YM E-Bright Everbrightt 5-Pack 5050 24SMD Led Panel Dome Light Lamp Auto Car Reading Interior Lamp DC 12V With T10 / BA9S / Festoon Adapters – Works – mostly

I bought one each of the 9smd-white and the 24smd-white (so far), and i love them. Both are pretty bright and give off a cool white light. I have been amazed at how easy these are to use in my cars (a 1997 ford escort wagon and a 1997 dodge grand caravan). With the supplied adapters (three adapters per light panel in both packages) i have been able to use these in every interior light of both of my cars. For some of the lights, it worked better for me to let the light panel lay where i need it (against the plastic lens) and they seem to run cool enough to not cause a problem. For the other lights, i used the sticky back to stick them where needed. The sticky foam tape on these seems to stick pretty well, though some have come loose. I’ve only been using them for a few weeks so i cannot yet speak about longevity. All of them have worked well so far. The adapters are pretty easy to use but if you are scared of do-it-yourself projects, you may want to get bulbs which are designed to fit right in.

I used these in my 2013 honda accord coupe. They are super bright and were really easy to install. They light up the entire cabin with nice clean, bright light.

They’re quite small which is great. I wasn’t sure how well they would fit since they aren’t in the socket and only have a little piece of double sided tape to hold them but they seem fine and in the case of the trunk light, it was a very snug fit. The lights are brighter than the small festoon bulbs they replace. I will say the build quality on the festoon adapters is pretty cheesy and i only managed to get 4 to work. I had to redo the other 2 with a soldering iron. Much less expensive then replacing several different sizes of festoons. If these were 192 or 168 replacements, i would get the proper led bulbs since you can get 10 for $10.

These were a good price, but not exactly what i wanted. They were not quite as bright as the 24 led chip modules i was replacing (a couple of the originals overheated and damaged their internal electronics). Also, the ‘white’ light was really more blue, like a cool white fluorescent bulb. However they run very cool and would certainly work well in most situations if you are not trying to match up with existing led lights.

I ordered a set and loved them so much i ordered two more sets to finish off all the rest of the lights in my car. These are some of the only leds that i have found in this price range that dont feel like they lie about the brightness. The color temp looks to be about 6k which looks good and they are very bright. I chained 4 together to make a super panel in my dome light.

I had an industrial project the required a 12vdc power, low-profile, low-heat light source, and these work perfectly. They do generate some warmth, or course, but i’m not needing to run a fan on them; then again, they’re not trapped in a small enclosure, either. (i wouldn’t expect that you could put a bunch in a small box and not need some airflow, though). I’m not using them in a vehicle, so i can’t comment on the various adapters that come with the mini light panels, but their brightness and quality are very good.

Using two of these in my car right now. Much brighter than the stock incandescent bulbs. I tested all of the adaptors and the lights themselves and all seem to work fine. I had to solder a resistor to the incoming power for my interior light so that the leds wouldn’t have a faint glow when turned off, since they use such a low current.

I just install today and it look awsome inside of my car. I will take a picture and post up soon and show how it look. They look amazing and they very very bright omg wow. I will pruchase for more soon.

Upgrading closet lights, exhaust vent light, installing them in cabinets, selves, replacing the fluorescent fixtures, bathroom lights, all incandescent lights , in my new remodeled 1986 motorhome. Several other different style led lights also. These are great under the shelves and table and indirect lighting. I have everything on dimmers.

Even in daylight you can see the major difference in lighting. Both are led but the bone on the left 👈 is super bright.

I got these for my car and had leftovers so i got a 12v transformer and made a night light. Seriously i love these soooo much i bought another set just to have for the next project.

Can’t see with your factory bulbs?. Epic bright borderline annoying and hilarious, but loving how much i can see in my vehicle before i approach it at a parking lot. Use a better heavy duty double sided 3m tape with hook and loop and the led pad will stay put. Great for all you uber/lyft drivera as well.

Worked great i love all the different adapter you get for different bulb types i put 3 of them in the center over head dome light in a 2003 chevy 2500hd and they fir perfectly they are super bright and don’t put off a bunch of heat great deal for the price i’m gonna order 2 more packages so i can do my doors and lighting under my dash and hood and tool box lid. Here are the specifications for the YM E-Bright Everbrightt 5-Pack 5050 24SMD Led Panel Dome Light Lamp Auto Car Reading Interior Lamp DC 12V With T10 / BA9S / Festoon Adapters:

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  • Color: White; Color Temperature: 8000K; Lumens: 288LM
  • Size(Approx): 43mm x 29mm (L*W); Input Power: 12V * 0.13A
  • Cross Reference:3022 3021 3175 6428 6430 3423 3425 6411 6418 6423 6461
  • Package Included: 5 x Car Panel Dome LED Light; 5 x BA9S Adapters; 5 x T10 Adapters; 5 x Festoon Adapters
  • Application: Interior Dome Light, Map Light, Reading light, Trunk light, Side door light, Cargo light, Courtesy light ect.

These lights are closer to a royal blue almost purple, farther away from a sky blue then others that i have bought. Nice color but not what i wanted. Next the plugs are cheaply made and make poor contact. I am fixing them to make them work.

I replaced the old style ceiling mounted 12volt incandescent bulbs in a racing trailer with these , they worked like a champ. They come with multiple ways to connect to 12volt electric system, i used the solderable pin connectors just to make sure they stayed connected. I then covered each led panel with small rectangle of lexan plastic. They are very compact & bright led panelsi actually used one in my suv back hatch light panel, wow, what a difference, very bright area nowwould buy again, would recommend.

Unfortunately i can’t figure out how to get a good picture, but i love the color and brightness of these lights. My car looks very futuristic and sleek now. The light is extremely white and i don’t notice any bluing tint. These seem to really be 5050 leds because they are extremely bright. They hurt to look at, even in daylight. The lights shipped with three connectors for each panel, one of each of three of the most common connectors, so i was able to find a connector for every lamp in my car.

Enough connections options available. Light is very bright, although these leds get very hot if left on for more than 2 minutes. Perhaps a thin piece of lexan between the leds and your lens. I would use better dual sided tape for attaching as mine came loose after a week.

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  • Super bright
  • Very compact & bright LED panels
  • Very bright, great upgrade

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