy duty also.

I mounted this on my honda pioneer 1000-5 as a reverse or back up light. When i put my utv in reverse it comes on and floods the area with light. I have only had it for a couple of months. I’ll post again if i have a durability issues, but for now it has exceeded my expectations.

Fantastic replacement for the auxiliary lights on the tractors. Standard lights use fog light bulbs. These 27 w bulbs are far brighter than the 37. So far i’ve mounted them on farm tractors and trucks for back-up lights and golf carts and a zero-turn mower wired to the battery with a switch. East to mount and well made.

I got the 4 set of cube lights and man are they bright and such a good deal for 4 lights. If this had the wiring for it i would give it 10 stars but it’s super simple to wire up and you can get a custom switch at any auto parts store.

Months after install and many offroading (and later trips to car wash), these lights are still going strong. The biggest reason i am pleased is that they were so cheap and i didn’t have the money for rigid lights that are so raved about. I just wish the power cord would come out of opposite sides on two of the lights if that makes sense.

  • Very good quality
  • Bright lights; great price!
  • Only 50/50 odds they work but seller is good and corrects problems quickly!

LED Light Bar YITAMOTOR 4PCS 18W 4Inch Led Spot Work Light Led Light Pod Off Road Lights Led Fog Light Truck Lights Driving Lights Waterproof 4WD SUV ATV Truck Boat 12V 24V, 2 Years Warranty

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  • 【Brighter Your Way】: Our led lights are equipped with 6pcs x 3w High Intensity Leds.Total of 18W at 6,000K Color Temperature, broad the viewing area , which will offer you a better driving entertainment.
  • 【High Performance】: Withstand Harsh Environment, Diecast Aluminum Housing for Strength and Durability. Upgrade PC lens surface with high light transmission. Our 4inch led pods have about 50,000hrs life time with IP67 rated Waterproof/dustproof/quakeproof, anti-corrosion for harsh environment.
  • 【Better Heat Dissipation】: In order to get best heat dissipation, our led light pods takes 1070 aluminum which can performance best heat dissipation and best seal ability alloy as the heat sink and casing.The aluminum fan sharp design, makes it dissipate heat more faster and effective. Extend lifespan of the light bar beyond 50,000 hours.
  • 【Adjustable Mounting Accessories】: With adjustable mounting accessories, the work light can adjust to about 90 degrees, which makes changing direction of light beam easier. The lamp can be slid after install the accessory.
  • 【Wide Application】: The led spot light bar is compatible with almost all Jeeps, 4×4, Trucks,Tractors,Trailers, golf carts, pickup, Cars, Motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, Boats. Additionally, many indoor and outdoor uses: Garden Lighting, Backyard Lighting, Backup Light, Off Road Lighting, Reverse Lights, Construction Lighting and so on.

These are advertised as a flush mount light and i didn’t expect there to be holes in the side of the case where you can insert threaded bolts. If these are flush mount why the holes and why not provide some bolts to plug them. Had there been bolts provided to plug these i would have rated these higher. Now i have to go fine the right screws before installing, who knows how much water will get in these things. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but i shouldn’t have to rig these out of the box.

Great looking cool 6000k-6500k color, more of a daytime running light or accent light for in the evening, if you do not have led’s then put these on. They can be seen from a great distance and you wont here o crap i just didnt see them coming. Angle them out just a bit and you get some decent illumination on the front side of the light pattern as well.

Update: the seller made it good by shipping out another package. This time all of the lights worked. Good experiences between buyer and sellers make up for any product problems in my opinion. Only 2 out of the four lights worked out of the package. Since i’ve already installed and am using the two functional units it’s too late to return the package, so i guess 50% is better than 0%. But don’t get your hopes up too high. They are bright, i’ll give it that, but in my experience 50/50 odds such.

These lights really surprised me. The quality is really amazing. I like how you can customize the angle of each light and the use of locking bolts for easy installation. It comes with high quality instructions with easy to understand instructions. Highly recommended for this price. The pic i posted showing the light is only 2 of the 4 activated, about 2 feet of the ground. The building is about 35 feet away.

I wanted these to shine slightly to each side, to improve side-vision in my jeep. They are exactly what i needed, and supplement the lightbar perfectly. Great price and fast shipping.

Used as flood lights for plowing on my atv. They work great and put out plenty of light for what i need. Screws are typical plated steel, so if you live where there is salt or moisture they will rust quickly. No problem though, just replace with stainless. I wouldn’t use them on a road vehicle though because i don’t think they would be bright enough or cast the beam far enough, maybe ok for fog lights though, especially if mounted low.

I bought the 4 pack planning on either mounting them all on my bumper or 2 of them on my trailer. They’re way to bright for load lights on the trailer. They’re brighter than my low beam headlights. I thought my headlights were great on my truck until i seen them. Here’s some pics contrasting my headlights to the led lights notice how they reach out and light up the neighbors house. These led lights are better than my headlights.

Knowing that you don’t install an off-road light to simply turn on, then turn back off immediately, you want to power your lights up and leave them on for awhile. After all, you may run them for hours on end if you’re on a road trip, camping, hunting, or fishing. Test with a multimeter to determine the proper load, check the resistance, and verify continuity for all connections. Use the correct power supply. And double check all of your connections a second time before powering up. Now let’s talk about the numbers, and what they really mean. So, what is the lumen output?. Can you believe the seller’s product description of 2700 lumen, with 27 watt output per lamp?. As an installer and enthusiast, i invest in equipment as needed. I have yet to really need to invest in a light meter to measure lumen with.

These lights were a great purchase and well worth what i paid for them. I bought them to use on my 16ft horse trailer. My tented windows have always made seeing to back the trailer at night a challenge. These lights were easy to flush mount. As you can see in my picture, the two light pods i installed lit up the driveway and made backing much easier.

Replaced the fog lights on my 07 cummins with a pair of these and love them. Plan to mount the other 2 on my rear bumper for better reverse lights.

You really can’t beat the price. The lights are bright enough for what i needed them for and as far as i can tell right now, they’re constructed well. One of the mounting clips had to be adjusted with a hammer so it would fit, but other than that, all is good.

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LED Light Bar YITAMOTOR 4PCS 18W 4Inch Led Spot Work Light Led Light Pod Off Road Lights Led Fog Light Truck Lights Driving Lights Waterproof 4WD SUV ATV Truck Boat 12V 24V, 2 Years Warranty
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